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Entrepreneur, You’re About To Discover Exactly What to Do To Double Your Time Off, Triple Your Profits & Create A Life Free From Stress & Worry.

If you are a Service Professional or Entrepreneur who is buried by your business, stuck in a rut, and not getting anywhere, then you’ll want to know about my step-by-step Portland Oregon Life Entrepreneur Business Coach Kate McNultysystem, created exclusively for businesses just like yours. It’s exactly what you need to make more money, streamline your obligations, and have time and energy for your own life, no matter what is going on with the economy.

This approach to business puts all the pieces together, to deliver the freedom and income you dreamed of when you first made the decision to start working for yourself. Imagine being in complete command of your entrepreneurial tasks, enjoying both creative and operational aspects of your work, and feeling supported by a structure that actually serves to liberate your life. It really is possible, when you possess the right knowledge and habits.

Are you putting in extra hours at your business because the economy is so bad?  Do you worry night and day over the details of the business you’ve worked so hard to create, and so your home life is suffering? Are you burning the candle at both ends- and looking for another end? Get your life back, and quit working so hard.

Chances are you became an entrepreneur because you are very, very good at something, and just love doing it. Taking your business to the next level of success and profitability is simply going to take some information that you don’t have yet. If you want a business that supports you, not just another job that sucks your spirit and takes even more of your time than being employed, get in touch with me right away so we can identify what’s holding you back and get some momentum going.

Your dreams were to have a business you could feel proud of, perhaps to contribute to others’ lives, or just make a good living for your family. If you want to play a bigger game and discover how to get yourself off this plateau, don’t hesitate to contact me. We’ll arrange a Dynamic Business Development Session to identify exactly what you can do to move forward, most effectively and profitably.

Professional Background

Kate McNulty coaches individuals and organizations in achieving greater satisfaction and creativity.  She is a member of Northwest Coaches Association.  Her approach includes an array of tools based in research from the behavioral and social sciences, combined with imaginative thinking and optimism.  The breadth and depth of her professional training and life experience allow her to work in an extremely focused and efficient way, getting to the heart of the matter and yielding substantial results.  Her professional and personal information follow.   Note: Kate is no longer available for career coaching.

I have been helping people grow for over 25 years.  I have been in private practice as a clinical social worker since 2000, and made the transition to coaching in 2003.  I work with people on a variety on goals, including:

  • refining social skills and emotional intelligence
  • developing judgment and making well-informed decisions
  • habit change toward increased health and wellness
  • improving relationships with intimates, friends, family and colleagues
  • entrepreneurship
  • leadership

Business Coaching

I also provide business coaching, particularly to health care and creative professionals.  I have consulted on:

  • Ways to develop effective collaborative relationships within organizations; role definition and clarification; bringing together divergent perspectives
  • Techniques for dealing with recruitment and retention concerns; I have done about 20,000 interviews over the years and have precise skills in this area.  I have also supervised a wide array of personnel in extremely demanding circumstances.
  • Using emotional intelligence research in supervising teamwork and managing transitions
  • Entrepreneurial, financial, organizational, self-promotion and business-building skills for self-employment

Prior to establishing a private practice, I spent twenty years supervising teams in a psychiatric ER and various crisis centers.  I had many opportunities to observe the human capacity to cope with change and to navigate difficult circumstances.  I am very interested in helping clients develop the qualities and habits that can give them greater resilience, which translates to greater happiness and fulfillment.

Personal Interests

My interests beyond my work life include singing for pleasure; lifting weights at a funky old gym in my neighborhood, populated by many serious bodybuilders; making art; growing old-fashioned roses; reading like a fiend; and enjoying my two children as a full-time single parent.  I have a huge cartoon collection, and love to learn about language and the derivation of words.  I play the accordion badly.

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