Success, what is the secret formula? Does it seem to elude you? Are you born to be successful? Is it predetermined by destiny? Is it something that can be learned? What are the secrets of success known by the elite few?

If all of us are born with creative talents, what distinguishes the men and women who are recognized for their creative achievements in diverse fields, such as science, engineering, marketing, art, music, manufacturing, literature, poetry, architecture, to name a few? Similar patterns exist with every client, from every walk of life. The differences lie in how they uniquely respond to life’s stimuli and triggers, based on the resources and tools they possess.

First, and foremost, it is vital that you define what success looks like to you.  Every individual is born unique, with distinct tastes and preferences. For the Buddhist monk, success is reaching enlightenment. For the corporate mogul, it is becoming the CEO of the number one company in his/her industry. For individuals climbing the career ladder, it is consistently being promoted up the ladder without plateaus. For the scientist or creative, it is being recognized as a leader in their field, pioneering and pushing the envelope past its breaking point, and still pushing.

So, we’re talking about peak performance. Do you remember a time that was a peak period in your career or life? A time when you were at the top of your game? A time when your heart was racing in excitement, you felt the adrenalin surge? Remember when you felt like Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) shouting, I’m King of the world! in the movie,Titanic?

Take a moment to review your periods of peak achievement. What was going on? Who was involved? What type of activities did you thrive in? What project were you involved with? How were you feeling? What was your energy level like? What challenges were you facing? Did you lose track of time?

It is important to understand what was going on in a peak period to be able to recreate it and repeat this process. This will help you find flow. Being in flow is easy, fun, and effortless. If something isn’t easy or effortless, you feel like you’re swimming upstream, against a strong current, experiencing resistance.

This means you need to take a step back. Somehow, you are fighting yourself, either fighting what isn’t natural with your talent, fighting against the wrong type of environment, not the right fit, but clearly something isn’t working.

When work and life are easy and effortless, you are in flow. You are listening to the natural rhythm. Just like Circadian rhythms, being in flow means you are following your heart’s desire and using your natural strengths.

All of us can attain the blissful state of effortless concentration and enjoyment called ‘flow.’

Joseph Campbell, author of The Hero With A Thousand Faces, declares that the end game is to find your bliss.  I believe it’s about being in ‘flow.’

How do you get your natural talents to make you money? How do you naturally become successful? First, you identify what these talents are. Once you know the type of activities that make you shine, match them to your true interests. Ask yourself: if there were no obstacles, what would you be doing in life?

If there was a magic genie and you had 3 wishes, what would you be doing differently? What would remain the same?

How can you get these results, without the magic genie? Actually, you have power that maybe hasn’t been harnessed! For Frank Herbert fans, the book and the movie, Dune depicts the sleeper who has awakened. How do you get your creative sleeper, your amazing inner power to awaken?

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Posted by Wanda Ropa, The Success Coach.

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