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Answering Your

SOS Call


Shift Onto Solution Mode

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

at 6 pm (Pacific)****

Free Group Tele-Coaching Session with Coach Wanda

Has your rescue ship already set sail? 

Are you looking for relief to sail out of problem mode? 

To land in safe harbor and leave your problems behind? 

Are you constantly in distress? 

Sending out an SOS, with no answer? 

Are you out of flow? 

And your problems just grow?

Are you experiencing a recurrent theme of starting, then stopping, and then starting, only to stop in your tracks once again.  Are you frustrated and feel that you will never make any changes?  Do your problems just multiply like bunnies?

Your rescue plane is about to land….. this free group tele-coaching session is a gift!

In less than one hour you will receive one easy and effortless action step to start managing your problems before they manage you. 

You are not alone.  Come experience the energy and dynamic of how the group can support you to shift into solution mode.

Come re-charge your battery and start creating your own solutions!

Click here to sign up, limited spaces available. 

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 6 pm (Pacific)****

Free Group Tele-Coaching Session with Coach Wanda

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Ready to have your SOS answered?

Upon registration, you will receive your bridge-line phone number to call along with easy instructions to participate in this free group tele-coaching session.

Wanda is an excellent Success coach and Creativity Architect. She is definitely one of the best Coaches to turn to when you are stuck with a problem, challenge or obstacle in business or in life and can help you move through the “stuckness” to taking action with tools that are easy, effortless and fun!
-Sharon Price
Founder & Marketing Executive
PowerMarketing University
San Diego, CA 

Wanda has a unique gift when it comes to working with people. Wanda TRULY wants to help people succeed. She has the unique capability to focus on the needs of the person with whom she is speaking. She is a great listener and totally engages in the needs of the person. She is intelligent, witty, flexible, hard working, caring, intense, and fun. People flock to her; she has a “pied-pier” ability to draw people to her, and handles this gift with respect.
Chief Human Resources Officer
Ames, IA

Wanda was an inspiring coach who used creative tools and helped me to add amazing techniques to my own toolbox. I have benefited greatly from the guidance, information and creative problem solving that have to be the foundation of this process. I would highly recommend the process to anyone who is searching for their next steps in life or in their career.
-Robin F.
Training Leader
Kansas City, MO

The Quicksand of Your Mind

Are you in struggle?
Your mind a puddle?
Are you stuck?
What luck?
In the quicksand of your mind?

Are you out of flow
And problems just grow?
What to do, to solve this riddle?
Stuck in the middle
In the quicksand of your mind.

There’s only one way
Out of this unwanted stay.
Resolve to clearly see
And not live by some false decree
In the quicksand of your mind.

Wanda Ropa 

Copyright ©2007 Wanda Ropa

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6 pm (Pacific)****

7 pm (Mountain daylight savings)

8 pm (Central)

9 pm (Eastern)         

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Introducing Feroce Coaches
Bradley Foster and Wanda Ropa

Attend our Free Group Coaching Session

Learn how to achieve creative breakthroughs everyday!

Hear Bradley Foster and Wanda Ropa in action in this free group coaching session where you can get some work done and listen to others bring their challenges forward. This is an interactive coaching session where you are invited to participate.  You will experience the creative synergy of these dynamic and exciting coaches as they coach a group live.Â

Bradley and Wanda are experienced leaders with a fresh approach whether your challenge is at work, at home, in your career, your relationships or achieving your goals.

Join Bradley and Wanda to help you get you back to that space where you are able to breathe and to see that you have many more options than you thought possible.

Stop Dreaming and Live your dreams!

Sign up, now, spaces will fill up quickly.*

Choose the date that is best for you:

Tuesday, June 12, 2007 at 11 am (Pacific)****

Click here to sign up.

Feel free to share this opportunity with a friend!

Upon registration, you will receive your bridge-line phone number to call along with easy instructions to participate.

Ready to join us?

**** 12:00 pm Day light Mountain Savings; 1:00 pm Central; 2:00 pm Eastern

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