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Cameron Powell is one of the most remarkable people I have ever met. He approaches issues with deliberate, fact-based, and creative thought processes, has broad-ranging interests, reading, and study, and an enormous capacity for gathering disparate facts and opinions. All of this makes him uniquely well-suited to tackle virtually any coaching matter. As a critical thinker – whom I have observed on innumerable occasion to challenge both the ‘conventional’ and ‘unconventional’ wisdom with equal relish – Cameron comes to the issues without apparent preconceptions, but with an enormous capacity to gather, digest, and synthesize information from an immense variety of sources.

I’ve noticed that he’s constantly surrounded by people of different backgrounds and cultures. Whether he actively seeks out these connections, or they simply gravitate to him, Cameron is at home with people of different cultures, and obviously draws energy from interacting with them.

– Adam Weiss, Legal Recruiter, New York, New York

I came to coaching for both personal and professional reasons. Looking back on the past three years I can hardly believe I could have enjoyed as much success without the help of my coach, Cameron.

I have approximately 500 employees and have a tremendously fun and challenging job as the Chief Medical Officer for the State of Nebraska.  My areas of responsibility touch every Nebraskan.

I used coaching to help set priorities, manage difficult situations, fine-tune mediation skills, and develop many other skills and tools to have available to me in this high-paced and demanding job.  I get a lot of practical, useful advice from Cameron, customized to what I am going through, that aids me in my work and life.  One of the best and most timely pieces of advice Cameron gave me was to deal with angry or difficult people with compassion first:  it doesn’t just benefit them, it actually helps ME.

When I began coaching I also had a very large personal challenge to face.  Due to a congenital birth defect, I was in need of a liver transplant.  I knew it would be not only be a life-changing experience, but would require a three-month absence from my job.  My first challenge, which Cameron helped me with, was to prepare a transition plan to transfer work and life responsibilities while I was away.  The transition plan proved to be absolutely invaluable and made that time as smooth as it could be.  I had tied up everything on a personal and professional basis so nicely that it put me in a very good and peaceful place before transplant.

Above all, the most important thing about this coaching was that I was able to do this in a confidential safe place where no question was “off limits,” no idea was too “out there,” so that true growth could occur with the help of an objective set of eyes.  In fact I was at my best when meeting with my coach regularly, which is why I have continued to check in and grow.

I am very grateful for what I have learned and what Cameron has helped me achieve.  I would highly recommend coaching for any State Health Officer and any executive leader for that matter.

— J. Schaefer, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, State of Nebraska

Usually the advisors skilled in business lack some of the more subtle skills necessary to help a client go through the growth needed to make it to the next level. And just as unfortunate, many people skilled in helping people grow are woefully inadequate in assisting with practical business matters.

What I really appreciate about Cameron Powell is his wide range of highly developed skills, and his simple, unadorned humanity.  It’s the unique combination of qualities he has that allowed me to make breakthroughs in developing my business I’ve been waiting 20 years to make!

– David Garfinkel, Founder, World Copywriting Institute

It was an interesting adventure that I did not anticipate when I started looking for a coach for my husband. I started the exercise as a wife but ended up viewing it as a business person. I saw a lot that I liked and several things that I sure didn’t like. I need to let you know that Feroce Coaching was by far the most timely, friendly, professional group that responded. My husband and I were both impressed.

– Laura M., Coach

The difference between when we started and now is that there’s a future out there. You know, when we started I was pretty depressed. I couldn’t imagine anything I wanted to do. There didn’t seem to be any hope. I didn’t like doing anything, even just being in the moment, like you said.

Now I’ve got some excitement in my life. I notice the moment more. I was lecturing my husband on that the other day when we were painting the house and I told him that yeah, we were excited to see what the final result would be, but he should learn to be in the moment too. And dishes! I’m doing dishes. I wouldn’t help my husband do them before, but now I just do them with him. Why is everything so different about my view of the future? It’s just planning a future. Having something to look forward to, something that’s there.

– K.F.

This is a big day. Big beyond words. I found out I have been accepted into the Master of Fine Arts program. The program is very competitive and I made it — a year early! I am completely and utterly beside myself with joy. You helped so much, more than you can know. I had to tell you now. I have wanted this for years. Nothing like passion, a plan and a great coach. Thank you so much!

— Betsy

Cameron has an extraordinary sense of people and I have yet to meet someone who has had such an impact on my life. Not only is he energetic, compassionate and willing to truly challenge, he also encourages……a perfect mix!

Even though I had enjoyed my profession of 15 years immensely, I knew that it wasn’t what I was meant to do. But I hadn’t yet communicated even that to Cameron when – and I don’t know how – in the course of a single conversation he saw to the heart of me and said, ‘I think we’ve just found your life’s work.’

With Cameron’s wisdom, guidance and clear insight, not only have I learned what my new career path will be, I have also uncovered the real ‘me’. With his encouragement, humor and expertise around the sometimes difficult area of me, I have come to know more of my true self and have learned to hold myself accountable for having my business and life turn out the way I want. The coaching has been invaluable! My passion has returned, and I’ll always be grateful!

– Mieshelle N. – Business owner, Tualatin, Oregon

Cameron’s expertise seems to run across different ages, cultures, and backgrounds of people. In coaching, he is fully present, and an insightful and compassionate leader willing to share his wisdom. I know when I have found a good thing and I stick with it. In my life, I planned and hoped on surrounding myself with people who I trust and are good at what they do. I have found my coach.

– J.N.

Cameron- you were awesome! I talked to you in the beginning of my relationship with P—. You were smart, truthful and didn’t mince words. I appreciated the legal side of your wisdom and the wicked smart way you put your thoughts into words. In that time I took your advice to continue some education, and earned my AA degree.

We traveled the world supporting his career as CEO. It was a first class life in a “too good to leave, too bad to stay” situation. He was very controlling, things like clothes, hair, makeup, the way I talked, walked, chewed …. Well, you get it- everything was controlled.

At the time we spoke, which was around 3 meetings, you were tough enough on me to make me be able to (finally) see that I bring enormous value to myself, and the world. You were able to be so real and comfortable on the phone with me, without even meeting. Smart, energetic, excellent.

— K.B., Seattle, Washington

 The more I think about it, all this stuff kind of just grows on you doesn’t it? I guess it was like a slippery slope in a good way, bit by bit the ideas you presented get absorbed and values change and poof. Here I am doing so much better at work, I am focused, and I set goals, and move towards them, and my confidence is better because I’m proud of the work I do now, not like before when I was lucky if I could concentrate for four hours, never mind 8. There’s all kinds of things coming together…. Health wise too. At the same time, I’ve been able to gradually assert myself with [R] sooner, rather than waiting till I was almost in tears before I brought something up that was upsetting me. I suspect he’s happier with me not crying anymore. He seems more able to share, perhaps since I’m more stable. 🙂

My boss is happy.

Someone once told me to go practice what I had learned at one of these assertiveness training courses I took. I had no clue what she meant. Now I do.

I catch myself thinking the old way much sooner now, and it even makes me smile. Self-correcting they call it at CoDA. I’m not always fully aware of how far I’ve come, till I actually think back and remember how I would have been in similar situations that I can breeze through now. I still have moments when I relapse and go into mild catastrophic thinking which upsets me, but I can get out of it pretty quick. 

— K.B., Ontario, Canada

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