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People today feel a tremendous amount of confusion about health, wellness and weight-loss. Issues of mood swings are blamed on hormonal changes in women, while they may actually be the result of toxicity in the system and poor functioning of the vital organs and glands. Many try to go it alone, using books as their self-help guides. Some choose to go to their doctors. Still others are turning to a health coach or diet coach to achieve their weight-loss and wellness goals.

Whatever your path and choice for making changes, the first step is to commit to your well-being. Stress and poor diets are rampant and are major causes of myriad problems for so many people. Medical doctors are baffled at the numbers of chronic diseases cropping up.

If we were to take a serious look at what nutrition is now to modern humans, and what it was back before the time when mass farming, pesticides and food processing ravaged the nutritional value from our foods, you would understand how polluted and challenged modern man is. Walking, living, breathing, and drinking water on this planet isn’t as easy for the human organism as it used to be.

The most basic health, diet, and weight-loss programs really begin with colon and liver cleansing. The amazing benefits from improving the cleanliness of these two organs alone can work miracles in how you feel and function. Free Coaching Consultation While it is a process and takes a bit of patience, once the body is brought back into a more toxin-free state of balance, the benefits can be astounding. In addition, weight-loss usually follows.

The liver is the most overworked organ in your body. It is also the largest fat storing organ in the body. Here are just some of the activities it is responsible for:

(l) Filtering and processing all food, nutrients, alcohol, drugs and other materials that enter the bloodstream and letting them pass, breaking them down or storing them.
(2) Manufacturing bile to emulsify fats by digestion.
(3) Making and breaking down many hormones, including cholesterol, ,testosterone and estrogen.
(4) Regulating blood sugar levels.

There is a new liver disease that is rapidly growing. It is called NUFLID. It stands for Non-alcohol, Fatty Liver Disease. It affects 5% of the population and over 25% of patients with acidity and type II diabetes.

Modern humans accumulate liver stress through excess sugar in the diet, deficiency in choline in the diet, chemical stress and toxicity (over the counter medications, ingested chemicals, chemicals in topical or airborne products, lipid peroxidation (fats become rancid in the liver), and, of course, alcohol.

In essence, all of this build-up of toxins literally “gums up the works” in the body, resulting in a wide variety of symptoms, including: being overweight, bloating after eating, mood swings, breath problems, fatigue, depression, hormonal imbalances, migraines or severe headaches, high blood pressure, allergies, cravings for sugar, and more.

So that simple diet you are planning to go on that includes loads of processed foods claiming to be “low calorie” or “low carb”, etc. may actually be causing you to stay overweight! Many people are allergic to foods and the allergic reaction causes them to keep weight on, including lots of water retention.

Additionally, these packaged, processed foods are devoid of nutrients, enzymes and all the vital ingredients nature intended.

Dieting is really not complicated or confusing. It is actually straight-forward. However, cleansing the liver and colon can be a challenging process. If you are ready to commit to your health and well-being this is a great place to start, but it is worth it to have someone like a diet coach or health coach guiding you along the way and to help you stick to your commitment and resolve to change your life.

You could add not only years to your life, but “life to your years”, as they say!

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