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You may just be looking.  Or you may already have begun your search.  Why are you here?  How can you begin to know?  There are more questions than answers.  Live the questions.  If you want to develop your intuition, or to work on uniting mind and body into a healthy, integrated whole, then you might have realized that surrounding yourself with others on the path is, as all the masters say, absolutely essential.  Spiritual Coaches can show you how easily you can live with more stress and be happier.

Head Coach

I’m Cameron Powell, founder of Feroce, a unique team of coaches.  How so?  Just take a look at our coaches.  I hand-picked each one because they’re each at the top of their respective fields.  And they all come with the unparalleled Feroce Promise.   Ask for a free coaching session with the coach of your choice.  Can’t choose?  That’s fine.  Just say so on the inquiry form and we’ll assign the best fit for you.

Our Spiritual Life Coaches

Spiritual Coach Laura Svolos (Swami Adityananda)

Swami Adityananda

I’m a seminary-trained, Certified Professional Coach who integrates standard coaching techniques with  universal spiritual principles and metaphysical laws that I’ve studied over the past 22 years. I received my coaching training from the International Coach Academy, which is accredited by the International Coach Federation. I received my spiritual training from the Temple of Kriya Yoga where I graduated from a three-year seminary program and was ordained a Swami of Kriya Yoga.

In this program, I studied the theological philosophy of Kriya Yoga and its underlying unity with Christianity and other Eastern religions such as Taoism, Buddhism, and Hinduism.  In addition to my seminary training, I graduated from a year-long Bible study course at the First United Methodist Church in Chicago.  As your coach, I draw upon my training as well as my intuition, my communications background (two degrees from Northwestern University), and 25 years of professional experience spanning industries such as politics, entertainment, journalism, and not-for-profit.  My passion is to help you break free from what’s holding you back from living the life you dream about but feel is out of reach. I believe the path to freedom is the path of wisdom. So the focus of my practice is to blend coaching with teaching and to work with my clients on internal and external levels.

Internally, I teach my clients how to develop greater self-awareness and self-discipline of their thoughts and emotions. To help them with this process, I teach my clients a basic, five-minute meditation practice. As I get to know my clients, I add some things to the meditation practice to help them transcend barriers such as fear and doubt. (For more details about how I use meditation in my work, click here.)  I also teach my clients how to apply universal spiritual principles (e.g. forgiveness, compassion, acceptance) to attain greater peace, balance and freedom in their lives.  And as we clarify their goals, I teach them how to get in resonance with their goals by attuning to the metaphysical laws of nature (e.g. law of causation, law of correspondence, law of attraction, law of the Tao).  Most importantly, I blend all of my teachings to help my clients break free from anger, fear, and limiting beliefs that may be holding them back from attaining what they want to create in their lives.  Externally, I apply standard coaching techniques to help my clients clarify their values and goals and then I work with them to create action plans with support structures to help them stay focused and accountable.

I am a holistic coach in the sense that I help individuals in all areas of their lives, personal and professional. I have coached people from all walks of life, not just those who are on the so-called “spiritual path.” Past clients span the globe and include entrepreneurs, corporate executives, professors, doctors, lawyers, graduate students, working moms, stay-at-home moms, artists, architects, designers, writers, producers, and yes, even other coaches. Specifically, my coaching can help you to:

  • Simplify your life and create more balance and freedom;
  • Discover what energizes and inspires you;
  • Create more wellness, harmony, contentment, and peace of mind;
  • Eliminate stress and anxiety through meditation and breathing techniques;
  • Attain more work/life balance through time-tested, time management techniques;
  • Bridge the gap between a successful professional life and personal well being (the two aren’t mutually exclusive!);
  • Free yourself from fear, anger, or limiting beliefs that are blocking you;
  • Build your self-confidence and self-esteem;
  • Gain clarity about what’s most important to you at this stage of your life (your values) and align your values with your goals:
  • Create support structures to help you stay focused while will power waxes & wanes;
  • Integrate spiritual principles into your personal and professional life such as compassion, acceptance, detachment, forgiveness, gratitude, and contentment;
  • Learn how to attune to the laws of the universe including the law of attraction, the law of causation (karma), the law of correspondence, and others;
  • Resolve problematic situations or relationships at work or home harmoniously;
  • Find more satisfaction and balance in your current job;
  • Navigate the transition to a more meaningful, fulfilling career;
  • Develop true security so you can enjoy your wealth rather than worry about losing it;
  • Live a more spirit-directed life that works with the ego rather than against it;
  • Discover your life purpose, and
  • Regain your vitality and joy for living.

Read my spiritual life coach bio and the longer version, Spiritual Growth Coaching:  From Monty Python to the Bhagavad Gita.

Some Testimonials

“If you want to make a difference in your life, give Laura the opportunity. I have been in business for 27 years and have had several coaches for different areas of my life and continue to have coaches. The one I think has the greatest potential for changing my future the most is my spiritual coach Laura. She keeps me grounded and at the same time opens the doors for opportunity into my potential that I have never seen.” – Fred Anderson, President, Anderson Landscape Construction, Inc


“I’d like to take a moment to express my gratitude and appreciation for Laura, who has been a wonderful source of wisdom, support, and guidance. Laura has an innate ability to understand people and situations at their deepest level. My time with her helped me achieve great growth, both spiritually and professionally. She’s given me the gift of self-awareness and of a higher consciousness. For this, I am eternally grateful and recommend her with the utmost affection and regard.” -Carolina Oliva, Entrepreneur


“I came to Laura at a cross-section in my life.  My goal was to explore the possibilities of what life offered.  Uncertain of how to proceed, I turned to Laura for guidance.  Quite simply, since our first meeting, life has never really been the same.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Laura for her patience, compassion, and willingness to care for me.  Her coaching has had a direct impact on how I live my life – and, the quality of my well-being. I’m blessed to know her.”

With gratitude, Matt Tashjian, Senior Vice President, Investments, Merrill Lynch


“Dear Laura,

We began our work together about 10 months ago, and I wanted to thank you for the lovely blend of wisdom, sensitivity, and order you brought to my life. I was on a multi-year skid. Despite a long history of delivering award-winning work on time and on budget, my sales efforts were being rebuffed at the entry level of TV networks and cable operators. My career, and my spirit were in a rut. All motion, no progress. Frustrated. Angry. Disappointed.

I needed help. Artists have mentors, musicians have master classes, athletes have trainers, but it seemed that business people were always in competition with one another. Then, I discovered coaching, and the opportunity to engage a smart, experienced person who had only my success as their goal.

In you, I found a balanced approach to the blend of practical and spiritual components that needed restoration. An excellent fusion of The Greek, The Buddha, The Christ & an MBA – all put into an understandable, western vernacular….My concerns have shifted from “why can’t I get work?” to “how am I going to manage all of the work that’s coming in?”

Thank you Laura. You helped me first regain the fun and beauty of living a rich, interesting life. You are a smart friend and good council.”


Brett Darken, President, North Star Films

“Laura, you Coach and ‘train’ in a really fine balance. I got much more throughout our work together than I had expected! You were a kind of ‘voice of inspired reason’ for me. Your feedback was exceptional and I ‘grabbed’ hold of every bit of it as if they were gems coming through the phone line. You are fearless in your coaching.

Seeing our twelve sessions in overview, I feel more solid inside, I feel enriched. I feel the better for having had you as my coach. I have clearer direction and more willingness and joy in going those directions. Actually, in relation to your coaching Laura, I have clearly experienced real accelerated change.

Absolutely excellent coaching!”
– Diane Penketh, Life Coach, New Zealand

“Laura is perceptive, knowledgeable and easy to talk to. She identifies problems quickly and leads you to your own answers with skill and compassion. Laura’s integrity and intuition is outstanding. I highly recommend her.” – Donna B., Occupational Therapist


Dr. Christina Winsey, Spiritual Holistic Coach

Dr. Chris

Christina Winsey, D.C., L.M.T. (The “I Can” Doctor) is a holistic and spiritual life coach, family coach, and a weight-loss coach.  She practiced alternative medicine for 18 years, as well as taught Anatomy & Physiology, before becoming a coach and speaker.  Dr. Chris has pursued extensive post-graduate education in health coaching and alternative health coaching and related disciplines, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Control, Applied Kinesiology, Hypnosis, Pranic Healing, Emotional Freedom Technique, The Power to Influence and Occupational Health and Safety for Chiropractic and Industry.

Dr. Chris is an expert in what she calls “Neuro-Integration” – teaching people how to solve and overcome challenges through combining cutting-edge, whole brain technology with “heart”, body, emotions and the laws of quantum physics.

She is a graduate of the “Take Action Training” and is currently involved with the Thomas Leonard Method: Coachville Schools of Coaching. She is a Prosperity Partnership Certified Prosperity Guide, and has completed her Emotional Freedom Technique Certificate of Completion (EFT-CC). In 1998 she co-hosted a Sarasota, Florida coaching television show called “Focus on Holistic Health.” Beginning in August 2005 she and her business partner co-host a one-hour, live, call-in coaching radio show called “Take It To The Top.”

Spiritual Coach and Reiki Master Gerry Eitner

Reiki Master Gerry

I’m Gerry Eitner.  My spiritual teaching focuses on assisting people to connect with God, to experience themselves as love, to bring that love forward to others, and to identify their natural attractions.  I’ve found a variety of ways to help people to unfold the spiritual part of their nature, while dropping some of the blocks to this unfolding.  The schedule for my workshops and classes can be found on the website listed above.

Here are some of the methods I use:

  • An inexpensive 12- or 24-session series called “Unified” that will assist you to experience yourself as love, and identify with your Higher Self.
  • A series from the Reconnecting With Nature work that will help identify your natural attractions, increase your capacity to connect with God, with others, and with your Higher Self, increase the number of your senses, heal psychological traumas, and reduce addictions.  In addition to the series, I also offer periodic workshops in nature using this method.
  • Sacred Heart Reiki attunements and healings.  Based on traditional Usui Reiki teaching, this series of energetic attunements will naturally facilitate your process of transformation.  The Sacred Heart method adds extra attunements to open your heart.  The energy itself naturally does the work!  One of the benefits of Reiki attunements is the ability to heal oneself and others, at all levels.
  • Connecting with Your Spiritual Guides workshops.  Each of us has a group of spiritual guides who assist us in leading a life of higher values.  This one-day workshop begins the process of making this connection a conscious one for you.

As a Reiki Master and spiritual coach, my experience and expertise are in working with people to assist them in identifying with their higher selves and in functioning from that place, bringing all their wonderful qualities forward in the here and now to make a difference.  It’s always an exquisite outpicturing of one’s unique qualities of love that comes forward, in a beautiful path of Self-discovery.

I can help you:

  • Define and successfully express the deep goals of your heart.
  • Increase your energy levels.
  • Experience both deeper and higher aspects of your being.
  • Feel and practice Self love
  • Reach greater inner peace
  • Heal your mind, body and spirit
  • Develop a more finely tuned awareness
  • Deepen ability to give and receive love.
  • Maintain better relationships

I’ve been a spiritual coach, teacher, and energetic healer since 1982.  I’ve worked with members of Congress, taught meditation at the Pentagon, and done interactive work with the United Nations.  I’ve been a Reiki energetic healer since 1982, and a Reiki Master since 1989.  I’ve been active in the peace movement, was a delegate to the United Nations Millennium Forum, and founded and run a nonprofit organization called the Communities of Peace Foundation designed to help people to interact in their communities from their highest place of self-expression.  Read more about my spiritual coaching, mentoring, and healing.

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