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New Breakthrough in Parenting Shows How to Immediately Put a Stop To Bad Behavior Once & For All!

No matter how old your child or how extreme your situation, now you can take back your parenting powers for good with our Parenting Coaches‘ scientifically proven behavior modification techniques.

What part of your child’s behavior bothers or irritates you the most?

Is it the whining, begging, not listening, talking back, ignoring, rolling eyes or not pitching in for chores? Or worse, is your child a class clown or bully, suspended from school, spending his or her allowance on marijuana and beer, sneaking out of the house or even lying or stealing from you?

Are you feeling like you did something wrong but you can’t put your finger on it? And the real truth and saddest part about all of this is that you know deep down that your kid is a good and loving person. He or she just doesn’t act like it.

Have you tried everything to get your child to behave?

You know . . . grounding, restrictions, loss of privileges, loss of phone/computer time, ignoring, yelling, spanking, therapy, medications? Maybe you have considered sending your child to live with another family member or to a therapeutic school outside of your community?

And perhaps some of these things worked to a certain extent but then like a rubber band your child’s behavior snapped back to where it was before or perhaps even got worse? Are you so worried that you are losing sleep, drinking more or slipping into your own mild depression?

And to top it off, are your friends and family blaming you and giving you advice that is conflicting and goes against the grain? Is your whole family suffering and walking on egg shells because of your child’s bad behavior?

Times have changed and the world may seem like a dangerous place that wants to snatch your child’s innocence. We want you to know that your child’s bad behavior is not your fault and better yet, you have the power to fix it for good.

In my coaching I will show you how to grab a hold of your parenting powers and …

  • Get respect from your child immediately and end negative behaviors for good
  • Stop nagging and get your child to listen and follow through with chores and homework
  • Stop sibling rivalry and fighting and create loving and caring relationships that last
  • Rid your home of tension and hostility and get sanity, peace and harmony
  • Find and reconnect with that great and loving child that has appeared to have disappeared or been lost or stolen from you

The answer is really very simple. Nothing will change until you take back your power as parent. Once you do this, the shift will blow you away.

  • Imagine having a clear vision of what values you want to pass down to your children
  • Imagine feeling deeply fulfilled as a mom or dad
  • Imagine living a balanced life in which you have time for yourself and your partner

Parenting is one of the most crucial responsibilities a human being can have.  It brings great joy and can bring much pain.  The anguish of parents who realize only later all the things they might have done differently is preventable and curable, but how?  There is very little training, guidance, or assistance available.  Community college seminars?  Self-help books?  You’ll note one thing missing in all this:  one-on-one mentorship, follow-through that’s absolutely assured, solutions tailored and customized for your situation, and the critical presence of your actual child!  Enter the parent coach.

See Susan on YouTube, speaking about raising teens:

Raise Children You Can Be Proud of

I’m Sussusanepsteinan Epstein, family therapist, family coach, and parent coach, and my coaching services will provide you with real answers to real problems that you are having.  Parent coaching provides understanding, compassion, support, structure and accountability.

  • Gain respect from your children and enjoy a peaceful home.  (No more yelling!)  Is a teen life coach what you need?
  • Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed and hello to creating wonderful memories for you and your children of your special and unique family.  (Breathe!)
  • You can be the parent you always wanted to be!
  • You will clarify your deepest values and purpose, assess your home life and relationships, plan desired changes, and take action to achieve your goals — all with the support of a seasoned parent coach.  Through learning how to organize your time and creating balance at work and home you will also gain tremendous satisfaction as a parent.

Parent Coaching Testimonial

I learned early on in coaching to look my children in the eye 5 times a day when they talk to me.  It was good advice.  Connect to people.  Slow down.  Feel your feelings and live an authentic life.  If I continue to run at society’s pace and keep up, I will find out that it isn’t me.  I was a pleaser.

Susan taught me, “Define your values and parent accordingly.”  The competition and comparison among mothers can blind the new mother. People are all unique and there is no formula to good parenting.  Be true to yourself and your own unique values.  Take time to figure out what these are.  After coaching I took a spiritual path and found out that the best way to be true to yourself is through quiet contemplative time.  Take time each day to observe your feelings, without judgment, and listen to the voice that is deep inside for direction.  You’d be surprised to find how much discipline it takes to stick to it — taking time out each day for quiet contemplation, but it is important in staying well.

— Dorothy Reiser


Positive Parenting Coach Morris Mann, Ph.D.

Parent Coach Morris MannI am Morris Mann, an expert in Positive Psychology. I have academic, professional, and personal experience with parenting.

As a Ph.D. in Psychology, I have lectured at national academic conferences on early childhood and parent – infant/toddler interactions.  I have written articles about mother and father roles in the family and relationship with children.  I have founded and served as Director of a child parent educational center.

While professional expertise is important, personal experience as a parent in an absolute for coaching others. The success I have had with my 5 children often wows people.  They are now mature young adults with careers and family life of their own. I even have 3 grandchildren.

Most remarkable about parenting them is that together with my wife we guided them through the challenge and upheaval of moving to a new country (Israel) as adolescents.  Despite increasing the natural challenges of being an adolescent, they learned to thrive and succeed.

Learning positive parenting by –  balancing affirmation with assertiveness,  supporting your child’s strengths, teaching tools and skills for life,  and serving as a great role model are some of the parenting coaching goals we will tackle.

While parenting can be quite frustrating, one of our greatest fulfillments is the appreciation and meaning that comes from supporting and enhancing our children’s lives…

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