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Feroce (FerROchay; Italian, ferocious) Coaching, founded by Head Coach Cameron Powell, is an affiliated group of highly experienced, like-minded personal and business coaches who share a passion for people and their transformation.  To learn more about our coaches and their backgrounds and coaching specialties, choose from the menu below or just browse your way down the page.  You are on the largest and most comprehensive coaching site on the Internet, so take your time and inform yourself at your leisure.

Feroce is one of a few coaching sites to receive the Learning Fountain award, which recognizes the site’s informativeness and “represents a way of doing business that places the visitor first.”

Certified CoachesOUR DEEP BENCH = YOUR SUCCESS TEAM. We are unique not just because we allow you to have a choice of the best coach for you, but because we will surround you with your own personal success team.  Only Feroce encourages and allows you to make transitions from your regular Feroce coach to a session or two with a Feroce coach whose expertise might even better suit your challenge of the moment — and then back again.  You simply won’t find that promise, or that power for change, anywhere else.

Dream  CoachIf you are strongly interested in a coach with a specialty, you should know that we nevertheless coach holistically — we coach the whole person.  Because coaching is a suite of techniques for working with a person’s goals, rather than subject-matter specific, many of our coaches work in more than one area.  Generally, for individual coaching, your best choice will be a Life or Personal coach (we view the terms as synonymous).  This is often true even if your primary challenge is relationships.  Clients seeking career change or advancement, on the other hand, are encouraged to seek out our Career coaches (for executives, look at our executive coaches below).

  • “What a piece of work is man!” You already have in you much of the power and knowledge that you need to change.
  • Jumping Out of Ruts is Hard Work Without a Partner.  Our life’s work is to leverage the power within you so that your fleeting impulses to change are kept alive long enough for change to actually occur.  You’ve had such impulses before, right?  This time, let’s lock them in.
  • The Best of East and West. Our coaching, and particularly our work in goal-setting and goal-achievement — which is nothing less than the creation of your future self — draws from the most advanced management consulting techniques, brain science, quantum physics, and neuro-psychology, as well as from the teachings of wisdom traditions such as Taoism, Buddhism, and others that beat the scientists to the punch by thousands of years.
  • Transparent Business Practices.  You deserve to know the background and qualifications of a potential coach before you spend time arranging to meet him or her.  Unlike some services on the Internet, we’ll actually show you our coaches before your free consult.  And we’ll tell you our prices up front!

While nearly all coaching is done by telephone, clients born before the Internet may be interested to know that Feroce’s headquarters are in Bend, Oregon, in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  Our west coast headquarters conveniently allow us to serve clients in time zones as diverse as the UK in the east and Australia and New Zealand to the west (or the “really east”).  Feroce coaches also have offices in New Hampshire, Sarasota, Florida, Los Angeles, New London, Connecticut, Denver, Colorado, Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington.

Just as our many other successful clients got their start, you too can talk to one of our professional, authentic coaches about your goals and any hurdles you find through life coaching or career coaching.  And then the coach can explain just how coaching can help you.  Your consulting coach — whom you can choose below, if you like — can also discuss what sort of coach might be the best fit for you.  If the chemistry is already just right and you like the fit between (1) the coach’s background and (2) your future, then you could get started coaching at your convenience.

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