Feroce in the Media

Feroce Coaches are often asked to speak on matters related to coaching, best practices and skillful means in times of change, specific topics like small business or parenting, and even public policy.  Below is a sampling of our coaches’ media appearances.  Journalists, please reach us through our Media Contact page.


Career Coach Cameron in The New Yorker

Cameron Powell in The New Yorker

Patricia Marx, “The Golden Years,” The New Yorker, October 8, 2012.  “You can feel unmoored and bereft when you stop working,” Cameron Powell told me . . . Powell, a former Justice Department lawyer, is now a success coach and founder of two coaching Websites. He continued, ‘The sense of busyness and the frenetic activity disappear, but your compulsions stay with you. The imagined time on the beach, now real, becomes a hell of ennui and you go on a secular search for meaning.”


Career Coach CJ in TEDx

See Executive Career Coach CJ Liu in TEDxRainier on “Better Beliefs”:


Feroce Coaches in the New York Times

Executive Coach CJ Liu, who left an executive role at Microsoft to coach, was tapped by The New York Times for an article about the growth of PayPal.  Julie Bick, “When PayPal Becomes the Back Office, Too,” Dec. 18, 2005.

Career Coach LaVonne in Black Enterprise

Sonia Alleyne, “Change Agent,” Black Enterprise, October 2012. “‘What an executive does in the initial months of a new job will either secure or sabotage her success in that role,’ says [Career Coach] LaVonne Dorsey, executive career coach and human resources practitioner at Feroce Coaching.”

Career coaches in the Denver Post

Aldo Svaldi, “Men winning more jobs than women in economic recovery,” August 5, 2012, The Denver Post.  “‘A lot of men also are using the recession as a justification for a transformation that they have always been wanting to make anyway,’ said [Career Coach] Cameron Powell, founder of Feroce Coaching.  For some, that includes doing what they have always wanted to do instead of chasing the job that provides the most money, he said.”

Lawyer career coaching article featuring Cameron Powell

Stephanie Francis Ward, “The Job Seekers” ABA Journal (Sept. 1, 2010) (quoting Career Coach Cameron Powell)


Anna Prior, Wall Street Journal, “Upside of Holiday Work” (Dec. 21, 2008) (quoting Career Coach Wendy Billie of Feroce).


Dan Zak, “Reinvent Your Life:  Is Your Day-to-Day Disappointingly Dull? Aim for Something Completely Different,” The Washington Post (Aug. 5, 2007) (quoting Career Coach Wendy Billie of Feroce).


Athima Chansanchai,  “When layoffs hit, look for ways to grow, life coaches say:   Focus on the future to deal with change,” Seattle Post-Intelligencer (Mar. 9, 2009) (quoting Seattle-based Career Coach CJ Liu of Feroce).


Jerusalem Post logoPositive Psychology Coach Morris Mann, Ph.D., pens a monthly column on Positive Psychology – “Moving Forward – Lessons in Happiness and Success”.  He probably does still use a pen.

Bend Bulletin (Oregon)

Jordan Novet, “Boosting region’s tech sector:  Tech Alliance of Central Oregon wants to bolster the local industry,” Bend Bulletin (Feb. 14, 2011) (quoting Startup Coach Cameron Powell; link may require membership).

Career coach for Military SpouseHeidi Smith Luedtke, “How Many Jobs Make a Career?  11 ways to create a fulfilling career,” MilSpouse.com (quoting Career Coach Wendy Billie).

Career Coach Wanda - Career Crossroads - Deseret News

Lois M. Collins, “Career crossroads,” Deseret News (May 9, 2009) (quoting Career Coach Wanda Ropa).


Toronto Career Coach Bradley Foster authors a monthly career-coaching column called “Ask the Coach” in Job Postings magazine.


Cheryl Antao-Xavier, So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?, Confidence Bound (March/April 2008) (quoting Toronto Entrepreneur Coach Bradley Foster).

clip_image004Toronto-Based Career Coach Bradley Foster, “Charting the Course Between Coaching and Therapy,” Choice Magazine (Oct., 2007 – reprinted).  Coach Bradley has written dozens of articles and book reviews over the past fifteen years.


Toronto-Based Career Coach Bradley Foster was interviewed by Tanner Stransky for his new book Find Your Inner Ugly Betty: 25 Career Lessons for Young Professionals Inspired by TV Shows.

clip_image008Canada-Based Career Coach Bradley Foster, author of Deep Coaching: A Guide to Self Directed Living


Ann Work, “‘Gentle butt-kick’ for hire: Life coaching grows in popularity,” (January 11, 2008) (quoting Life Coach Cameron Powell).

Coach Wanda Ropa - 515 Magazine

Maggie Malam, “Beyond Self-Help:  Reach your potential with a life coach,” 515 Magazine (2009) (quoting Life Coach Wanda Ropa)

3 Brains for Success

Success Coach Wanda Ropa, author of “3 Brains For Success:  Find Your Triggers and Get Into Flow“.


Please reach us via our Media Contact page.

Boosting region’s tech sector
Tech Alliance of Central Oregon wants to bolster the local industry

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