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Coming from a background of 25 years of professional work with individuals, companies, non-profits, boards, and communities, Denver-based career coach Anne Denver Colorado career coach Anne AngermanAngerman brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to working with others.  Her earliest grounding was in the field of mental health, and she has leveraged her incisive knowledge of people into helping them to make real and lasting career changes and to look at new possibilities for their lives — from a new career to returning to school or finding a new direction.

From College to Retirement

Anne often works with “emerging adults”, those people between 22 and 30 who are often struggling to find their place in the world.  And with so many people retiring early, she also works with people to define themselves and find new directions.  From those just starting to those looking for a new start, Anne has helped thousands of people maximize their skills and talents.

Her passion is to help individuals and groups to understand themselves better, and become successful in reaching their goals no matter what they are.  She brings compassion, understanding, insight, strategies, assessments, and new possibilities to help people move forward and overcome obstacles that hold them back.

Anne helps others:

  • Learn how to have a healthy life style and decrease stress
  • Define and creating happiness
  • Set positive goals to achieve
  • Understand and act on vocational assessments
  • Get clarity and insight into themselves
  • Craft steps to go forward to change a career
  • Create a healthy retirement
  • Market themselves

Anne’s Career Coaching Client Profile

Anne’s client is usually a person who:

  • wants to look inside and understand him- or herself either through coaching or assessments
  • wants to make a career change, develop a plan for retirement ( not just a career but lifestyle and activities)
  • wants help through a process to look at oneself and options
  • is a college student who wants more direction for developing a plan for a major and a career
  • is thinking of going back to school
  • wants help marketing themselves or business
  • is willing to do homework assignments to gain more insight into him- or herself
  • creative types (artists, writers) who want help marketing themselves or want support to go forward
  • want to re-invent themselves and be happier.  I see a lot of people at retirement age who want to find more satisfaction but not necessarily make a lot of money.

How I Work With Clients

One of my specialties is my assessments, which I use with clients in Colorado and beyond. The most unique assessment I have is called “The Highlands Ability Battery”.  It takes 3 ½ hours to do online (but doesn’t have to be done in 1 sitting).  It identifies natural abilities that are solidified by the age of 16.  It identifies musical, artistic, and spatial abilities.  Research has shown that when people use their natural abilities they have less stress in their lives.

The other 2 assessments I use are the Strong Interest Inventory which looks at interests, and the Myers Briggs.  I offer a package with all 3 assessments that include a personal report, computer summaries, and a 2 hour phone feedback.  Clients who benefit from this seem to be unsure of their next step and want some direction.  They are also people who want more confirmation- Would nursing be a good fit?  Would  a new job?

I have a background as a therapist, trainer, and educator so I often end up doing a bit of therapy as people clarify their needs or discuss their frustrations.

I am also certified in “Get Hired Now” – a training that helps people find jobs. Even though I am in a different city, I can help people go through the process of identifying areas to look for job, be proactive and how to network, and interview.

Educational Background

Anne’s background is perfectly suited to the work of career coaching:  she has a B.S. in Psychology from Purdue University, a Master’s degree Rehabilitation Counseling, and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Wisconsin.  She is the Director of The Highlands Program in Denver, a national company specializing in helping individuals and corporations develop career and life planning strategies.

She is also a certified provider for both the Highlands Company’s Highlands Ability Battery and the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator), and a certified trainer with Interpersonal Communication Programs for Couples Communication.  She is also certified in the 360 profile.

Anne is an educator, speaker, consultant, and coach specializing in career and stress management and life transitions in and around Denver, Colorado.  Because of the soul searching she had done to look for new directions, she understands well what others might be experiencing in making a career change.

Personal Interests:

Anne loves to travel, read, swim, cycle, and run.  She does volunteer work in the community, is a workshop , speaker, and has been on various boards.  She is presently part of “Leadership Denver”.  Anne has a special interest in international travel and working with people who have lived abroad.  She has lived in and visited Israel numerous times.

Articles and Specialties:

Anne is the author of “Stress Management Made Simple”.

She conducts Denver-area workshops in the areas of stress management, burnout, and finding career happiness

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