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Isn’t it time you got the help you deserve to rebuild the life you’re entitled to?

When I began my usual nationwide search for the best, most experienced, most understanding divorce coach to help Feroce’s clients, it didn’t occur to me that the best person to lead the divorcing and divorced out of darkness would also be a certified laughter coach.  But it makes all the sense in the world.  And so I am delighted to introduce you to divorce and laughter coach and author Joanie Winberg, known on radio as the founder of the Happy Wednesday Foundation.  Laugh with her in a free consultation!

Let Her Show You How to Take that Emotional Roller Coaster to a Happier Place Where the Real You is WaitingLife After Divorce Coach Joanie Winberg

How do you rebuild a life and your very self?  How do you strip away who you were, when you were with another, to arrive at who you really are now?  Gracefully, mindfully, and one step at a time.  Here’s what Joanie helps her clients to do, in her own words:

After Divorce, Treasure Your Inner Gifts
After divorce, it’s hard to believe in yourself.  You might have forgotten your unique gifts.  Now you’re constantly thinking about what you don’t like about yourself or your life.  I’ll help you to set a new intention to acknowledge your great qualities and retrain your self-perception.

Give Yourself A Break
You can’t grieve all the time. You will also need to pamper yourself.  I’ll insist you take time to experience life even for only 10 minutes without feeling like a wife, mother, sister or daughter… simply you!

No regrets! No bitterness!
Holding onto regrets and bitterness about your marriage or divorce will only keep your life from moving forward. They’re normal at first, but then we’ll need to ask if such thoughts are serving you or helping you feel better?  Yes, there is life after divorce.  I’ll help you acknowledge your feelings and learn from your past experiences without dwelling on them.

Enjoy the Little Things
Life after divorce usually means added responsibilities.  How do you handle it all?  You’ll learn to laugh more, especially at yourself.  Learn to let things go and not take life so seriously. Learn to live in the present moment.  When you’re not in the present, you’re missing out on your life.

What Makes Your Heart Sing?
What really matters to you? What do you feel is your true purpose in life? Knowing your purpose gives you a true sense of who you are and why you were put on this earth. It gives your life direction and helps you make clear decisions. It’s your compass!

Learn to Listen and to Manifest the Positive
What you think about, you bring about.  The more attention you give something, the more attention it will give you.  Be careful what thoughts you’re giving energy to; are they positive — or toxic?  Use this time to become reconnected to your inner awareness of who you are.  Learn to sit still and quiet until you understand what emotions you are feeling.  Realize that your feelings and sensations are okay, then learn to listen to what your mind and body are telling you.

Be True To Yourself
During and even after a divorce, we are often filled with doubts: about feelings, what to do, what to think.  I’ll help you to listen to your heart.  What feels right?  What doesn’t? When we listen to our hearts, we are in integrity with ourselves.  When we are in integrity with ourselves, we learn to say NO more easily.

Are You Ready to Move On?

  • Is your inner voice working overtime with all the “what ifs” and “if onlys”?
  • Are you having trouble making decisions and feel you are always second-guessing yourself?
  • Are feeling powerless, confused, afraid, frustrated, sad, resentful, hopeless, or angry?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then allow me to ask you a question…

Are you ready to move on with your life and think of this challenging time as a new adventure to discover the real you?

Divorce – During and After Divorce Survival Kit

During and after a divorce is a very challenging time in a person’s life.

Divorce Coaching supports you during and after the emotional roller coaster ride of your divorce and acts as your bridge to assist in planning and moving your life forward with confidence and ease.

I will give you a supportive, fun-filled, high-energy experience that will provides life-long impact.  I will provide guidance and insights to enhance your understanding of yourself as well as others as you learn just who you are now, now that you’re not defined by a duo.

You will walk away with how-to tips that can be implemented into your life immediately.  The tools needed to take the next step in your life are waiting for you.

Yes, it is hard to adjust to being single again.  You may even still be living out of the habit of being married, especially if you have been married for many, many years. After a divorce, it is common to have the feeling of grieving, similar to that of the loss of someone.  It is also common to hold onto regrets and bitterness that will only keep your life from moving forward.  Let me help you move on, into the happiness and peace you deserve.

I encourage you to use this precious opportunity to rediscover yourself!  Or to discover yourself for the first time.  Isn’t it about time?  And I can show you how.

The Divorce Coaching Survival Kit

  • 8 sessions
  • unlimited e-mail support
  • five-minute check-in calls between sessions for concerns and celebrations
  • Self-Discovery Report

Let’s go!  Let’s get started on your new life today.

About Joanie Winberg

Joanie Winberg is a speaker and trainer, a published author, a Relationship Coach, a Behavior Specialist, and a Certified Laughter Coach.  She coaches people worldwide to reach their highest potential both personally and professionally.

Joanie will be your biggest supporter.  She knows you can triumph over obstacles on your way to accomplish anything you desire.  Being a single mom for 10 years didn’t stop Joanie from reaching her goals, and she can help you achieve yours.

Joanie coaches many individual clients and facilitates numerous ongoing group coaching programs and workshops throughout the country.  Some of her speaking clients include organizations such as Ocean Spray, University of MA- Dartmouth, ABWA (America Business Women Associations), NEWBO (New England Women Business Owners), Mary Kay and many other organizations.

“Having been married for twenty years and a single mom for ten years, I understand the challenges of becoming a single mom.  At times, as a single mom I felt so overwhelmed and tired with all the new challenges and wondered many times, how can I up continue to do it all.  One day, I had a huge wake-up call as one of my friends said to me, ‘If you crumble, so will your children.’  That’s all I needed to hear.  That’s when I turned my life around.  I will show you how to become reacquainted with yourself, to truly understand who you really are, to be the best you can be and to attract who and what you want into your life.”

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