Authentic Happiness Coach Morris Mann

Our lives are precious.  We are here to come alive and make our life significant.  We do that by being productive at work and in meaningful relationships.Authentic Happiness Coach Morris Mann

Some people are lucky and find their spark of life early.  It carries them through a life rich with meaning and success.  For me, and I imagine most of us, it is an ongoing process of search and exploration. I started my career with a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology because I loved working with people.  I loved teaching and motivating, so I coached high school basketball, taught parenting workshops, and ran educational seminars.  But I eventually realized my therapy and analysis practice was not the best fit for me, so I turned to a career in international business for 18 years.

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs
Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go and do that
Because what the world needs is people who come alive

— Walt Whitman

It took a chance encounter with a Harvard professor who exposed me to Positive Psychology to ignite my spark within. I have now become an expert in the new field of Positive Psychology and its approach to psychological well-being and happiness.  Its focus on strengths, pursuing, challenging goals, and enhancing appreciation in life motivated me to get a certification in coaching, to lecture and give workshops on personal leadership, and to even begin writing a book.  I have “come alive”.  And you can too!

•    Stuck in a rut, feeling controlled by events rather than taking charge
•    Need to improve work or relationships but don’t know how
•    Too busy and overwhelmed to focus and make the right decisions

Let me be your coaching partner.  I will be your advocate, a challenging force and your friend.  We will set demanding but attainable goals to help you become happier, more productive and more fulfilled with relationships and with your work.


People I work with are motivated to improve their life and understand that real effective change takes time, effort, and determination.  But it can be done.
I specialize in working with:

People in Transition – these are people looking to thrive after a divorce or after a major life change.

Parents of Young Children or Adolescents – people struggling with how to balance work and home, and how to establish a nurturing and challenging environment for their children.

Single Professionals or Business Owners – people feeling overwhelmed with work responsibility and looking for joy and searching for meaning in life and personal commitments


We work together to set challenging short and long term goals, and learn important skills along the way.  The time we spend is educational, reflective, challenging, inspiring, practical, and fun.   It takes patience and determination, because changing habits and developing new ones takes time.  Just like dieting or exercising, knowing what to do doesn’t help if you don’t follow up and do it.

So include me as a coaching partner to enhance your life. It is glorious and exhilarating to “come alive”.

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