Process and Pricing

Coaching Process and Pricing

Coaching, done well, is nothing short of a secular search for meaning.  People, generally high-functioning, come to coaching because something doesn’t feel right in their lives, or they’re in some kind of transition — even on some kind of quest for a new story of how to find meaning in their lives.  It’s no accident that the highly religious rarely come to coaching, for they already have a strong foundation of meaning in their lives through the beliefs they have already chosen.

What beliefs would you like to have, about yourself, your life, your purpose and meaning?  Whatever your goals, whatever label the coaching has, Feroce Coaches are fundamentally about helping you to identify and craft a new self for yourself, sometimes as it relates to what you do during your days (and nights) and how you make money (career, business, executive, etc.)

With Feroce Coaches, your coaching process will be customized, tailored to you and your situation and your goals.  So there’s happily no boilerplate example of coaching that we can give you.  But we can give you an idea here – and a far better idea in the free coaching consultation and evaluation, which is really the superior way for us to learn about your situation, and for you to learn what we can do to improve it.

Successful coaching depends fundamentally on a collaboration between equals – you, and the coach.  Experienced coaches are effective precisely because they are able to use tools other than boilerplate methodologies — tools like their prior experience, their instincts, their additional training in law or consulting, medicine or therapy.  What is so unique about coaching is that this partnership of equals is solely focused on you — your life, your aspirations, and your personal and professional development.  And Feroce Coaching will keep your attention focused on you, and your goals for yourself, for probably the first time in your life.

Normally, you think about these things every few weeks, for a few minutes, maybe an hour, and then weeks pass by.  If a change were to take even a mere 24 hours of your undivided attention, this haphazard, catch-as-catch-can method of focusing on who you are and what you are really about could take you years.  At Feroce we know this, because, like everyone else, we’ve made change the inefficient, unfocused way.  We’ve also seen prospective client turn aside at the last minute, only to return a year or two later having made little progress on the big questions in their lives. But coaching offers a better way for you to keep your intention before you for weeks at a time.  Change simply becomes inevitable.

How Successful Coaching Works

It’s deceptively simple, how coaching works.  But work it does, over and over, like the best of simple designs.

The Relationship. Coaching is powerful precisely because it is a relationship, so we stay in touch between coaching sessions.  That way, you remain mindful of your focus on yourself, keep your eyes on your goals, and have support and a sounding board, throughout the week.  This concentrated focus, which many clients have never experienced before, is one of the keys to coaching’s success.  Because coaching is distinct from therapy or counseling, we coach mostly via telephone, including video calls.  Most coaches set a minimum of 45 minutes for a call, but if we don’t have a client in the next hour, and you could use the time to develop an idea, we’ll often go for 60 or 90 minutes to nail down the solution.  We also collaborate and give you feedback all week long through email, IM, and text message.  The most successful clients keep the conversation going!  Emergency calls are included too.  Let’s call all of these services the Coaching Engagement.

The Medium.  We do mostly phone coaching or coaching by video call, which is over 90% of all coaching.  If you thought coaching would be in person, learn why coaching is different from counseling.

The Coaching Sessions. Your Coaching Combo can include sessions of 30, 45, or 60 minutes, depending on the coach and the fit with your goals.  We recommend the longer sessions at least in the beginning; there will be more material to cover.  Later, if you and the coach have developed a knowing routine and familiarity with each other’s style, and you have shown you’re able to stay on task between calls, a shorter time can be quite efficient and effective.  But it’s up to you.

The Packages. Our Coaching Engagement rates range from $75-150 per week (bimonthly-weekly) to $100-200 (bimonthly-weekly), depending on the coach and the length of your commitment.  We offer Group Coaching for those whose ability to pay is truly limited.  See more info in “Pricing Models” below.

Most clients take 3 or 4 sessions per month. We play all this by ear; with most coaches, you don’t have to sign up for a specific frequency.

Duration of the Coaching Engagement.  Unlike many coaches, we don’t try to force clients into specific commitments, like 6 months of coaching (or worse, twelve: there aren’t many goals that should ever take that long).  Feroce Coaches offer rates for Coaching Engagements ranging from 1 or 2 sessions, to 4 or 6 or even 8 or 12.

Deciding on a new career or business venture and creating the brand and networking strategy to get there may take 12 sessions over 12 to 24 weeks.  If the career you seek is quite outside your current field, the time may be longer.

If you already know the kind of job you want to do next, then coaching on branding (resume, LinkedIn, etc.), job search and networking strategy, and interview strategy might take 6 or 8 sessions.

Preparing to nail interviews takes ideally 4 to 6 sessions, though we’ll do 2 in a pinch, and we can even accelerate the pace if your interview is imminent

The Coaching. In each call, we will discuss your wins from the prior week, what slowed you down, how to design solutions, and your goals for the next week.  We will review assessments of your strengths, values, passions, skills, goals, and more.  (See our Strengths-Based Coaching).  We’ll break past your mental barriers, your fears, and your limiting beliefs.  We’ll point out perspectives you may not have considered.  We’ll reverse your patterns of negative self-talk or passivity.  You’ll get whatever advice or insight a great coach can offer, and new tools for more effective communication, thinking, acting.  We’ll brainstorm how to approach challenging conversations you need to have at home or work.  And much more.

Action for Change. And at the end of the session, you’ll commit to action items that will continue to move you forward, inexorably, week after week.  You may do personal exploration ranging from free-form journaling to the exercises in our Strategic Life Planning Handbook or career assessments.  You may work on your career-brand positioning, do specified networking, or finally have conversations you’ve been putting off — but which you know are crucial to your life moving forward — or moving at all.

The Power of Accountability. Between sessions, you’ll be accountable to your coach, which will keep you focused and on track.  Some clients choose to notch it up a bit and report to their coach periodically by email, text, or IM – once or twice a week, or even every day.  The more contact, the more mindfulness of your goals, the more progress you’ll see.

The Backing. Your coach, between sessions, will read and respond to your emails, offer advice and encouragement, tell you to forgive yourself more often or stop making excuses (whichever’s appropriate), and review any exercises or assessments you’ve done.

Some of our greatest advances come here.  Clients who stay in touch with their coach between calls usually have better results — partly due to the additional coaching they receive, and partly because they are keeping their goals at the top of their minds

Questions?  Contact us!  Nothing will happen if you don’t act.

To see what your Feroce coaching could look like in hindsight a few months from now, jump to the future:  take a look at some of our recent success stories.

Pricing Models for Success Coaching

Because we marketing or advertise ourselves so efficiently, we’re able to keep our costs down.  That means our pricing for individual coaching or business coaching (including executive coaching and lawyer coaching) is typically at or below market rates and includes all of the above as part of the package.  Prices vary by length of coaching engagement, the coach, and other factors, but will typically range from $150 to $200 per Coaching Combo, or $75 to $100 per week.

Clients who are not eligible for group coaching pricing, or who wish the larger choice of coaches that regular market rates afford them, can make sometimes creative arrangements with their coach to try to keep costs down, such as 30-minute sessions (instead of the usual 45 or even 60) or fewer sessions per month (such as 2 or 3 instead of 4).

Increased Likelihood of Tax-Deductibility. Our expert coaches will work with you to structure your business coaching so as to increase the likelihood of its tax-deductibility!  Ask for more details in your free consultation.

Support for Those Whose Income Doesn’t Yet Match Their Dreams

We also believe that income should not separate people from not each other, or from our services:  if finances are a challenge for you now, ask us about our Group Coaching.

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