The Feroce Promise

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The Feroce Promise:  The Right Coach Now, The Right Coach Later

Who else lets serious coaching candidates* not only interview 2 coaches for free, but, once you’re a client, allows you to switch from coach to coach as your needs and goals change (and they do change)? Why keep bouncing from one professional to another as your needs change?

Feroce Coaching is unique not just because we allow you to have a choice of the best coach for you, but because we will surround you with your own Personal Success Team™. As you grow and make progress, your goals often change.  In some cases, so should your coach.

Only Feroce encourages and allows you to make transitions from your regular Feroce coach to one or more sessions with a Feroce coach whose expertise might even better suit your challenge of the moment — and then back again.  You simply won’t find that promise, or that power for change, anywhere else.  (Think about it:  do you see the same doctor for everything?)

The Right Fit.  At One Coaching Firm

The Feroce Promise begins with serious prospects’ right to have two free consultations with two different coaches of your choice.  Just ask for a free coaching consultation and specify your first choice of coach in the form’s drop-down menu.  If you qualify and you already know the second coach you want to talk to, you can put that info into one of the form’s other fields.

If you don’t request a second coach, Feroce will do so for you, using our proprietary True-Fit coach-client matching system.

How can we afford to offer two free coaching consultations per client when solo coaches elsewhere only have to give (and only are able to give) one?  To be honest, it’s because most of the time people like you really hit it off with their first coach.  Why?  Because our coaches are hand-picked and at the top of their games — just as you are or can be.

When Your Goals Change, Don’t Start Your Coach Search All Over Again

Why start all over in your search for a new coach just because your goals change?  Do you really want to go back on the road, asking for referrals, searching online through website after website of coaches whose qualifications look pretty much identical?  It would be far easier to ask someone you trust — like a coach you’ve worked with for weeks or months — to give you a referral, from one professional to another.

For example, many of our clients who come to us for career coaching make such progress that they are ready to start their own business.  Now, many of Feroce’s career coaches (unlike most coaches) do have business and even consulting experience, so you’d be all set with the same coach (now a “business coach”) to keep up the momentum without starting all over in your search for a coach.

But even if your first coach doesn’t have the type or extent of, say, business experience you need, we still have that expertise within Feroce.  Your first Feroce coach can sit down with one of our business coaches and explain everything he or she needs to know about you — your strengths, and your goals — to hit the ground running.

Other clients may start with life coaching and then switch to a coach whose expertise matches their new goals.  Decided you want to be a writer?  Writing coach.  Biggest challenge shaping up to be parenting?  Parent coach.  Are eating or weight-loss issues the biggest impediment to your self-esteem and progress?  Weight-loss coach!  And that’s not all!

Our retirement coach has years of experience helping people in that important transition.  Our spiritual coaches offer the best selection of expertise on the Internet.  We’ve also got coaches who specialize in coaching lawyers.  And our creativity coaches can help you get that painting or film or novel out of you.  As you can see, we could go on.


In short, we can surround you with coaches of many specialties, so that no matter what course your coaching takes (e.g., you start out career coaching, but then want help starting your own business), you don’t have to start over in finding a great coach.  The next coach just gets a download from your original coach and hits the ground running.

* A serious coaching candidate is someone demonstrably serious about engaging a coach for a course of coaching over time, at market or near-market rates, and is defined broadly but in Feroce’s discretion.

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