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From Montreal executive coaching and Toronto life coaching to Calgary and Vancouver business coaching, Feroce serves Canada

The beauty of this relatively new, transnational profession of coaching is that its reach is nearly as great as that of the Internet itself.  Because virtually all professional coaching is done via phone coaching (and for very good reasons, including efficiency, lack of distraction, and to keep costs down), a look around the world of coaching will spot Australian coaching clients finding their best fit with a coach in England, and Canadian coaching clients often matching up with Americans with just the right experience.

With the whole world to choose from, and no limitations on you, why would anyone choose to limit their search for the best coach for them?  We’ve worked with many of Canada’s largest companies as well as some of the smaller ones.  We’ve also got life coaching and career coaching clients across the breadth and width of Canada, from Nova Scotia to Toronto to Vancouver.

The ideal coaching relationship, like the ideal marriage, is largely based on chemistry.  And because it’s a fact that the smaller the group, the lower the chances of having chemistry within that group (how many people find their mate in the small pond of a high school?), there’s only a slim chance that you and the best coach for you are within traveling.

Because much personal coaching, like psychology or conceiving a successful business, is more about technique and the ability of your advisor than about specific knowledge of aFree Coaching Consultation country — and because even a coach in your own country will coach you by phone — the best fit for you may not be within your borders.  And so what?

People who seek out coaching are, by definition, flexible and broad-minded.  They don’t tend to go for excessive nationalism or stereotypes.  And, in fact, many foreign clients want a coach outside their country precisely for the diversity of experience such a coach can bring.  You’re looking for a coach because you want a perspective different from that of your friends and colleagues, right?  The most different you can get, without a language barrier, is a coach with a bracingly refreshing worldview.  Just take a look at our coaches’ experience!

Therefore, the sole criteria for committed clients of coaching is simply the time zone — and Canada is of course the easiest of all for a coach based in the U.S. — and the language — e.g., right now, we only serve English-speakers or people who speak really, really bad German or Italian.  If you fit these criteria, you fit our typical client profile.

Email us now for a free coaching session.  We’ll set up a time to talk without pressure or obligation — we’re your potential partners, not salespeople.  We also offer a sliding scale of rates, so money and coaching are more independent issues.


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