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Recent Breakthrough Coaching Conversations


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Rita Gets Help Very Different From What She Expected

Coaching with Intuition

Afterword - Applause for ClientsFree Coaching Consultation


Rita Gets Help Very Different From What She Expected


Rita had an urgent problem. She, in her sixties, and her husband, a few decades older, had just shelled out $6000 for an ecommerce package.  Having reviewed our extensive backgrounds as Internet entrepreneurs, she wanted coaching on starting an Internet business with this package she'd bought. She was extremely determined, very much wanted the promised financial independence, and was very coachable.  She was ready to sign a six-month coaching contract.  But we asked to see the details of the package she'd bought. Among other things, it allowed her to set up ecommerce tools on six websites.  Six?  What are you going to do with six websites?  She admitted that she was impulsive.  She didn't know.  It had sounded good during the all-day seminar . . .


We looked into the package some more.  It seemed to us that it offered more features than she really needed to run a business for herself, and those features that she did need, she could get much more cheaply (one "feature," given a gussied-up name by the company, was actually a free tool already offered by another company).  Suspecting a scam on this elderly couple, who were living on social security, we suggested she start her Internet business coaching by getting out of this bad deal.  This is where our breakthrough coaching began. 


We helped her craft a strong termination letter to the company that had sold her the package (and one to her daughter, a lawyer).  As her daughter took over, we provided her with a business plan template, against which to vet the several ideas she had swirling about.  She hadn't yet gone through the exercise of determining whether there was a market for (buyers for) the things she wanted to sell, and how she'd draw them to her site, among other things.  Absolutely fundamental things to know before you embark on investing time or money in a new business.  And then we began to work with her on her desire to create a business online, from home, where she could care for her husband.


Afterword -- Applause for Clients


Above, in a nutshell, are examples, neither completely typical nor wholly unusual, of the power of coaching.  And notice that the power is not due solely to the coach.  Look at the ferocity of Beth, finding time between the two jobs she's working, at a clip of 80 hours per week, to explore her thoughts and feelings about who she is and where she's going. 


Or revisit Janice, who had the acute emotional intelligence to pause and probe a feeling she had at the end of a hypothetical. 


By seeking to get out of her contract, Rita was willing to implicitly concede she'd made a big mistake -- and that alone allowed her to start to undo it.  A coach wants to stand up and applaud this sort of bravery.  And this is what makes coaching so richly fulfilling, watching human beings at their finest, striving to grow and deepen themselves.  It's the most beautiful thing we know.


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