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business coaching

On this page you will find important materials for your use during business coaching.  These materials include the coaching agreement as well as, for clients contemplating starting up a business, templates for business plans.


Feroce Client Materials


Feroce Code of Ethics.  Feroce abides by the code of ethics of the ICF.  View our Pledge.


Sample Feroce Coaching Agreement.  Our agreements are organic, and grow out of the discussions we have with our clients.  They can even change in the course of the coaching relationship.  But for a look at their simple terms, check out our Sample Agreement for individual coaching; business and executive coaching terms will be somewhat different, including in the pricing. 


For more information on the definition, nature, and process of coaching, see the Related Articles in the navigation area to the left.




For more information, read about business coaching.  Or, contact us about getting your own business coach now.  You can also look into an executive coach, a leadership coach, or internet business coaching.


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