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For Small-Business Owners (and those who want to be)


We help people build businesses.  Often from scratch, but sometimes we simply help business owners with the focus and tools it takes to grow an existing business.  From idea generation to creation of compelling and persuasive business plans (good enough to show to investors, for example; our founder has prepared and presented business plans to venture capitalists and angels that have raised tens of millions of dollars).  From marketing strategy to sales techniques.


Last but not least, we'll help you to get over your fears, overcome deficiencies in your business acumen, and get out of your own way! 


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Feroce's business coach trains him- or herself about your business, your executives, your employees, and you.  Using skills honed in venture capital due diligence, we'll crawl inside your business engine and make sure we understand everything about it.  Then, whether you're an individual entrepreneur, existing start-up company, or small business attempting to build a business from the ground up, we help with: 

Business plans

Search engine optimization and marketing -- by far the least expensive, most cost-effective form of online marketing.

Social media -- what to use, what to avoid -- don't believe the hype
Venture capital fund-raising
Coaching marketing strategies
Exit strategies
Professionals in private practice
Executives thinking of leaving companies and launching businesses
Corporate initiatives to train coaches internally
Leadership coaching and improvement in retention
Strategic planning
Process re-engineering
Speech coaching and effective, persuasive presentations
Creating a compelling vision
Writing coaching for effective, clear, and productivity-enhancing communications
Team-building, including launching and developing teams
360-degree reviews of managers and employees
Developing Internet strategies

How and why to listen to and understand one's self and others, including:

Conveying feedback to others (employees, colleagues, clients) sensitively and in good faith, with generosity and empathy, and listening sincerely to the feedback offered by others

Free Coaching Consultation
Trusting one's own business and personal judgment, knowledge, and inner resources and respecting others who do the same

Accepting our innate creativity and what flows from it, and accepting the same in others

How and why to be authentic and honest with one's self and others

Expressing our reactions and motivations openly and honestly and making it safe for others to do the same

For more information, read about business coaching.  Or, contact us about getting your own business coach now.  You can also look into an executive coach, a leadership coach, or internet business coaching.


Want the industry's most candid explanation of business coaching pricing?  See Business Coaching Structures and Pricing.


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