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When you need an unbiased confidant and business partner

Feroce business coaching is coaching designed for owners and key members of small businesses, home-based businesses, and start-up companies.


Our business coaches have collectively started up almost two dozen companies among them, with and without venture capital, run busineFree Coaching Consultationsses at the CEO level, and even successfully sold businesses they've created.  


Idea Generation. Let’s work at the intersection of what you’ve done, what you know, what you’re good at, what interests you – and what’s in demand. I’ll even show you how to use search engine keyword research (more below) to locate good ideas with less competition – what we call an “undefended beachhead,” the best kind to attack.

Writing Your Business Plan. Everyone should have a business plan, even those who never plan to raise money. If you’re going to invest your own time and money, your ideas should be no less rigorous and well-thought-out than if you were asking for venture capital. A business plan is a living document of your understanding of your business and your customers – it is also a manual for others, and the best way to spot potentially costly, time-consuming flaws before they consume your time and your business. And of course it’s the only workable way to get all-important feedback.
What’s Your Market? I will help you to define your market in a way most meaningful to your potential clients or customers. What are you really selling? Why should people want to buy? Are you trying to do too much – or thinking too small?

What’s the Pain Being Solved? Is your product or service, as currently proposed, solving a real pain? If not, you may need to reconsider your desire to sell it, no matter how nice to have.

Keyword Research: knowing what hundreds of millions of people ask from search engines every month is market research as well as the root of branding, domain names, and all of the critical, high-ROI search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. I’ll show you how to do it.

Your Brand. Only after you’ve understood the above in great depth are you usually ready to define your brand. Is it about you? A benefit of the product? A way of differentiating yourself from the competition? In any case, brand is critical. It is also the root of your domain name, your company name, trademarks, tagline, and web or print copy.

Your Online Presence.

Website, Blog, Design, Programming. I liberate my clients and make them self-reliant, in control, independent, and less likely to over-spend. I’ve created a one-stop shop for them. I tell them which open-source (or free) platforms to use for their website and blog, which free applications, worth tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, to install, and where to find a fast, inexpensive web designer (whether through an open bid process or through a designer I’ve worked for years and whose work I recommend).

Search engines love fresh content. Customers love community and engagement. I show you how to offer them all of that without hiring expensive webmasters to create every new page or revise old ones. I put you in charge, so that you’re faster to make critical adjustments and can save a lot of money.

Social Media. Is MySpace worth your time? Is Facebook? Twitter? I’ll help you to decide – and show you how to use these tools, and what all-too-common mistakes to avoid.

Copywriting. Once you settle on your Value Proposition, learn to convey it powerfully through critical advanced-copywriting techniques.

Real-Time Instruction. I offer you a great combination – someone who is not too technical (I was a lawyer and business development guy, after all) and therefore can explain in real-person terms how to do what you need to do with the right Internet tools. And if it’s easier to show you, just invite me onto your computer screen with LogMeIn.


What is coaching?  It's no simple task to explain succinctly why coaching works.  But imagine this: you're a CEO.  You've got goals and the need to reach them, and you have a chief of staff following you around all day with a clipboard.  Do you get things done?  Yes, you do.  Now picture a chief of staff who knows psychology, best business practices and organization, and motivational behavior.  This is what we do for you, by means of phone, email, and instant messenger contact with you throughout every week, noting your intentions and plans and making sure you get things done on your own deadlines. We are strategists; We are accountability.  And you get things done.


Who hires Business Coaches?

In the following list of typical businessmen and businesswomen among our clients, and reasons cited by those clients, we build on a description of the typical client offered by the International Coach Federation:

Human Resources departments interested in hiring external coaches for a variety of management goals, but who need more than just a single executive's coach


CEO's, executives, managers and other professionals who would like a performance coach for themselves, including women who feel they aren't being adequately mentored internally


Individual entrepreneurs, existing start-up companies, or small businesses attempting to build a business from the ground up

Business plans
Venture capital fund-raising
Marketing strategies
Exit strategies
Professionals in private practice
Executives thinking of leaving companies and launching businesses

Search engine optimization -- by far the least expensive, most cost-effective form of online marketing, period.

Social Media -- whether and how to use it an d when to know it's a waste of time for your business

Online affiliate marketing programs.

Corporations seeking to launch an internal coaching initiative

Businesses who want to train their own managers in coaching skills

Companies that want to work to prevent, reduce, or cure burnout and improve retention

Companies or executives who wish to improve executives' leadership skills and yet lack internal leadership mentors with the expertise, time, or inclination to help do so

Small businesses wanting the support of a coach in:

Strategic planning
Leadership Coaching
Process re-engineering
Speech coaching and effective, persuasive presentations
Creating a compelling vision
Writing coaching for effective, clear, and productivity-enhancing communications
Team-building, including launching and developing teams
360-degree reviews of managers and employees
Internet strategies

Led by our founder, Cameron Powell, our team can find the best match of prior experience and coaching skills for your business goals.

Contact us about a business coach now.  Or look into an executive coach, a leadership coach, or internet business coaching.


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