Our Small-Business Coaches: The Difference Between Your 5-year Success and Failure?

FACT:  The average small business will fail within 5 years.  In fact, only 20% last five years.

FACT:  90% of businesses with a Scalable System are alive and well after five years.*  What’s the secret to becoming successful as an entrepreneur or to launching a new business initiative?  What separates those who stick around from those who can’t make it work? Well, there are many areas you have to get right, but crafting and iterating a true system — a collection of best practices — is one of the most important things you can do, because systems prevent many of the other things that can go wrong.

It’s simple:  the right tools and resources, including a Scalable System that efficiently runs your business — ultimately doing so even when you’re not there.  Isn’t that what we all want?  A business that can run without our 24/7 stress, anxiety, and involvement, so we can truly say we have a business and not just a job?  (Looking for a career coach?)

Give yourself a savvy business partner without a vote, a board of directors with a conscience, and a brain trust with great ideas — all wrapped into one new colleague who’ll support you and hold you accountable — your coach

Ramping Up for Success

Research validates that you can’t do it alone.  Feroce small business and start-up business coaches pave the way to your success.  We arm you with tools and resources and address the top issues that might hold you back.  You are not living in a vacuum.  As key advisors, we will challenge you to ensure your business is viable in today’s marketplace and help you gain clarity about your business vision, create your strategic plan, anticipate challenges, and prepare to launch.

Scalable Systems.  The difference between businesses that succeed and those that fail is that successful businesses have organic and ever-changing business plans and strategies, the germs of what will become documentation and training manuals (without which growth and delegation are impossible), clear job roles and responsibilities, delegation (without which you have a job not a business) — in short, a system.

A system is not some cold, impersonal thing!  On the contrary, in a true system, the client or customer feels you have thought of everything she could possibly want (this is because you have); each customer feels you have customized your service to her. The employees run the system; the system runs the business.  This is true even if you are the only employee.  But to be successful even in a business with modest goals, you need to build up your company, and act, as if it will one day be a major concern, or a franchise.  If you don’t take it seriously, and use rigorous business judgment, the odds are that you’ll join the 95% who shut down before five years.

Feroce business coaching helps business owners to strategize and execute, to stay on task and to get out of their own way.  We help people like you.  We’ll get you organized, we’ll get you prioritized, and when we’re done you’ll agree you can grow your business and balance work and life.  Led by Cameron Powell, veteran start-up entrepreneur, Harvard Law School grad and attorney, and Founder of Feroce Coaching and numerous other small businesses, our ferocious business coaches have collectively started up almost two dozen companies among them, with and without venture capital, run businesses at the CEO level, and successfully sold businesses they’ve created.

Cameron Powell, The Small Business and Entrepreneur Coach

Cameron Powell Startup Coach

Cameron Powell, Head Coach and CEO and startup entrepreneur. writer. lawyer.

I’m Cameron Powell, Harvard lawyer, author, and founder of Feroce Coaching and Hot Blue Coaching, among several other small businesses.  I’ve also helped to start-up companies backed by tens of millions of dollars in angel and venture capital (see my Start-up Coaching).  I have consulted closely with clients on hundreds of small businesses, and I’ve coached hundreds of successful business owners.

I’m an all-around entrepreneur:  I’ll show you how the legal system affects your business.  I’ll get you marketing-savvy with plenty of techniques on Internet and social media marketing — shoestring-budget guerrilla marketing — as well as win-win negotiating strategies, business partnership structures and strategies, managing partners and employees, negotiating employee agreements, and much more.

I’ll save you time, money, and preventable mistakes, while I help you refine your business model and work with you to write your business plans, choose vendors, and learn why most outsourced business-planning outfits are a waste of time and money. I’ll help you to communicate and negotiate with your lawyers and business partners.  I’ve served as CEO or as senior executive in strategic business development, marketing, product development, general counsel, and enterprise sales, among other areas. I’ve cashed out of some businesses, am still invested in others, watched one crash and burn in 2000. I’ve learned a great deal about how to pick which horses to bet on.  I help people identify and build real, viable businesses (including through Internet business coaching and social media coaching). I work with small-business people like you on:

  • Showing you skillful means and best practices to manage opportunity-killers like anxiety and resentment or even outright fear, so you don’t have to suffer excessively or quit too early to reach dreams within reach
  • Refining and re-conceptualizing business models to make them compelling, scalable, and maximized in their chances for success
  • Helping you to stop working as much in your job, like a technician or manager, and more on your business, as a strategist
  • Crafting and improving business plans, whether because you (or your family or partners) are the investors of time and money, or to seek outside funding
  • Strategic planning – a business plan is a growing, changing, organic creature.  I’ll help you to figure out your high-level direction — help you to work on your business instead of just in it.
  • Marketing strategies.  If marketing is your primary focus, we have marketing coaches.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – by far the most effective and cost-efficient form of online marketing and branding — and a specialty and level of expertise you’ll not find anywhere else
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising — I’ll tell you how to make sure you’re not wasting your PPC dollars — learned from hard experience.
  • Exit strategies — do you want to sell your business someday? If you don’t, you won’t have a business so much as a job; if you do, then do you have a strategy for getting out profitably? I can help.
  • Working with executives thinking of leaving their companies and launching their own small businesses

Read more about Business Coach Cameron Powell.

Morris Mann, Small-Business Coach

Hi! I’m Small-Business Coach Morris Mann.  I know the feeling and the challenges of working as a small business owner. Been there and done that. Now based in the startup hotbed of Israel, I coach small business owners all over the English-speaking world.

You can have a great product, service or business idea but yet the daily grind and responsibilities seem to never end.  You are moving at a breathless pace, but yet you don’t feel you are really making the progress you’d like.

You need to step back and make time to work ON your business.   Set goals, make plans, and use advanced marketing methods and figure out your strategic priorities for growth.


Am I running my business or is my business running me?

Am I thinking of future business or worrying  about daily cash flow?

Let me help you work strategically on long term goals to grow your business rather than tactically on the daily maintenance and putting out fires.


Most of my clients are single entrepreneurs who are trying to do it all themselves and I work with them as their weekly silent partner.  It forces them to spend the time to look into the future and see the big picture.

I make use of my 15 years of business management and marketing expertise to help plan for the future in such areas as:  company staff efficiency; executive time management; setting market buying criteria; hiring top sales people; and cash flow management.

If you are  like my successful clients have the drive to grow your business and the willingness to be open and learn then we can be a great team.

Look me up for a free consultation and needs assessment as your first step to a better future.

Who hires Business Coaches?

Our clients include:

  • CEO’s, executives, managers and other professionals who would like a performance coach for themselves, including women who feel they aren’t being adequately mentored internally
  • Individual entrepreneurs, CEOs of existing start-up companies, or owners small businesses attempting to grow a business or build a business from the ground up
  • Anyone who needs help delivering on:
    • Business plans
    • Venture capital fund-raising
    • Marketing strategies
    • Exit strategies
    • Executives thinking of departing companies to launch a business – and need to do it on a show string
    • Search engine optimization — by far the least expensive, most cost-effective form of online marketing, period.
    • Social Media — whether and how to use it an d when to know it’s a waste of time for your business
    • Online affiliate marketing programs.
    • Training for a company’s managers in coaching skills
  • Small businesses wanting the support of a coach in:
    • Strategic planning
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Process re-engineering
    • Speech coaching and effective, persuasive presentations
    • Creating a compelling vision
    • Writing coaching for effective, clear, and productivity-enhancing communications
    • Team-building, including launching and developing teams
    • 360-degree reviews of managers and employees
    • Developing Internet strategies

Our team can find the best match of prior experience and coaching skills for your business goals. Contact us about a small business coach now. Or read about our executive coaches, leadership coaches, or internet business coaches.

* For more info, see Michael Gerber’s The Emyth Revisited, a key explanation of business systems that we recommend for all business owners.

The best small-business coaches online serve clients in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the rest of the Bay Area, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, New York City, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Madison, Milwaukee, NYC, Washington D.C., San Diego, Denver, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Honolulu, Baltimore, Boston, Kansas City, Omaha, Las Vegas, Newark, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Portland, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Jose, Phoenix, Tucson, Tampa, Olympia, Spokane, Tacoma, Palo Alto, Pasadena, Sacramento, Santa Monica, Greenwich, Hartford, New Haven, Albuquerque, Austin, Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Eugene, Salem, and many more!

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