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With 26 years of experience in business diplomacy, alliance building, social marketing and emerging market business start-up, tedd-determan-copyTedd Determan is adept at turning concepts into companies and finding success in chaotic situations.

Tedd Determan, founder of Development Communications, is a seasoned change management and communications professional who has dedicated his career to developing and promoting public-spirited ventures. Development Communications grew out of his desire to apply his business acumen, tech savvy, and creativity toward advancing socially significant causes at home and abroad. Mr. Determan is also passionate about improving civil discourse and aspires to create the best open and transparent forums to engage the public in institutional reform.

Mr. Determan has supported numerous public and private initiatives in Europe and the US, as well as public-spirited business ventures in many emerging markets countries. His work is recognized by multiple Secretaries, Presidents, and NASA’s former director of Public Affairs, Brian Duff, who chose to partner with Mr. Determan in business. Mr. Determan’s extensive overseas consulting experience, detailed knowledge of development communications, and experience building two-way communications between public institutions and their constituency make him a very strong candidate to support any social initiative.

International Experience – Social Initiatives

Mr. Determan has incubated and launched a number of high-profile public-spirited initiatives that rely on his ability to build strong trusting government relations and positive public perception. Mr. Determan succeeds because he listens well to everyone and finds innovative solutions.

Mr. Determan recently launched the social media platforms OnlineTownhalls.com, and PublicSpirit.org, with his partner Lucas Cioffi. The web-based application is at the heart of a unique methodology for organizing large-scale conversations and problem solving and enables thousands of citizens to engage in a single conversation and discuss any nation’s toughest problems.
In Russia, Mr. Determan was invited alongside the managing director of Lehman Brothers, Theodore Roosevelt IV, to address the Russian Duma (Parliament) and advocate the use of social advertising and distance learning techniques in bringing about a home mortgage system. The head of the Russian Federal Communications Commission appointed Mr. Determan to run the six-million-dollar “Vash Dom” social education initiative.

Mr. Determan met with members of China’s Politburo and navigated the complex network of contacts and influence within the ministries to promote his burgeoning initiative in distance education called “Limitless Learning”. Mr. Determan ultimately partnered with Rupert Murdoch’s representative in country and China’s first news media tycoon to launch, the business/development initiative, China Business Media.

In Togo, Benin, Cote d’Ivoire, Guinea-Conakry and Senegal Mr. Determan spearheaded the launch of African Telecommunications Network (ATN) with a development-centered strategy. He recruited the management team and interfaced daily with ministers and made presentations to foreign presidents and telecommunications leaders. In recognition of his key contributions, Mr. Determan was offered a sizable equity stake.

US Experience in Public Outreach and Change Management

Mr. Determan has launched many successful projects for a range of non-profits and government agencies on topics including the transparency, environment, health and safety. His campaigns foster independent thinking and sometimes institutional transformation.

Most notable among these is the NIDA “Mind Over Matter” campaign. In addition to winning a coveted Public Relations Society of America Silver Anvil Award, the campaign was used by the President and US Secretary of Health at a national press conference, citing a new paradigm in promoting health education.

Mr. Deteman recently helped launch a series of inter-agency collaborative events called The Open Government Directive Workshop Series. This is one of the primary initiatives in the open government transparency and citizen engagement arena. This series of workshops is designed to steadily build momentum for successful implementation of President Obama’s Open Government Directive. US Departments of Agriculture, Treasury, Transportation, NASA and many others are onboard.

The largest design-engineering firm in the United States pulled Mr. Determan into a contract to facilitate a twenty-year visioning session for Aberdeen Proving Grounds, a US military base. His two-day retreat inspired out of the box thinking and dramatically shifted the base’s community and business development strategy.

As a pro bono advisor and board member to the start-up NGO “Global Watch Group”, Mr. Determan, worked in partnership with a small team of volunteers and the American Hospital Association, has helped to bring significant amounts of free medical equipment to children’s hospitals in Afghanistan.

Public/Private Trade & Investment Initiatives

Mr. Determan has dedicated a generous portion of his business life to building self-sustaining emerging market investment initiatives.

In partnership with Senator Vance Hartke, of IESC fame, and President Gorbachev’s former Economic Advisor, Igor Oleynik, Mr. Determan launched the State-to-Region Bilateral Trade Program. Mr. Determan and Mr. Oleynik conceived and developed this platform to help decentralize power in Russia and to develop active state-to-region trade links. Mr. Determan oversaw the Washington operation and created plans for marketing, strategic partnerships, and coaching of Russian governors. Mr. Determan prepared the Russian delegations for their presentations before US legislative bodies and business leaders; many lasting partnerships were forged.

Tedd Determan’s professional portfolio demonstrates an unwavering commitment to building enterprises and public/private programs that do well by doing good and welcome all voices.

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