Is Professional Coaching For You

Is Professional Coaching For You?

Executive Coaching Services, Corporate Coaching, Life Coaching – How Can They Help?



Professional coaching isn’t going to make all your decisions for you, whether you’re looking for corporate coaching or executive coaching services or personal coaching.  It won’t articulate your values or set your goals or, without your cooperation, hold you to your goals.  What it will do is provide a safe and supportive atmosphere in which you can make decisions for yourself.  There’s one thing the best of us do best:  we look at the same facts you and your friends have been looking at for years, and then think of things you haven’t thought of.

Coaching works because a good coach fulfills several human fundamentals:

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1.  The longing for an ally or partner on one’s path, particularly during challenging times.

2.  The longing to be and feel understood.

3.  The curious but true need for permission to change, particularly when you know doing so will mean a loss of understanding, or even growing away from, old friends.

4.  The power of commitment, wherein a person wanting something strives harder for it because of a promise to another.

What Professional Coaches Can Do For You
What Coaches Will Do With You

What Professional Coaches Can Do For You

What can you get out of coaching?  Because coaching encompasses all of life, wherever and whenever a client needs a boost of any kind, there are few limits to what you can get out of coaching.  But you also wouldn’t be satisfied with a true answer, like “It depends,” so, well, we’ve put together this list of what you can get out of coaching.

In any type of professional coaching, if you hire a coach, the coach can work with you on:

Mindfulness and Perspective

• Seeing what there is to see
• Observing yourself clearly and without judgment
• Seeing others as they are
• Accepting yourself and others

• Starting on a spiritual path

The Way You Are and The Way You Appear to Be

• How you come across to others – what they are seeing, and responding to
• How you respond to others – your boss, your intimate relationships, those you’re supposed to lead
• Who you are – to yourself and around others – ideally, you’re the same

Actions To Take

• Taking care of yourself
• Finishing things around you
• Developing strong relationships

What To Say

• The words you use (phrasing, tone, articulation)
• The truth of those words
• How you say them

What Professional Coaches Will Do With You

There’s another, more specific way of looking at what professional coaches do (based on our own thoughts and some incisive points from Sandy Vilas, CEO of CoachInc.)

• To set better personal or business goals – goals that most accurately and insightfully reflect your true values, not what you may initially think you should have as a goal

• To reach goals faster – as you’re coached through a consistent structure of support and innovative strategies and approaches

• To make significant changes – if we’re human, we’re all called upon to change daily; coaching brings change into consciousness, so that you can start to intend the changes that occur

• To become more financially successful – not financial advisors but knowledgeable about the concept of adding value, coaches can, once again, help to clarify goals and values – and even match income to spending

• To design – and live – the perfect life.

• To get ahead professionally through effective career advancement strategies, reputation-building methods, and business development skills, through a coach’s expertise and entire network of resources.

• To make better decisions. Who ever got schooling in making decisions? It’s one of the hardest things we do. Coaching can help.

• To have a collaborator. You may want a brainstorming partner, someone who understands the creative process and expands on your own energies – and who can help you reach a certain synergy. Coaches are focusing lenses.

• To improve personal and professional relationships and family life. Coaching can help you to get reconnected with those with whom you’ve become disconnected, because that’s really what it’s all about, isn’t it?

• To make a bigger, or more meaningful, impact in the world. We’ll help you identify your unique strengths and resources to make a difference.

• To simplify your life. How can you simultaneously simplify and enrich your life?  Life coaching can really help.

• To strengthen your personal (and therefore professional) foundation. Your core is all the power and knowledge you need.

• To reduce stress and those things we tolerate too much.

• To increase revenue or income from your business or profession. Whether you seek to increase your personal income or your business revenue (or to start a business), coaches have the skills to collaborate and advise. (And at Feroce, we especially have experience in starting up businesses.)

• To become a better and more successful manager, executive, or businessperson.

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