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Let me show you, step by step, how I developed a book of nearly $4 million in just 10 years

Troy Foster has been a lawyer marketing coach, lawyer, businessman, and marketing specialist for over 20 years.  Starting from the ground up, Troy built and sustained nearly $4 million in his book of annual business.  In his practice, he has worked with large international corporations, small businesses, public entities and non-profits to advance their business objectives in a productive and cost-effective way.  In growing his practice, Troy has developed proven strategies to land new clients, and retain and obtain additional work from existing clients.

Lawyer Marketing Coach

In the last decade, Troy has assisted lawyers in starting, growing, and expanding their books of business.  While serving as a firm manager in both large and small firms, he focused on the success of other lawyers and practice groups – in virtually every area of practice.  Troy is passionate about lawyers’ success.  In his coaching, Troy emphasizes focus and follow-through.  In building and maintaining his book and successfully coaching others do the same, Troy appreciates that each client will require a unique strategy; similarly, different lawyers have different strengths and comfort levels in approaching business development.  Accordingly, Troy provides each client with the specialized development plan and follow-up required for each client’s individual success.

Growing a law practice has many aspects, whether it is obtaining new clients, growing the existing clients, increasing your realization rates and profitability, developing and exposing your expertise, or continuing to impress your existing clients (or partners or bosses), etc.  Troy assists his clients in tackling each of these, one at a time, and developing an appropriate marketing and development plan to take his clients to the next level.

During the collaborative coaching process, Troy will assist you in:

  • Assessing your current and past development practices, and provide you with an immediate fresh perspective.
  • Identifying your personal strengths and use them to expand your areas of success, and create specific and new marketing targets and strategies.
  • Outlining your true goals, prioritizing them, and identifying the distractions.
  • Developing a personal and specific strategic plan that is consistent with your goals, beliefs, and time and energy that you want to devote to them.
  • Creating clear and objective short-term, and long-term goals to achieve – and methods to getting there.

Most importantly to the coaching process, Troy will assist in the follow-up – where the success lies.  The path to success is tied directly to the re-assessment of the goals and methods of achieving them.  Accountability and follow-up make the difference.  Troy’s clients confide that he is available anytime – to give the proverbial thumbs up for successes and to offer words of encouragement, and meaningful/substantive guidance when his clients feel like they haven’t met the mark.  Troy invites clients to keep in contact with him in between coaching sessions to get the most out of the experience, and to achieve success more quickly!

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