Lawyer Coaching : Career, Marketing, Business, and Life Coaching for Lawyers

Lawyer Coaching:  Career and Business Coaching for Lawyers

Get help developing business development strategies to grow your law practice, change your practice, or begin the search for something else.


Now, those looking for lawyer coaching can check out our dedicated lawyer website, Hot Blue Coaching!  Or you can still request a free consultation from the original Feroce Coaching site as well.

Are you ready to increase your effectiveness, or develop actual strategies for powerfully effective business development?  Or do you lack balance and fulfillment and simply want a colleague and ally to help you with your life balance or career performance or selection?  If so, many of your peers, with whom I have worked, would recommend us as your lawyer coach.

My work as a lawyer coach is informed by the fact that I am a former lawyer who went on to be, in turn, a successful entrepreneur and then a business coach.  I have strong backgrounds in business planning, creation, and growth, and a special expertise as an Internet business coach.  I am currently Vice-President of Business Development for a high-technology company and I continue to coach because it’s a lot of fun and very gratifying and, not least, because I have chosen how I want to structure my life and work.  I coach only a few lawyers at a time.  To ensure my availability for you, request a free consultation sooner rather than later!


Growing Individual Lawyers’ Practices

Working With Law Firms

Specific Coaching on Life and the Business of Law



Growing Individual Lawyers’ Practices

I work with individual lawyers on how to apply best business practices – something most lawyers, to their ultimate chagrin, know less about than they (and I) once liked to think – to a strategic, systematic method of business development.  The process may include:

1. Identifying your highest-margin clients (by specialty, location, etc.) – and those whose return on investment may not justify their being supervised, or kept at all, by you

2. Identifying your preferred mix of business (by type of client or niches) and

3. Structuring a marketing plan based in part on that preference – and putting you in alignment with your goals, and reducing day-to-day resistance

4. Identifying your optimal marketing channels

a. Mailing list of prior clients?
b. For new practices, should you do mailings to the bar as a whole, or just those in your specialty?
c. How to market to corporate General Counsel?
d. Bar journals?
e. Should you speak?  Where and about what would most optimize for your specialty?
f. Should you write?  Where? (Legal vs. lay; paper vs. Internet, etc.)
g. Newsletters (paper or email)?
h. Website, blog, or autoresponders?
i. Search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising currently unknown to any of your competitors?

Working With Law Firms

Many firms do have a few superstars of business development.  The problem is, most of those superstars have not thought methodically enough about what it is they do that is effective to enable them to pass on their best practices to others in the firm — and sometimes they don’t know how to do either.  That’s why I also work with firms (in workshops) or firm managers (one-on-one) on:

1. How to draw out and synthesize into useable methodologies (not disjointed tips and tricks) individual partners’ best practices for bringing in business

2. How to share and disseminate best practices throughout the firm, including crucial training for associates who are partners-to-be

3. How to ensure maximum effectiveness of a powerful technique that is too often left to chance, whim, and idiosyncrasy: cross-referrals

4. How to educate the partners on their colleagues’ niches and ideal clients and how to teach partners to interview their own clients about their businesses (their business model, how they make money, their business challenges – because businesspeople don’t have legal problems, they have business problems) so that partners become more savvy in referring business to colleagues
Practice croups must teach other lawyers how to issue-spot for their specialty!

5. How to market to existing clients by educating them on a practice group’s successes and even by offering seminars on topics of interest (such as new statutes or case law) to those clients.
6. How to begin a viral marketing program utilizing websites, blogs, paper newsletters, email newsletters

7. Client massaging: returning phone calls, asking about family


Specific Coaching on Life and the Business of Law

I have worked with clients on:

  • Thinking through the pros and cons of remaining a partner versus opting for Of Counsel
  • Structuring their time in the office toward maximum efficiency
  • Divesting themselves of clients who serve only to act as an emotional or time drain (usually by giving those clients to others for whom the clients represent not a burden but a bounty)
  • Making time to exercise and scheduling date nights with significant others
  • Making a switch to an independent practice, including:
    • How to start an outside practice of real interest while reducing downside financial risk (by utilizing half-time Of counsel status).

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