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Would-be law students and recent law graduates both have a lot of questions.  As a legal coach, I am intimately familiar with those questions, because I had some of them, didn’t know enough to want to ask others, and was very conscious of the lessons learned the hard way afterward.  If you are interested in pursuing a legal career, you need to do your due diligence, because nowadays the term “unhappy lawyer” is redundant.  Their numbers are legion; do what you can to avoid joining them, and you can start with some common mistakes to avoid.

If you are already a practicing attorney, you may want to navigate elsewhere:

Unhappy.  You want to change careers within the law or — Really Unhappy — to leave the law and want an attorney career coach

Just Want to Crush the Competition, Make Truckload of Cash.  You want to grow your practice and want a lawyer coach or specifically a lawyer marketing coach

Want It All.  You want what is essentially life coaching but from the perspective of a lawyer life coach

Common Law School Mistakes You Can Avoid With the Help of a Legal Coach

* Fuzzy Reasons.  Going to law school, or continuing in the law after graduation, because you aren’t really clear on your reasons for wanting to be a lawyer.  Do you know your reasons for wanting to go into the law, and how well they align with reality?  We can do some career assessments together.  Maybe you can avoid getting in any deeper by virtue of these sure losers:

– I’m going because they let me in.

– I’m not sure what else to do and lack imagination about other post-graduate options.

– My father/mother/grandfather was a lawyer.Free Coaching Consultation

– I believe being a lawyer can provide job security.

– I believe being a lawyer is remotely like it is on television.

– I am afraid of risk or change and the law seems secure.

– I need status and prestige.

* Lack of Purpose.  Not thinking at length about what you want to do in the law, and, for you, what are the best:

– law schools

– career strategies

* Lack of Direction.  Not understanding your goals (above) well enough to know how to apply to law schools and where.  I can coach you on topics such as:

– the application

– the dreaded law school essays

– how to choose references

– sources of financial aid

* Lack of Planning.  Not aligning your law school activities with the values and goals you claim to have (or should have — see above).  We can work on how to maximize your classes and summer clerkships to position yourself for the type of career you want, including:

– class selection

– how to apply for, get, and choose from among summer job offers

resources on doing due diligence on law firms, including scuttlebutt I get from my extensive network of classmates and former colleagues

– how to research and apply for judicial clerkships

* Lack of a Post-Law School Exit Strategy.  So you are going to that big firm because you have law school debts, eh?  Be sure to have an exit strategy:  how many years will you spend?  Will you spend most of your earnings or apply it to your debts to multiply your flexibility?  You need to consider these things.  Law firms are full of those who went “for just a little while, to pay off my loans,” as they say, and who are now senior associates, partners, of counsel, and wondering where their lives went.

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