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Feroce Leadership Training applies the lessons our founder, Cameron Powell, and his leadership coaches have learned in their lifetimes of studying, experiencing, and practicing leadership, sometimes consciously, sometimes not, mistakes included.  We offer on-site leadership seminars, conferences, workshops, and retreats, as well as one-on-one or team-based leadership coaching.  We also specialize in reducing the “organ-rejection” rate of newly hired leaders from the body corporate.

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Feroce Authentic Leadership Training

Authentic Leadership development at Feroce can take the form of:

• leadership seminars or programs for small groups of leaders
• leadership conferences for larger groups of leaders
• one-on-one or team-based leadership coaching
The distillation of Feroce’s transformational methodology is what we call Authentic Leadership.  Authentic Leadership:

• is founded in the demonstrated authenticity, sincerity, empathy, and good faith of a leader who has been trained to show a caring for other people at least equivalent to his or her own concern for personal advancement and ego (when we say that people “believe” in a leader, what do we imagine it is they believe in? It’s certainly not the leader’s promotion)

• reduces costs and increases productivity by reducing the tremendous costs of turnover, illness, absenteeism, “presenteeism” (working ineffectively while sick), and the diminished productivity of employees who are resentful or even busy looking elsewhere

• is not based on fear or intimidation.  Authentic leaders do not fabricate and exploit employees’ fear of poor performance evaluations, firings or demotions, blocked promotions or rejected raises, or humiliation before others. This is a form of following, and one of the most pernicious.

• fuses mere theory (of leadership “styles”, “qualities”, “skills”) with practice through means that are both situational and absolute

Any person – and executives learn as persons first and last – can learn and develop forms of mindfulness and awareness that make her less reactionary and insecure and more generous, authentic, and at ease.  That is leadership training that sticks, lasting beyond any seminar or book.

There is no “business” skill that is not primarily a personal skill or character trait, and so as the person goes, so goes the executive.  That’s why, in our executive, business, and leadership development, we stress training on:

• How and why to listen to and understand one’s self and others, including:

o Conveying feedback to others – employees, clients, colleagues —  sensitively and in good faith, with generosity and empathy, and listening sincerely to the feedback offered by others


o Trusting one’s best personal judgment, resources, and knowledge, and respecting others when they do the same
o Accepting our own and others’ innate creativity and what flows from it

• How and why to be authentic and honest with one’s self and others

o Expressing our reactions and motivations openly and honestly and making others secure to do the same

• How and why to foster the development of others as much as our own

Our leadership coaches‘ approach to leadership coaching is founded on these very traits, attitudes, and actions.
We have programs for individuals, team leaders, small businesses, corporations, and non-profit or social organizations and entrepreneurs.

Onboarding Programs to Reduce New Hire “Organ-Rejection”

We specialize in onboarding programs for new executives designed to reduce the high and very costly failure rate that most businesses suffer.

According to a recent study by Manchester, Inc., a leadership development firm in Bala Cynwyd, PA, 4 out of 10 newly promoted managers and executives fail within 18 months of starting new jobs. “Failing” includes being terminated for under-performance, performing significantly below expectations, or voluntarily resigning early. Why did they fail? Amazingly enough, in almost every case it was because the company had made no efforts at all to bring the new leaders fully on board, a process sometimes called “onboarding.”

Major reasons for failure in a new position:
Companies failed to establish a cultural fit…………………………………..75%
Leaders and companies failed to build teamwork with staff and peers….52%
Leaders had insufficient clarity about what their bosses expected……….33%
Executives weren’t given the required internal political savvy……………..25%
Companies had no process to assimilate executives into the firm……….22%

These failures are eminently preventable! Yet year after year, companies bring in new leaders with little more orientation than an explanation of how the computer network functions and perhaps a few luncheons with peers or subordinates. The result is: organ rejection by the corporate body.

And the leaders keep failing for the same common reasons; in addition to those cited above, we find unclear or outsized expectations, a failure to build partnerships with key stakeholders, a failure to learn the company, industry or the job itself fast enough, a failure to determine the process for gaining commitments from direct reports, and a failure to recognize and manage the impact of change on people.

What companies need is executive onboarding of newly recruited or recently promoted executives. We began working on onboarding in 1999, and attaining cultural fit and helping new hires to find legitimacy among peers and subordinates are among our specialties.

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