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Feroce Marketing Coaches are all about massive return on investment, whether you have a substantial budget or you are a very-small-business owner or home-based businessperson who can make only modest investments in marketing.  Whether you want to run an old-school campaign of direct mail, radio spots, newspaper advertising, and press releases, or you want instruction or help with promoting your business on the Internet and with Social Media, we’ll help you get focused on what’s likely to be the most cost-effective marketing channels for your business.

We’ll be your sounding board – before you make expenditures you’re not sure about.  And if you have stopped coming up with ideas, watch how a shared process of brainstorming gets people excited again, and gets them into creativity and power they last used too long ago, if they gave themselves permission (as we will) to tap into their creativity and power at all.  So that, as one small-businessman and client put it:

“Lately when I’m watching my son at night I’m finally alive.  During the workday I feel totally fired up again.  No, not just again – more than ever before.  I finally see a way to grow my own business.” — Client

Do You Have a Business Plan?

It’s good to have a current business plan (business plans are supposed to be dynamic, ever-changing, organic animals).  That means you know where you’re going – crucial if you’re going to market your way there.  And once we understand where you’re going, we can not only offer critiques and recommendations, but help you with your marketing plan . . .

Ready to Hammer Together Your Own Marketing Plan?

  • Your target markets
    • Sliced down into prioritized segments
  • Your value proposition for each segment
  • Your competitive differentiation (including a completed competitive matrix of your competitors and substitutes)
  • Definition and division of roles and responsibilities
  • Budgets and accountable deadlines
  • Google search engine management (or pay-per-click advertising)
  • Google search engine optimization (and Yahoo! and Bing too)
  • Social Media Coaching – is Facebook for you – or Twitter?  Digg, or YouTube?  Don’t waste time if one isn’t – and don’t get left behind if one is!
  • Old paper media (newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards, letters, postcards)
  • TV and radio
  • PR and earned media
  • Public speaking
  • Devising special marketing to the least expensive of all customers to acquire – current and former customers

So that’s the marketing expertise, right?  It’s good, and rare, to team up with a coach with real experience in marketing.  But then there’s the coaching, where we really do our singular Feroce thing:

And Finally, Marketing Coaching

We’re here to facilitate, protect, and speed up your change.  We help you to:

  • Get the basics covered so you can get out of your own way:  sleep, diet, exercise, self-care, stress management, safeguarding of mood
  • Remove bad Feng Shui from your life:  unresolved conflicts, a messy desk or house, negative thoughts, negative people (at least for now, during your change).
  • Clarify what’s important to you – your values – and get into flow with them:  get happy, get motivated, start to get into your power at last.
  • Prioritize strategic goals based on your needs and values, which we’ll then help you break down into actionable tactics, or weekly action points.
  • Get support, encouragement, a sounding board, a partner – week in and week out, you’ll have a new relationship in your life.  Email coaching is unlimited, and the clients who take the most advantage of it between coaching sessions move ahead the fastest!

The Feroce Success Principles

the power of now, presence, the sacred path of the warrior, radical forgiveness, being accountable, taking responsibility, meditation, self-forgiveness, clarifying and ordering values, compassion for self and others, going on being, authenticity, time management, a path with heart, strategic planning, not letting the merely urgent trump the important, delegation, loving what is, S.M.A.R.T. goals, visualization.

Ferocious Marketing Coaches

Coach Cameron
Coach CJ

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