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Led by Cameron Powell, serial entrepreneur, Harvard Law School grad, professional storyteller, and Founder of Feroce Coaching (among other start-ups), our ferocious team of business start-up coaches has a track record of success that’s extremely rare among coaches:  creating successful new businesses.  From Silicon Valley to the Pacific Northwest, from New York City to Colorado, our start-up entrepreneur coaches have collectively started-up almost two dozen companies, with and without venture capital, managed businesses at the CEO level, successfully sold businesses we have created, and discovered how to architect lives that reflect our strengths and passions.

Cameron Powell, Start-Up Entrepreneur and Coach

Business Startup Coach Cameron Powell

Startup Entrepreneurs Coach Cameron Powell, in Telluride

I’m Cameron Powell, and I’ve directly started up over half a dozen businesses, and helped others start up even more.  I am currently working on two new startups myself, and I’m a mentor with the Telluride Venture Accelerator.

The Art of the Start is a unique one.  A true start-up is trying to do something new, perhaps something not done before, perhaps something just done better.  And there’s risk involved — the risk of your time and money (and maybe your family’s), at the very least, and possibly the risk of others’ too.

Avoid Avoidable Mistakes and Delays; Get My Instant Expertise. I save start-up entrepreneurs time and money and help them avoid costly mistakes.  My clients and I build start-ups with or without angel or venture capital.  I’ve helped clients like you to refine their business models and to follow the Lean Startup methodology of beginning with a Minimum Viable Product and then, as Steve Blank says, “getting out of the building” to do market-validation before wasting additional time and money on a flawed notion.

Bonus Expertise!  As a Harvard Law School graduate who specialized early in my career in intellectual property and contract law, I am nearly alone among coaches in being able to help startup entrepreneurs identify and cost-effectively navigate subtle legal issues — and save massive amounts of time and money and headache down the road.

I’ll Show You How to Raise Money. I am an expert in writing, editing, and vetting business and fund-raising pitches, pitching venture capitalists and angels (and coaching you to do the same), raising millions of dollars in venture and angel capital (totaling almost $30 million, including for SnapNames.com and EarthClassMail.com), and negotiating with investors, co-founders, and employees.

The Most Experienced Startup Coach Not Currently in a Startup?

I’ve served as senior executive in strategic business development, general counsel, and enterprise sales, among other areas.  I’ve cashed out of some startups, am still invested in others, and watched one crash and burn, in 2000. From up close and personal I’ve learned a lot about the habits and behaviors that lead startup teams, or just founders, into disaster — and which qualities and skillful means, including soft skills, make for success.  Ask for a free consultation and evaluation with me now.  There’s no obligation, and I can absolutely guarantee you will view the conversation as being worth at least hundreds of dollars — later on, many clients tell me even the first conversation was actually worth thousands and more.  Let’s go!

Let’s Talk Now!  For a limited time, I will continue to be available to coach entrepreneurs to success.  I’ll let you know when one or both of my own new startups take off to the point that I can no longer take on new clients.  Strike while the iron is hot!

What’s Your Startup’s STORY, Entrepreneur?

Every startup is a story.  If you can’t tell your story, you can’t attract help or money or attention.  People who fund startups need to hear a solid story from you.  The highly-regarded Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner agrees.  “I’m absolutely certain that a very important part of any new invention, whether it’s mechanical or literary or artistic, is a narrative vehicle which helps people relate to that.”

“Entrepreneurs,” he adds, “need to be very effective story tellers, because basically it’s a promise of a possibility that they’re selling to people, and they’re mobilizing people around them. … If you’re a great storyteller, you [may] have more success than warranted, and if you’re a lousy storyteller you may never get to first base.”

Story is the most challenging and most important aspect of starting anything, but in particular of starting a business, attracting employees, attracting investors, and simply seducing customers or clients with the promise of a great story for them too.

All-Around Entrepreneur

A few of the areas in which I help individuals and startup companies include:

  • Refining and re-conceptualizing business models to make them compelling, scalable, and maximized in their chances for success
  • Crafting and improving business plans, whether because you (or your family or partners) are the investors of time and money, or you want to seek outside funding
  • Venture and angel capital fund-raising, including creating the right kind of specialized pitch
  • Assisting founders in preparing and delivering effective, persuasive presentations and speeches
  • Strategic planning – Move or get hit.  My father, a former Green Beret, still lives by that.  It’s good advice for business.  My #1 strength may well be strategy (the StrengthsFinder puts it at #1).  I’ll help you to figure out your high-level direction as it changes with changed circumstances.
  • Marketing strategies (see our strategic marketing coaches)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) – by far the most effective and cost-efficient form of online marketing and branding — and with me, it’s a specialty and level of expertise you’ll not find anywhere else.  I’ve run the search engine strategies of many successful businesses.
  • Pay-per-click (PPC) search engine advertising — I’ll tell you how to make sure you’re not wasting your PPC dollars — learned from hard experience.
  • Exit strategies — do you want to sell your business someday? If you don’t, you don’t have a business so much as a job; if you do, then do you have a strategy for getting out profitably? I can help.
  • Working with executives thinking of leaving their companies and launching their own businesses
  • eBooks! Get paid to be yourself.  Odds are, you know something of value.  Hard-copy publishers may not see the business model or be willing to take the risk.  Go around them!
  • And of course the life coaching (and career coaching, if you’re ideating on parallel tracks) for which Feroce is also renowned

Avoid Being Just a Statistic:  Discover Staying Power in the Entrepreneurial World

Turn Your Passion Into Profit

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