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Coaches for Lawyers in Career Transition

Welcome to Feroce!  I’m Cameron Powell, formerly of Harvard Law School, the Department of Justice, a big firm, and several General Counsel roles.  I sometimes still act like a lawyer (for better or worse), but in general I’ve made the jump to other ways of thinking about myself and getting compensated — not to mention a work-life balance enviable in the First World.

I know lawyers need coaches who know lawyers — their education, their ways of thinking (for better and worse), their financial constraints, their values, the pressures they deal with, the frequent detachment from their feelings that permits many to punish themselves day after day and imagine they’re actually pulling it off, and their enormous talent.  So in putting together Feroce, I picked many coaches who had already carved out expertise working with lawyers – whether in life, career, or business development. That was eight years ago; now we really know what we’re doing . . .

Career Transition.

Not sure whether the law is for you?  Our clients include many attorneys who want coaches who specifically understand the challenges of being, ceasing to be, or become a more successful, attorney.

Through coaching and our top-notch assessments, we’ll help you do the soul-searching, brainstorming, networking, and due diligence that will help you to move forward without worrying about looking back. We’ll also support you in what we know can be an anxiety-inducing transition in your life, including scientifically-validated techniques of dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions that we’ve borrowed from Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, and ancient wisdom traditions. Check out our large selection of top-notch lawyer career coaches.

Looking for life coaches

Specific areas of coaching also include life and marketing coaching, but of course nearly all of our clients use coaching’s comprehensive, holistic approach to move forward, simultaneously, in several areas of their lives at once.  Research shows that once someone changes a single keystone habit, many others change too, without additional effort or even intention.

Law Marketing Coaching

Are you marketing yourself effectively?  Do you have a brand?  Do you know your true strengths, what you simply do better (and with more passion and more in Flow) than other people?  If not, how are you choosing how to allocate your time, talent, and emotional energy?

Are you using the power of permission or relationship marketing? You’re an information professional — what about educational marketing?  Do you know how to effectively establish your expertise in your practice areas, and how to cross-sell existing clients into areas with which they don’t currently associate you?  Do you know how to use the power of the Internet in your practice?  Do you have all the clients you need, and the right mix of the kind of clients you like to work with?  If your answer to any of these questions is “no” or “objection,” a lawyer marketing coach can help you get on track.

Define your target markets, learn the critical skills of developing your branding and positioning, and find out how to grow your business through something you didn’t learn in law school:  marketing, PR, and advertising.  I work with many lawyers on building their business, including by dominating one marketing channel that most attorneys still don’t understand.  If you want to manage your own successful internet marketing operation and be a search-engine giant among your peers, I’d be happy to talk to you about your current efforts and what you can improve.

See our marketing coaches page for more information.

Work-Life Balance, Goal-Setting, Insight, and Accountability.

This is life coaching for lawyers. They say all coaching, after the first three sessions, becomes life coaching, but if your goals are already broader than work, start here.  Or just look at Feroce’s larger group of top-notch life coaches.

Our attorney coaches serve lawyers in Los Angeles, San Francisco and the Bay Area, Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis, St. Louis, New York City, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Madison, Milwaukee, NYC, Washington D.C., San Diego, Denver, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Honolulu, Baltimore, Boston, Kansas City, Omaha, Las Vegas, Newark, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Portland, Pittsburgh, Nashville, Fort Worth, Salt Lake City, Seattle, San Jose, Phoenix, Tucson, Tampa, Olympia, Spokane, Tacoma, Palo Alto, Pasadena, Sacramento, Santa Monica, Greenwich, Hartford, New Haven, Albuquerque, Austin, Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, Eugene, Salem, and many more!  You can see these attorney coaches at Hot Blue Coaching too, but you can now review the same lawyer coaches at Feroce as well.  

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