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A career change coach from Feroce Coaching will form with you an ongoing relationship of career advice and collaboration that will have as its primary goal your taking definitive action toward realizing your career change aspirations.  In the tradition of the best advice or consulting, those aspirations may not end up being what you thought you should be doing when you sought out Feroce Coaching’s career coaches.  It may just be that once we really start to get honest with each other, we’ll help you to uncover something surprising.

At Feroce our career change coaches excel at the unconventional penetrating observation.  If we don’t come up with a fresh observation — some new angle on your situation that neither you nor your friends have yet thought of — your first session is free.  Wait — it’s already free.  Then let’s just say we would be very surprised.

By becoming a Feroce client, you will also have access to our Strategic Life Planning Process, “The Creation of the Future Self”, a series of well-written and informative chapters and self-assessment tools specially constructed from our own experience and dozens of career-oriented books — let us save you the time and money of buying and wading through so many resources.  We’ve got them in one place. career coaches In addition, we have the expertise to guide you through powerful, state-of-the-art career assessment tools.


In any change of careers, the “career resources” that matter most are in you, but it’s natural to be able to benefit from unbiased help in drawing them out.

The job of a good career change coach, then, is to help you articulate and reach new career goals more quickly and more easily than you would be able to aloneFree Coaching Consultation. So it’s our advisory role to:

* Use proven testing tools and trained listening skills to assess your talents and career aptitudes

* Identify the places where you appear to have become stuck, unearth the reasons, and provide counsel in unsticking you.  For this, look at our life coaches’ experience.

* Discover patterns among the events in your life that have brought you the most joy

* Clarify what you believe you want to achieve and start to plan career management

* Either immediately align ourselves with what you want to achieve in your career or, if we sense a disconnect, probe more carefully, just like any good management consultant, to ensure you are defining the problem in the most beneficial way, and asking the right questions

* Draw out solutions and strategies from you, and contribute some of our own advice and information for a career development plan

* Agree with your request to hold you responsible and accountable

How is career coaching different from career counseling?  There are several ways, but the most fundamental are:

* Experience — we have not always been in the job of giving career advice — that’s a good way to ensure your advice isn’t very informed.  Instead, we’ve been through college, graduate school, the resumes and interviews — and then changed careers and industries and done it all again.

* Follow-through to (and Accountability for) Outcomes — career counselors try to assess skills (see above) and give advice.  Your relationship with them may last a few weeks, or it could last longer, but rarely is the focus on results, or outcomes:  coaches offer not just advice on a good career for you, but follow-through on all the ways to get there, and counsel and tail-kicking until you get there.  That’s why you’re much more likely to get where you want to go with a career coach (the British word for a “bus” — something that takes you from one place to the next) than with just counsel, no matter how good it is.

* Scope — For better or worse, career counselors are not holistic in their approach.  They will not examine how your career goals are impeded because your life is out of balance, nor inquire into how well you are answering the needs of your health, nor work with you to improve your relationships — or strategize with you about how to present your career wishes to your significant other.  And so on.

There are times when we’re just ready to ask someone to shine a light on us and help us to see where changes need to be made. We can also provide career-oriented guidance and information on:

Your Current Job
* strategizing how to get along better with your boss or colleagues
* finding a career mentor in your company, city, or beyond

* improving your leadership, managerial, and communications skills
* getting a promotion or increase in compensation

* avoiding a poor job performance review
* making the most of a new position

A Job or Career Change

* figuring out what it is you want to do by

– brainstorming and clarifying your skills and values

– Perhaps more importantly, by exploring your loves — what in your life has given you fulfillment, regardless of whether it’s related to work?

* being put in touch with people we know in the fields of your interest, so you can interview them about what they do and how they like it
* applying for a different job in your company
*developing your career strategy
* networking

Job Applications, Interviews, Comparisons

* creating or improving your resume and cover letters

* preparing for interviews and the questions you’ll be asked (including how to research the companies you’re interviewing with)
* negotiating job and compensation offers
* preparing in case you suddenly have to find a new job
* deciding whether additional education could really help, including identifying the type of any such education, evaluating the different institutions where it’s offered, and selecting courses of study or classes

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