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If you want help on the path of ending your career indecision once and for all, or performing better in your current job, one of our Oregon career coaches is the place to start.  Nearly half of the coaches at Feroce, the Internet’s premier coaching association, are based right here in Oregon!  (Why, just look at the original picture on our site, above).  We do encourage you, though, to look at our other professional coaches, because almost all coaching is by phone, and you don’t want to limit yourself to geography.

If you can’t decide on a coach, that’s okay too.  Just ask for your free career coaching consultation and we’ll talk to you about your goals in greater detail and suggest a coach we think would be right for you.  To see just some of the many powerful tools that are included at no extra cost in your coaching, see our Strategic Life Planning Process:  The Creation of the Future Self.

Your Career Coaching Fee May Be Tax Deductible

In the U.S., expenses paid toward continuing education undertaken to maintain or improve your business and professional skills may be tax-deductible.  See Treas. Reg. 1-162-5; Coughlin vs. Commissioner, 203 F.2d 307.  To that we say rock and roll.  Consult your tax advisor for further information.

Our Career Coaches

Cameron Powell, Career Coach

Will Wiebe, Career Coach

C.J. Liu, Seattle Career Coach


I’m Cameron Powell, founder of Feroce, Head Coach, and career coach.  I am a Coach Guide for Vocation Vacations and several other web-based businesses.  I have a lot of experience coaching people through career transitions, but I’ve also successfully navigated several careers myself:  public speaker, attorney, executive, entrepreneur, and more.  I have mastered the art of personal reinvention, but, more importantly, I have maintained my personal integrity and work-life balance, managed my time well, and pursued an ethic of excellence and personal fulfillment.  I’ve created exactly the life and career I want — and I want to get you yours.  To see how I can accelerate your career development (and life satisfaction), take a look at a few of my success stories, or some recent breakthrough coaching conversations.

I know from personal experience how we get lost on the way to our dream job, and what prevents many from ever finding it.  Using a Pioneering Concept in career coaching that I call Six Ways of Listening, along with our Strategic Life Planning Handbook (self-assessments specially constructed from our own experience and dozens of career-oriented books), and truly amazing career assessment tools, I can guide you through the breakthroughs that open you up to greater career success and fulfillment.  I’ll help you:

career coaching Figure out — and then actually begin to work toward — a more satisfying and better-paying career, or start your own business — or be more effective, authentic, and prosperous in the career you have.
career coaching Make Better, Smarter Decisions in Life and Work

career coaching Navigate office politics, and become a better negotiator
career coaching Save Time and be More Efficient, and Effective, in your life and work

career coaching Get your life and work in balance!

career coaching Get that novel, screenplay, short story, or director’s reel finally produced, through the sort of career coaching that can only come from a fellow creator and artist (I am a writer myself)

Will – Transitional Career Coach

career life coach Will Wiebe

Coach Will

I’m Will Wiebe, and I coach individuals, groups, teams and organizations.  I’m based in downtown Portland.  I am a certified career coach, a member of the International Coach Federation, and Lead Career Coach for VocationVacations (a company dedicated to enriching people’s lives by allowing them to test-drive the occupation of their dreams).  I’m also a successful speaker, professional facilitator and team effectiveness trainer.


Will’s Approach:

My creative approach to professional career transition coaching develops a powerful alliance between individuals, groups, teams and organizations.  This life-giving alliance empowers you to explore and discover your rich interior self.  My approach will guide you to produce extraordinary results in your life, career, business, or organization.

Through this coaching process, you will deepen your learning, improve your performance, and enhance the quality of your life.  I’ve been guiding individuals, businesses, and organizations to clarity, alignment, change and transformation for 25 years.

Powerful Questions – Remarkable Results:

What is inspiring you to live?
Who is designing your life?
What brings out the best in you?
What needs to change?
What are you waiting for?
What is your passion?
How do you feel?
Where might you find the answers?
How can you align with your values?
What can you do to move yourself forward?
What’s next?
Imagine if….

Fomenting Real Change

So many people want to change careers, or find greater satisfaction in their current work!  Work absorbs much of our waking life and, in North America at least, defines a great deal about how we are perceived.  I have created several of my own transformations in my social service career, working in both non-profit and corporate settings.

What are the predictors of successful career coaching?  You bring a willingness to let go of old dreams and ideas, and we work together to get a clear picture of your strengths and aptitudes.  All aspects of your life need to be taken into account so that work serves your whole life, not the other way around!

Career coaching did not exist when I began my work life as a young adult.  I grew up in an era when girls could become nurses, teachers or social workers.  It seems so distant now, but it really was about that limited!  Along the way some of my jobs have been seamstress, farm worker, supermarket cashier, rape counselor, baker, and psychiatric hospital staff.  In the process of figuring out a career path for myself, I have also researched some unusual ideas, including becoming a tattoo artist, floral designer, or mortician!

I have operated a couple of successful businesses in addition to my social work career. I had a business for ten years teaching people about how to use fine art rubber stamps in creative media.  I also had another entrepreneurial business for several years as a public speaker and sex educator working with women’s groups.

Becoming self-employed has been a very liberating and creative experience for me, and one component of my coaching practice involves teaching classes in entrepreneurship for professionals in service careers and in the creative arts.

I would love to talk over yearnings you may feel about your work life and how career coaching may be useful.  Let’s discover a better direction together, before more time passes!

Prior to establishing a private practice, I spent twenty years supervising teams in a psychiatric ER and various crisis centers.  I had many opportunities to observe the human capacity to cope with change and to navigate difficult circumstances.  I am very interested in working with career coaching clients on the qualities and habits they can develop to give themselves greater resilience.  Read my bio for more.


C.J. Liu is a career coach who has worked with individuals, groups, teams, and organizations.  As a former CFO and marketing and strategic consultant, she has over 20 years of business experience in a variety of industries and functional areas.  This extensive business background enables C.J. to quickly understand the breadth and depth of many career-related issues.  Before joining Feroce Consulting, C.J. served as an in-house executive/business coach at Microsoft.

C.J.’s goal is for each client to feel alive as they make career choices that allow them to reach their full potential, follow their personal dreams and ambitions, and feel an inner sense of meaning and purpose.  C.J. has an intuitive approach that is grounded in practicality, which means that she offers helpful tools, strategies and action plans, but also deep listening, cheerleading, and heartfelt support.

For professionals interested in career transitions, C.J. matches her approach to each person’s unique needs.  This can result in a week-by-week determination of what to cover, or a more formalized structure.  For those who enjoy structure, C.J. offers a three-phase process.  Phase I is about clarifying your interests, skills, and life goals outside of work, so that you can develop a clear vision of what you want in your next job and your life.  Phase II helps you take your vision and construct a game plan and strategies to determine potential areas of interest.  In Phase III, we focus your attention on one or two key areas and on a formal job search.  During this phase, C.J. will review your resume, provide interviewing tips, and address any roadblocks that arise. For more information, please read C.J.’s long bio.


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