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Feroce Interview Coaches help you exploit the open secret to interview preparation with . . .

TRUE STORY™ – a powerful, memorable narrative that dramatizes exactly the strengths your interviewer is looking for!

If you were a comedian and you were interviewing for a job as a nightly stand-up comic, would you go into the Coach Cameron Powell Telluride Coloradointerview and say, “Well, I’m really funny.” Pause. “I mean, I’m really, really funny”? No! You’d have to show that you’re funny, not just talk about it. You’d have to make someone laugh. But most people go into interviews with the mindset of telling the interviewer they’re a leader, action-oriented, etc. — but without showing it, conclusively, dramatically, through well-crafted stories.  Here’s a success story we just got in today:

Our coaching calls helped get my game face on. For future hall of famer Ray Lewis, he’d listen to “In the Air Tonight,” by Phil Collins, pre-game. Before football games in high school and college, I’d listen to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” This was a psychological light switch for intensity and laser focus. That’s what the calls were for me. The interviewing insights I received were so spot on. It was like being given the right answers a week before the exam.

The interview coaching also rekindled my need for more self awareness. I plan to continue with the advisement sessions going forward as I begin the new position that the Feroce sessions made sure I landed. — Tony F.

True Story ™ Interview Coaching

An interview is like an oral argument before a judge, or even a cross-examination:  your job is to prove your view of the law – and “the law” is the job description.  It’s also an evidence-based, emotionally effective presentation.  You are proving that you FIT the job description.  Get prepared for your cross-examination interview with Feroce Founder and Harvard Law grad Cameron Powell’s True Story™ interviewing system. Prove you fit the job description using the same skills as top-notch veteran lawyers.

From Feroce Coaches using my True Story™ interviewing system, you’ll learn:

  • How to identify what truly distinguishes you from other candidates – and how to craft a powerful argument around your competitive advantage
  • How to truly understand your prior successes in life and work (exactly 0% of clients really do) and how they can be used directly to prove your fit with the job description.
  • How to identify and build powerful, compelling case studies, or stories, that highlight both your core strengths and those called for in the job description.
  • How to give yourself a distinct brand and value proposition — and how to make your interview performance both (1) memorable and (2) persuasive. (Unprepared interviewees are usually neither).
  • The key questions you must ask – and those you’ll be expected to answer. And how to nail the Weaknesses Question.
  • How to show the enthusiasm, even passion, that gets people job offers, without faking it.
  • How to do research on a company – including informational interviews with insiders.
  • How to avoid many branding mistakes so common that simply not falling into their trap will put you way ahead of most candidates.

Want to improve your demeanor, executive presence, and overall presentation — and knock the tough interview questions out of the park?

Getting interviews but never making it to the job offer? Our top-notch Interview Coaches teach clients the secrets. We’ll help you to do the preparation that gets you those job offers. If you’re not getting past the interview stage, it’s time you got the same professional assistance senior executives are using — Feroce’s!

You can order any of the following, cafeteria-style:

  • Branding high-concept, illustrative examples, and interview-ready case studies (in our modified STARM format)
  • Resume and cover letter review – Your written marketing materials may be weak – they may even contradict your oral message. Your resume is your calling card and personal brand all wrapped into one. It should carry your story:  “I’m feeling a lot better about sending this resume out. I’m confident about what it says, and I think it tells a story that wasn’t there before.” – J. Keenan
  • LinkedIn profile review – Over 80% of companies use social media to recruit, and of those, 95% use LinkedIn! And ALL hiring managers are likely to look up your LinkedIn profile even if you’ve sent them a resume. Are you making common mistakes on LinkedIn that are hurting your chances?
  • Strategy on how to target hiring managers – Stop filling out all those online applications! Research shows it’s the least effective way to get a job. Learn the most effective ways to get hiring managers’ attention and respect.
  • Interview Preparation – We can role-play the kind of interview questions you’re likely to get, and the best answers you can give. And using Skype video or a similar tool, we’ll give you priceless constructive criticism on your presentation. You’ll go into your interview with:
    • confidence!
    • an agenda of talking points that directly prove the requirements of the job description
    • high-impact, highly polished stories that prove your strengths – as well as other key strengths sought in the job description
  • Questions to ask that show you are savvy and empowered (not desperate), and that ask, in essence, Show me how this job will fulfill MY strengths and let me get into a state of FLOW on most days
  • Wordsmithing the awkward bits – Do you have an awkward situation? An unconventional resume? We can help you explain your situation elegantly and without unseemly defensiveness or evasiveness.

Then it’s time to put your best foot forward and shine like a STAR. And if you’ve got an urgent interview coming up soon, only Feroce, with its team approach, can assure you that a coach will be available to help you on short notice.

How Interview Coaching Works

Even if you just have a question, we’ve learned, there’s no substitute to beginning by (1) giving us the info we need to match you with a coach at a mutually agreeable time and (2) letting that coach answer your questions in light of a reasonable amount of information about you. Just complete the free interview coaching consultation form here or below — including with your resume and, if available, a link to a description of the job you’re interviewing for. Then we’ll have a short phone call to get acquainted with you and your experience, and to explain how we work, the range of sessions we recommend, and the homework you’ll likely do.

Master Interview Coach Cameron Powell

Executive Career Coach Cameron PowellI’m Cameron Powell, Head Coach and Founder of Feroce, and I’m Feroce’s Head Interview Prep Coach. Every interview is a story. I’ve trained hundreds of people just like you to cultivate career reputations, or brands, and to create killer interview strategies that really stick: they’re memorable, and they prove what you need to prove.

As a trial lawyer in federal courts around the country, a writer, a speaker, a business development executive, and a start-up fundraiser, my strength and passion has always been to help people tell their stories, perfectly matching what they have to say (or sell) to their audience. I’m a master of messaging, branding, and persuasion, and I can make sure you go into your interview with the best possible talking points and responses to objections. Here are the kinds of review of my True Story™ Interview Coaching that we see quite often:

Thank you for all the coaching. I feel I had a great interview. Your coaching was exactly what made me feel confident and prepared. — Maggie

Cameron — I was soooo much more confident about this interview! You really helped me to understand my story, and my gifts and talents, and to take ownership of them — to really believe in them, and in myself. Oh, and I nailed the interview. I thought their jaws were going to drop! And I got the job! — Anna

Hey Cameron,
Thank you so much for all your help last week. I had my interview on Friday morning and it went great! I used a lot of your tips! Today I received a phone call extending me an offer to be an employee of [company name omitted]! I wanted to thank you again for all your help and I will definitely use your ideas and advice far into the future. Thank you — N.F.

This certainly has come together more quickly than I expected, and our work was definitely very helpful. For one thing, I saw the job post on [the job site] you suggested. More importantly, I prepared a lot of good case studies for the phone interviews that I think were really pivotal. I feel like I’ve developed a better ability to speak clearly about my strengths and background in a very short time. — J., attorney

If you’re ready to crush it, as they say, ask me for a free consultation, and if you like what you hear, we can set up as few or as many sessions as your situation calls for — and as soon as possible, if you have an upcoming interview.  More top-notch Feroce Interview Coaches are below!

Free Coaching Consultation and Evaluation - with up to 2 coaches!

“The Closer” — Interview Coach Wendy Billie

Life Career Interview Spirit Coach

Interview Coach Wendy Billie

The competition is tough out there in the job market. How do you make yourself stand-out in the sea of hungry job seekers? Hi, I’m Wendy Billie. I am a seasoned interview coach trained in behavior-based interviewing who has hired numerous entry-level to executive employees and have also trained hiring managers on what to look for in the “ideal candidate”; the person that gets the job offer. Now, I am on the other side of the table, and I’ll prepare you for the professionals.  My success rate speaks for itself, 99% of my clients get the job offer*.

Working with me as your interview coach you will:

  • Create a Younique brand for networking and interviewing success.
  • Identify and remove roadblocks that are getting in your way of closing the deal.
  • Learn how to position yourself as the ideal candidate: the person getting the job offer.
  • Use social media for personal marketing (LinkedIN, twitter, facebook, google+)
  • Apply the STAR behavioral based interview technique used by hiring managers.
  • Role-play the interview (using Skype video) and receive candid feedback on the spot; along with tips for improvement.
  • Make your resume and cover letter stand out in the crowd.
  • And, remove the intimidation stigma of interviews.  Sharing your talents, experiences, and skills can be authentic and natural.

STAR is a behavioral-based interview technique that allows the interviewer to hear real examples of your accomplishments — and using the model keeps the interviewer on track and takes away your nervousness and rambling tendencies. And you always end the example with powerful results — so you shine like a star . . .

I just got home from Day 1 of my new job and couldn’t wait to sit down and write. I have a truly wonderful group of colleagues, work that is going to fulfill me, a team of competant staff and a huge office. I couldn’t ask for anything more except that you were here to clink glasses to my newfound happiness. I know I wouldn’t be celebrating Day 1 without your coaching, empowerment and secret tips and want to thank you for those incredible sessions and sage guidance. Transformative! You came into my life at exactly the right time and I am so grateful to have found you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for helping me along my path and positioning me for success. My heart is swollen with appreciation. — Client; former Director, accepted VP Level position


“Working with Wendy for interview preparation was a tremendous help and an amazing experience. Wendy caused me to think critically about how my experience and strengths would make me the perfect fit for the position, and she helped me build and present a flawless story around this.  Wendy asked me all the right questions at the right time to help me discover myself further and develop a unique “personal brand”, which went way beyond an elevator speech and actually changed the way that I see and present myself.  My work with Wendy made me more confident than I have ever been before, and this gave me a real EDGE during the interview process.  Needless to say, I got the job!  Wendy is professional, refreshing, inspiring, and an absolute genius with word selectionI highly recommend her!” –Client; offered her first manager role.


I had my informational interview today. It was fabulous! Thank you so much for helping me and providing a light under my butt. I was clear, concise, and didn’t hesitate about what I wanted. Actually, I ended up meeting with the CEO! I felt so comfortable with her, and I LOVE the work they are doing.  Thank you again for making me dig deep to see what I am truly passionate about, finding my voice again and keeping me focused.   –Client; offered a “newly created” internship position. Amazing things happen when you are clear and persistent.


I just wanted to let you know I was offered the position at Johns Hopkins and have accepted. I have leased a small apartment and am starting 8/29. Thank you for all your help in preparing for those interviews: your coaching provided me with the extra confidence and polish to interview well. — Client; former manager, accepted Director level position.


I got the job!  The partners at PWC asked me exactly what you said.  They loved my honesty and the work we did on my brand was key.  I can’t thank you enough. — Client; former accounting assistant, accepted consulting role at top 5 accounting firm


I have a permanent job at a plaintiff’s law firm starting 12/1/10! I had called the firm months ago to do some informational interviewing (part of my homework with you) and we have been talking on and off for the past few months. They made me an offer a few weeks ago! I am very happy about this new phase in my career. Thank you for all of your help and assistance during the difficult period of my life. I learned a lot from you and greatly appreciate your positive attitude and approach to life! — Client; attorney out of work for 2 years, secured position to re-engage her career.


You are a magician!  I wanted that job but I knew I didn’t have the amount of management experience they were asking for.   You helped me prepare for those questions; and I came across confident and my story sold them.  They wanted me and I got it.  I can’t thank you enough.  When you are in DC next, I would love to meet you–lets go celebrate.  I am so excited. — Client; secured a management position at 24 y.o. with only internship experience


Success! Just wanted to let you know that my UN interview went well and I made it onto the roster of qualified legal candidates.  Thanks again for your help! — Client; secured candidacy of top 10 out of 1,000 applicants

S – Situation.  T – Task.  A – Action.  R – Results.

Interviews are about story — compelling, persuasive, memorable.  If you’re not telling a story, you’re not primed for success. We start with the situations in which you have found yourself – what were the life/career situations in which you exhibited — no, dramatized — your strengths?  You then move into what you were tasked to accomplish in those situations. Next, you let the interviewer see what you did, what action you took. These actions prove the very strengths the interviewer is looking for. And finally, always leave the question with the home run: what results did you get. Let us show you how.  Ask for your free consultation!

*99% success rate is data derived from interview coaching clients over past 5 years

Certified Career and Communications Coach Laura Svolos

Interview Coach Laura Svolos

Do you know your brand? Are you able to communicate the essence of who you are succinctly and persuasively? Is your resume stressing one thing and your cover letters another? I’m Laura Svolos, a Certified Career Coach, who draws upon my master’s degree in journalism plus 26 years of communications and managerial experience to help you craft a unified message in your resume, cover letters, and talking points for interviews. (I also throw in some copyediting.)

For Interview Coaching Clients: We’ll create talking points for your interviews that spin your weaknesses into strengths and your strengths into skills that prospective employers can’t live without.

For Resume Coaching Clients: You’ll learn the keys to making your resume stand out above the rest while avoiding the common mistakes that could derail your prospects before you even get in the door.

For Those Who Need Help with Cover Letters: We’ll create persuasive cover letters that complement your resume and highlight your strengths while distinguishing you from the rest of the pack.


  • I know how to craft a successful cover letter: With no film experience, contacts, or relevant degree, I used my communication skills to secure a job with a Warner Bros film producer through a cold submission of a cover letter. Noted film producer, Samuel Goldwyn Jr. was among the Hollwood executives who wrote me back requesting a meeting.
  • I understand message development: As Deputy Press Secretary to a U.S. Senator, I composed sound bites, talking points, and press releases as part of the Senator’s overall media strategy.
  • I have a keen eye for copyediting due to my rigorous educational training: I hold a master’s degree in journalism from one of the most respected journalism programs in the country (the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University).
  • I employ best practices of coaching: I am certified by the International Coach Academy whose coaching program meets the highest standards of the International Coach Federation.
  • I draw upon my sharp intuition and spiritual training to help guide you through your transition and teach you techniques for staying true to your self: I graduated from a 3-year seminary program at the Temple of Kriya Yoga where I studied Eastern spiritual wisdom and was ordained a Swami of Kriya Yoga.
  • For those seeking to break free from a 9 to 5 job to start their own business, I navigated this transition successfully when I left my career as a nonprofit executive to start a nonprofit consulting firm which I grew and sold after six years. I raised $15 million on behalf of local and national nonprofits.


Dear Laura,

We began our work together about 10 months ago, and I wanted to thank you for the lovely blend of wisdom, sensitivity, and order you brought to my life. I was on a multi-year skid. Despite a long history of delivering award-winning work on time and on budget, my sales efforts were being rebuffed at the entry level of TV networks and cable operators. My career, and my spirit were in a rut. All motion, no progress. Frustrated. Angry. Disappointed.

I needed help. Artists have mentors, musicians have master classes, athletes have trainers, but it seemed that business people were always in competition with one another. Then, I discovered coaching, and the opportunity to engage a smart, experienced person who had only my success as their goal.

In you, I found a balanced approach to the blend of practical and spiritual components that needed restoration. An excellent fusion of The Greek, The Buddha, The Christ & an MBA – all put into an understandable, western vernacular….My concerns have shifted from “why can’t I get work?” to “how am I going to manage all of the work that’s coming in?”

Thank you Laura. You helped me first regain the fun and beauty of living a rich, interesting life. You are a smart friend and good council.”


– Brett Darken, President, North Star Films

A little over a year ago I was in a state of befuddlement.  I was in a dead end job and didn’t know what I wanted to do.  I found Laura on the internet, and shortly after our four telephone sessions, my world was turned upside down by changes that led to me happily starting my own interior design business.  Today, despite the economy, and with the continual aid of spiritual exercises that Laura taught me, I have enough work to keep me busy, and also have time to pursue my side business as an artist. 

Laura helped open the spiritual and creative channels that led me to definitively knowing what I want, and how to pursue that.  Having Laura as a coach was instrumental in my present success, and working with her was a delight!  I would highly recommend her to anyone who would is in need of holistic guidance.

– Janis Luedke, Interior Designer

When I called Laura for an initial consultation – I was miserable and working in an office job that I hated , in an industry I hated and had become depressed, angry and frustrated . I had no idea what to do, how to get out of the situation I was in and how to move forward towards my dream of working overseas in the entertainment industry.

Though my dream seemed far fetched and a million miles away, I committed to work with Laura for 6 months. During that time she helped me step outside of my comfort zone, find my core values, set goals according to those and focus on the end result.

7 months later I was working overseas and had my own television show which made international headlines. It was a complete shock for me to achieve such a huge goal so quickly. Working with Laura has taught me that anything I can envision and dream – I can accomplish. The tools that she has given to me and her guidance have proved to be invaluable to reaching and achieving my goals.

I am currently working with her to set and achieve my next set of goals and have no doubt that I will achieve anything I set out to do with her guidance.

– C. Callahan,  Journalist

Read Certified Career Coach Laura’s Biography and try out your free consultation.

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