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We’ve put together just what every person trying to decide on a life coach most needs: a reliable source of experienced life coaches who are also highly accomplished outside of life coaching

Wondering how to choose? Who knows what they’re doing, and who doesn’t? Who has real experience — and success — in life coaching? And most importantly, which life coaches can not only teach but do, who have succeeded not just in coaching but in strategizing and living the kind of life to which you aspire?

Our clients tell us they chose Feroce because they wanted a life coach who was already what the client wanted to be: successful, balanced in life and work, fit, creative, fulfilled, happy. Our life coaches bring  more than just certifications from life coaching institutes  — they’ve set their own standards for living lives of integrity and passion, lives in which self-denial is better balanced with finding joy.  Each one of our coaches has carved out exactly the life he or she wanted. We’ll tell you more about it, and then you can fill out our short form for a free consultation below.

The Feroce Promise:  The Best Chance for You to Find a Great Life Coach Without Looking Becoming a Full-Time Job!

Make your choice from among veteran, hand-picked life coaches whose biographies you can actually read. That’s rare enough, but we also offer serious candidates two free consultations.  If you don’t want to choose, let us apply our expertise and suit one to the goals you give us below!

Even if you’re comfortable with the first Feroce life coach you talk to, you’ll have the option to set up another no-charge consultation with another great coach. Different life coaches have different styles. Some may work even better for you than others. Our guiding light is your best interests.

Only Feroce encourages and allows you to make transitions from your Feroce life coach to a session or two with a Feroce coach (career, parent, spiritual, weight loss) whose expertise might even better suit your challenge of the moment — and then back again. You simply won’t find that promise, or that power for change, anywhere else.

Our coaches are drawn from successful doctors and lawyers, successful (sometimes retired) entrepreneurs, highly experienced psychotherapists, and senior executives from top-notch Fortune 500 companies.

Head Coach

Our Founder, Coach Cameron, is a Harvard Law graduate and recovering Justice Department and Big Firm lawyer, a serial start-up entrepreneur, a builder of businesses, a writer of novels, a ghostwriter, a skier and trail-runner, and more.  He’s designed just the life he now knows he wanted all along!  And he can show you how.







Business Career Coach CJ Liu

Coach CJ

Coach CJ offers a rare mix of pragmatism and emotional intelligence.  She’s worked in several Fortune 500 companies and has serious street cred as a high-powered businesswoman, yet she teaches work-life balance at the university level and is  an active student of eastern wisdom traditions.

Life and Career Coach Wendy Billie

Coach Wendy

Coach Wendy made a quality of life decision many clients dream about:  she chucked a successful career as an in-house coach at Pfizer, in a big city, to work for herself and immerse herself in a world of yoga, fitness, and coaching in New Hampshire.

Coach Susan Epstein

Coach Susan

Coach Susan practiced psychotherapy for 23 years before becoming a life coach and a prolific writer, speaker, and media personality who specializes in the most challenging parent coaching. She has finely honed her methods of life and parent coaching, to the great satisfaction of her clients.

Coach Christina

Coach Christina practiced alternative medicine for 18 years and taught Anatomy and Physiology before becoming a coach and speaker who applies principles of quantum physics to business, life, and weight-loss coaching.

Life Career Spiritual Coach Laura Svolos

Coach Laura

Coach Laura also defines balance:  she brings 22 years of professional experience spanning industries such as politics, entertainment, journalism, and not-for-profit work to her calling as a soulful coach who is actually an ordained swami in the Kriya Yoga wellness tradition.

Coach Bradley similarly has decades of experience in business and creative pursuits, having spent decades as an entrepreneur and consultant. He has a professional therapy background and works with clients to unlock their creativity in life, relationship, and work.

Career Life Coach Bradley Foster

Coach Bradley

life career coach Will Wiebe

Coach Will is a Certified Professional Coach with a Masters in Human Relations. He has 25 years of experience with non-government organizations, executive leadership, organizational management, community relations, civic engagement, and human development. He coaches toward wisdom, compassion, renewal of self-worth, and accountability, and uses key strategies for moving past creative blocks.

Life Business Parenting Coach

Coach Morris

Coach Morris, Ph.D. is a licensed Clinical  Psychologist with expertise in Positive Psychology.  He’s a lecturer, national columnist, and professor, and he coaches clients toward developing a positive life of happiness and success.

Coach LaVonne Dorsey

Coach LaVonne

Coach LaVonne is a distinguished consultant, executive coach, life coach, and mentor. She offers pragmatic, compassionate, and honest coaching to people who want to make a commitment to themselves and to change their lives for the better.  LaVonne brings over 30 years of academic, corporate, and practical life experiences into coaching.

  • We can IDENTIFY with you
  • We have personal experience in surmounting the same life challenges facing you, and reaching the same goals.
  • We’ve practiced what we now preach: “Here’s how to be successful. Here’s how to be happy.”

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  • It doesn’t matter where you live, and we make the call.
  • No sales pitch, no pressure. Our work speaks for itself. Pressure is something applied by people who don’t believe in what they’re doing.


In exchange for our consultation with you, we ask that you provide us with the following information.  Complete information helps us to better and more efficiently serve clients in these free consultations.

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