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Executive Career Coach Cameron Powell

Head Coach and Founder Cameron Powell

If you’re not working with a Feroce Career Coach on our strengths-based, True Story™powered career insight and branding, I’m afraid you’re just tinkering at the margins. Feroce’s True Fit™ client-coach matching ensures you the best fit of a veteran coach, and only our Certified Ferocious Coaches are trained in my True Story™ philosophy and method, a lifetime in the making, which features a uniquely powerful methodology for extracting your passions, strengths, values, and experience and alchemizing them into a powerful, coherent story – for your own empowerment as well as for persuading others what you want them to believe about you.

Feroce Career Coaches have helped thousands of people like you to better understand your gifts and your true loves (insight), what makes you light up or feel energized or warm inside (with our unique emphasis on FLOW), and how to articulate and prove your truest preferred version of yourself to the world (your brand). And we make sure it’s FUN!

How to Have the Courage of Your Convictions

At the same time, your Feroce Career Coach does what only the truly great coaches do: he or she will help you to skillfully navigate and even overcome the fears and doubts about meaningful change in your thoughts, habits, and career – the ones that can get you stuck. Showing you proven trek_bannerstrategies for managing your fears and insecurities is the heart of all truly masterful career coaching, as a recent client can testify: “We started out with the whole career thing, but this is so much more fundamental. This is really going to the core root of things I need to learn to deal with initially, before we go into other areas. Until you deal with this stuff, it makes it harder to do deep work.” You’ll learn evidence-based best practices in positivity and mood improvement that will be the most enduring legacy of your coaching with Feroce. All of our career coaches are highly trained and experienced life coaches too.

The Complete Career Coaching Package

Working with a Feroce Career Coach, a few short months from now you’ll figure out where you will happily go – and how to get there.


  • Understand what “strengths” have meant from antiquity through our age of neuroscience, so you can recognize what’s strong in YOU, and feel truly empowered by your strengths!  (Plus, living in your strengths is the only way to get into FLOW!)
  • Grasp how some of your perceived weaknesses hold the key to your true strengths!
  • Know why a brand that proves your emotional intelligence is critical – and how you can use our True Story™ system to understand and prove the EQ you really do already have!
  • Learn why a focus on your “skills” is a recipe for unhappiness, not to mention a weaker brand.


  • How to articulate your strengths, passions, and values to others, in the cultivated reputation we call branding:
    • the summary sections of your LinkedIn profile and resume will state your high-concept – the big-picture part of your career brand
    • cover letters will set out the brand in more detail (and NOT in cliched corporatese)
    • any personal blog will become consistent with your emerging brand
    • the rest of your LinkedIn profile and resume will prove your career brand and your fit with the jobs you want (and with the searches of recruiters)
    • you’ll have talking points to make you confident and clear in your offline career networking and on – and far more effective


  • Customized Career Recommendations based on our experience and your strengths, passions, values, and skills, along with what the market’s demanding.
  • A Custom Job Search Strategy that leverages your own unique strengths and advantages
  • A Real Networking Strategy!  70% of all jobs are gotten through connections – and if you want a career that’s quite different from what you have now, then networking is even more important. We’ll show you best practices to benefit you well beyond your upcoming career change!


  • Learn my proven methods for turning your interview into a master class in which you demonstrate the exact expertise called for by the job description
  • Master the interview question about your weaknesses by framing them in terms of your strengths – and leave your interviewer with two primary impressions: strengths, and high-demand emotional intelligence (EQ).
  • Be confident in your agenda and your talking points and take control of the presentation that we call an interview.
  • Read more on how our True Story™ system works like gangbusters for Interview Coaching

On Telluride's Via Ferrata, ColoradoLearn How to Get the Courage of Your Convictions!

At least as importantly, you’ll learn skillful means and best practices of mastering your psychology during times of change:

NAVIGATING THE PATH:  See how we can help you find greater happiness even now, in your existing (miserable?) job! – and how to build up the mental, emotional, and social resources for the changes ahead.

  • You’ll get clarity and confidence in who you are, and why it’s all good!
  • FLOW! How to find states of FLOW now, even though you may not be in the perfect job or the ideal relationship
  • We’ll show you how to find “hidden challenges” (ideally using your newfound strengths!) at work to keep you more fulfilled there during the often excruciating time you wait for your next job

MAINTAINING POSITIVITY!:  Learn skillful means and best practices for navigating the inevitable (and necessary) uncertainty (which is scary) that comes with change and challenge, including the thoughts that get you stuck:

  • How to forgive your past career “mistakes”
  • How to grasp the “weaknesses” whose flipsides hold your unique strengths, so you can embrace and be empowered by the real YOU
  • Control the fear and anxiety, doubt and resentment, and shame that are all proven to constrict your creativity and cognition and keep you stuck.

Guaranteed:  Coaches with Real-World Experience!

Ready to hear more? All questions or coaching start with a free consultation and evaluation with a Master Feroce Coach – not a receptionist, not even a more junior coach. I hand-pick Feroce Career Coaches to assure you true expertise and experience in your coach – the kind of assurance about a coach you can’t just find on the Internet. You probably don’t already have recommendations of coaches from people you trust, so I developed the next-best type of assurance: my own guarantee that all Feroce coaches have had successful, substantive careers outside of coaching as well as at least a decade of experience in coaching and related fields. Read why Real-World-Experience Coaching matters.

The first step is to fill out a form that gives us all the information we need to (1) choose the best fit of coach for you; (2) schedule the call when that coach is available; (3) absorb your resume and even job description; and (4) ensure that you leave the call with a clear idea of your challenges, how we can help, what it will cost, how many sessions may be needed, and more. Can’t choose a career coach? We know the feeling. We’ve learned how our career coaches work inside and out so we can make the best matches possible. Just tell us about your goals in detail when you ask for a . . .




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