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Start Your Reinvention in the Comfort and Convenience of Your Home or Office


What you really want in a career coach is chemistry

We'll show you how to find it here

Welcome to your one-stop shop for career coaching!  Clients love our unbeatable selection of hand-picked career coaches, and the Feroce Promise:  providing you with the right coach, all the time.  Your Personal Success Team will ensure one-stop coaching, no matter how often your goals change over time.


Are you ready for a change?  Tired of not knowing what you really want to do -- or do you know what you want, but need some support and backing in taking your first steps?  Or do you just want an ally to help you excel in your current profession?


Our career coaching extends from Oregon and California to Vancouver, B.C. and Toronto, Ontario; from career coaching in New York, New York to a Washington, D.C. career coach to London, England or Sydney, Australia and even as far away as Kenya.  Our perspective is broad, our experience deep.  We have career coaches nationwide. 


"Much of [actual coaching] takes place over the phone.  Many coaches and their clients have never met face to face.  But it may not be the face-time that matters most in managing to get the best out of [clients]."

                                -- Fortune Magazine


We can also explain to you why the location of your coach doesn't matter and how you can maximize your chances of finding a great coach!  If, like many clients, you're not yet that familiar with how coaching is done, read why phone coaching is the most inexpensive, efficient, and requested form of coaching in the world.  Or start to banish procrastination in your life and ask for a free coaching session now!

  Approved Coach Vocation Vacations


Discover a Happier Career Through Coaching



   career coaching Career Coaching:  The Busy Person's Way to Get a Great New Career.  Want a new boss?  Through coaching and state-of-the-art career assessment tools, we'll help you identify -- and then actually begin to work toward -- your ideal career environment, or to identify and start your own business -- or to be more effective, authentic, and prosperous in the career you have.  What motivates you? What are your values?  How do you like to communicate and be communicated with?  What are your strengths, which form the basis of your resume and cover letter's career brand?  We can give you the answers in a 65-page report for use in careers and relationships.

   career coaching Make Better, Smarter Decisions in Life and Work.  People are hired and promoted based on job skills, and they're stuck or fired because of interpersonal skills.  Let us help you with life skills that will last far beyond coaching's end. 

   career coaching Save Time and be More Efficient, and Effective, in your life, home, career, or business.  Manage your time, balance your life, and reduce your stress!


   career coaching Who Else Wants a New Career?  Clients seeking coaching on jobs, resumes and cover letters, employment, and their careers come to Feroce with one or more of 14 Early Warning Signs of Career Trouble, and we work with them all.  Download 2 FREE chapters from the Strategic Life Planning Handbook we use with many clients.


   career coaching Learn How You Too Can Start Your Own BusinessMost of our career coaches, and all the business coaches you can use, all have real experience conceiving and starting up their own businesses!  And they are highly sought-after entrepreneurial consultants in their own rights.  So they're perfect for the person who wants to be his or her own boss, whether full-time or just part-time to start.  We can help you get where you want to go.


Your Personal Success Team


Career Coach Cameron PowellThe career resource clients find most relevant is this:  all of our coaches have been very successful in numerous, very different careers -- law, business, marketing, the Internet, consulting, non-profits, social entrepreneurship, and more.  We have each mastered the art of personal reinvention.  We also aim to help you create the life you want to live just as we have.  To see how we can accelerate your career (and life fulfillment), check out a few success stories, or some recent breakthrough coaching conversations.


I'm Cameron Powell, certified coach, founder of Feroce, and our Head Career Coach (I now coach only on career performance, for career change as well, see the coaches below).  I am a member of the International Coach Academy and a Career and Life Coach Guide for Vocation Vacations.  I have a lot of experience coaching people through career transitions as well as into entrepreneurial ventures.  I've also successfully navigated several careers:  public speaker, leadership trainer, attorney, executive, entrepreneur, and more.  Based in Seattle, Washington and Portland, Oregon.


Wendy Billie doubles an in-house coach with a major, Fortune 50 company, and we'reCareer Coach Wendy Billie excited to add her capabilities on our roster.  She is especially experienced with career testing and assessment, for those who want to try that route as a complement to their career coaching.  She has a great deal of experience in outplacement -- helping clients to figure out their next career move -- as well as in helping clients get to the next level in their current careers.  Based in Washington, D.C.


Career coach Mino Sullivan has many years of experience as a recruiter and executive coach.  SheCareer Coach Mino Sullivan has served as a charter board member of New England Women's Business Owners and on the Board of Directors of the Smaller Business Association of New England (SBANE).  She was President of The Sullivan Group, an executive search firm serving closely held technology-based New England companies.  She later joined Management Recruiters of New England, and as VP of Internet Recruiting was awarded the company's top honors for performance, leadership and dedication.  She has founded 3 businesses, and brings the interpersonal, analytical, and implementation skill sets necessary to smooth your transition.  She is certified by the Executive Coach Institute, and is a RSP-Trained Retirement Coach and 2young2retire facilitator.  Based in Cambridge, Mass.


Wanda Ropa is a Master’s level certified experienced intuitive career coach who helps individuals, groups, teams and organizations find the right solutions in the workplace. With over 20 years in organizational consulting, executive coaching, training, and human resources across diverse industries, including manufacturing, IT,Career Coach Wanda Ropa telecommunications, media, call centers, biotechnology, health care, and financial arenas, she has coached many individuals in careers from A-Z.  She can help you create your personal brand, so you begin to stand out for your unique abilities as an employee, a business owner, an executive, or anything in-between.  San Francisco Bay Area, Calif.


Will Wiebe is a Certified Professional Coach, has an M.S. in Human Relations &Career Coach Will Wiebe Organizational Development, and 25 years of professional experience with non-government organizations, executive leadership, organizational management, community relations, civic engagement, and human development.  Will’s mission and passion is to guide individuals, groups, and organizations in a process of self-discovery and transformation that will un-lock their full potential, and to provide a life-giving environment for professional and personal human development.  Based in Portland, Oregon.


C.J. Liu is a career coach who has worked with individuals, groups, teams, andCareer Coach CJ Liu organizations.  As a former CFO and marketing and strategic consultant, she has over 20 years of business experience in a variety of industries and functional areas.  This extensive business background enables CJ to quickly understand the breadth and depth of many career-related issues.  Before joining Feroce Consulting, CJ served as an in-house executive/business coach at Microsoft. Current rate is $179/week.  Based in Seattle, Washington. 


Anne Angerman is a career coach specialist with 25 years of professional experience with individuals, companies, non-profits, boards, andCareer Coach Anne Angerman communities.  Utilizing her experience with a wealth of powerful career-oriented assessments, her passion is to help people to understand themselves better, and become successful in reaching their goals no matter what they are.  Anne has a B.S. in Psychology from Purdue University, a Master's degree Rehabilitation Counseling, and a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Wisconsin.  Based in Denver, Colorado. 


Merrilee Olson-Axtell, our certified assessments coach, specializes in helping our clients -- individuals, teams, andCareer Assessments Coach Merrilee Olsen-Axtell organizations -- identify their strengths and talents.  Clients gain insights into their best fit of careers and see significant improvement in performance ability, confidence, and communication when they put the information they’ve gained to work.  Based in Sonoma, California.


Compare our career coaches and decide which one's right for you -- and if you can't decide, no matter -- in the free coaching consultationFree Coaching Consultation we'll use our expertise to place you with the best coach for you!  Unlike most coaches, we also help you structure your coaching so as to increase the likelihood of its tax-deductibility!


Which One Are You?


Career coaching clients work on one or more of 14 Typical Challenges:


1. Education Just Completed.  You’ve just finished your training and you want to find the right career, or you've been out for a while but want get new skills through schooling – what to do?  Let's talk about it.


2. Now a Leader -- What Next?  So you're managing people.  It's not so easy.  Get a secret weapon. Learn more about leadership coaching and team leaders.

3. Business Owner.  You have your own business, but growth has decidedly flattened out.  Business coaching.

4. Grizzled Sales Warrior.  You want to smooth out the rollercoaster of your profession, and become more consistently successful through sales coaching.

5. Ostrich.  You’ve been brushing off indications that you or your business are in deep sand.  Is it too late?


6. Workaholism. You live to work and you fear you’ll never be able to jump off that treadmill.  Get career help.


7. Entrepreneur. You’ve just started out in entrepreneurship and there's a lot you have learn about business. Let's get started.

8. Under-appreciated (But Resolved).  You are underappreciated and under-noticed, based on your qualifications, and you want to get noticed. How to start?

9. The Tyranny of the Billable Hour.  You’re a management consultant or attorney. 'Nuff said.

10. Workplace Conflict.  We apply our extensive background in negotiation and strategy, and the win-win "Getting to Yes" principles borrowed from the Harvard Negotiation Project, to resolve conflicts with colleagues and even with your company, before you need to fire, get fired, or get an attorney. 


11. Stuck Fast in Mid-Career. You’re stuck and not challenged in mid-career.  We'll work on career development.


12. Other Aspirations.  You really want to do something else in your career, but you don’t know what that would be, or you do know and you're afraid to make the change.  Or maybe you've convinced yourself it's impossible.


13. Life or Career Dissatisfaction?  You are unhappy, but you're not certain whether it's because of your job, or something the rest of your life.  You want guidance on finding out. 

14. The Rescuer.  You do everyone's assignments and you’re unproductive and overwhelmed.


How can Feroce help you with your career?  We draw out your true loves.  Career advisors or career counselors focus only on your "skills" or "career aptitude".  How limiting!  If you've been out of school for more than a few years, you already know what your skills are.  You just don't know, or have been afraid to admit, what your true loves are. Let's find out.


Second, even if you do know what you want to do, you're stymied in how to get there.  We're skilled at unearthing these subconscious barriers; some clients call it intuition but we just say what makes sense. 


Your current career skills are not a source of fulfillment for you, or you wouldn't be here.  In many cases your skills may be what you are actively trying, in a sense, to move away from. It's not about skills. It's about heart.


How Feroce Works . . .


                          (Actual colors may vary)

     Before Feroce                                          After Feroce


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