Many attorneys think that lawyering and the media just don’t mix.  Some think just of advertising and find it distasteful (which I think, if done right isn’t).  Not the point though.  Utilizing the media effectively is a great way to market, and it is nearly free.

Three Lawyer Coaching Tips to PR That Will Get You In Front of New Clients

Before the tips, we must caution on two things.  First, before you expose yourself, you need to make sure your house is in order (not talking about your crazy antics back in the day).  You need to have an updated bio on your website, updated picture, etc.  If you are going to yell from the highest mountain, you probably don’t want to be naked.  (Most of us anyway.) 

Tip 1:  Issue a Press Release About Something You Are Doing

Of course, we are not talking about what we normally do – boring.  But, you will be surprised about how many of the things that you do are interesting.  And, you can always do something interesting.  Your coach can help you think of ideas (I have plenty), but a few are – give a seminar on some cutting edge material in your area (stuff that is already getting coverage) – might be changes to the inheritance tax, the Supreme Court’s ruling on the harassment case, etc.  If you really want to be creative, actually do something fun.  We created a fun television show for HR folks, Quid Pro Quo http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2FaoCmck&h=b8820.  It was fun to do, and got a lot of attention.  And, attention equals clients.

Now, we write press releases all of the time and are happy to help with that.  But written the right way, you will attract attention to what you are doing.  And, of course, even if you don’t get clients from the media attention, you will forward that attention to your existing or target clients to make sure they see it.

Tip 2:  Become a Reporter’s Friend

Reporters are always on deadlines, and often looking for something to write about.  If you let the reporter know that you are available to comment on your practice area – or better yet, from a lawyer marketing perspective, you send them story ideas – you will create a best friend.  Soon, you’ll be on speed dial, and might grow tired of reading your name in the paper.  Again, successful marketing will depend on the follow through afterward, which your attorney coach can help you with.

Tip 3:  Partner with a Charity or Client in a Charitable Cause

This is just a good thing to do, and we should do it because we like it.  But again, it never hurts to let people know what you’re doing.  Clients and prospective clients like to know that they are hiring good people.  You are; just show them.  We do a lot with our favorite charity, which has been inspired by our son, Henry’s Hope – www.henryshope.org.  And, we’re not shy about it – because we want to raise awareness about the charity, and clients love it too (and want to help).  It is a win-win.

We hope that the tips have helped you, and our attorney coaches would love to provide you direct and specific guidance for your successful lawyer marketing plan.  So, contact us today for your free consultation.

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