The times, they are a changing.  We all knew that, but who knew the extent of that change when it came to lawyer marketing?  In the good old days, as lawyers, we were able to get clients because they were loyal to us or our firm.  We really didn’t have to do much back then, but do good work. 

Those are the days that are over, for the most part.  Clients, like lawyers, are mobile – and many use the services of several firms.  To get in the door and stay on a client’s calling card, we have to do so much more than the old “dog and pony shows” of the past.  (You remember those days when a junior lawyer put together materials, and a senior lawyer sat before the decision-maker and just talked, and talked, and talked about nothing related to the materials.  And usually never listened to the client.  Oddly, this was the method for awhile.  Let us be thankful for the passing of some things.) 

Now, we have to be on the cutting edge in our legal marketing strategies.  The competition is fierce, and we have seen lawyers turning to attorney marketing coaches to get a significant leg up on the competition.  Marketing Departments are great and serve a terrific purpose.  But they generally have to serve the firm’s entire attorney base and cannot provide the individualized coaching and development that a lawyer marketing coach (that has been a successful practitioner with a great book of business) can provide.  Practical insight – not theory – is what attorney coaches provide.  To really build your book, you need someone that will critically assess where you need assistance, set very specific goals, and actually help you in executing – to get the results you desire.  And the return on investment (which everyone wants to know about) is huge. 

Hire a Lawyer Marketing Coach

So, my first tip to any lawyer – whether just starting out, trying to build your book to attain equity status, or a successful equity partner that wants to remain ahead of the game – is to hire a coach.  It sounds a little like the “Match.com” for attorneys’ professional lives, I know.  Before I became a coach, I hired one.  But getting there for me took a nudge or two.  I was chugging along, an equity partner, and making a good living.  Why would I need a coach?  Now, looking back, it is easy to say why – because I was losing my mind.  Not literally (at least, I don’t think so).  But, as we all do, I was juggling a lot and it just seemed that I needed to get it all organized (kind of like when you dread the summary judgment motion or plaintiff’s deposition for weeks), but when you sit down and write it or take it, you realize the worry was much more troubling than the actual motion or depo). 

The same is true of lawyer marketing.  After I hired my coach, my book doubled from almost two million to almost four in a year.  And, I spent less time on marketing.  My legal marketing became almost mechanical.  My attorney coach helped me put a system in place so that marketing was ongoing (not the “when I get a chance I’ll get to that” list), effortless, and fun.  Of course, I happen to think we provide the best practical results, but please take my tip – whether it is us or not – hire a coach!

The List:  Secret Weapon for Legal Marketing Success

My second tip is at the core to any legal marketing success and what I tell every single coaching client.  “The List” is crucial to building your book of business.  Now, though it probably doesn’t seem like rocket science, you would be surprised how many lawyers do not keep (and maintain) an active contact list – that contains your clients, targets, professional relationships on boards, friends, etc.  If you have one, that’s great, but remember, The List doesn’t bring you clients – it is what you do with it.  The List will contain contact information, of course, but much, much more.  You’ll include important dates (birthdays, anniversaries), children’s and spouses’ names, and personal information about the client/target (where they like to vacation, what their hobbies are, where they go to church, etc.).  Of course, you’re not going to have them fill out a questionnaire, but these are the details that you’ll pick up in your conversations (or I’ll teach you to pick up) – and you’ll note it.  And when you send them an article on the Caribbean that you found online (or your Marketing Coach found for you), it tells them so much about you.  It tells the client that you listen, you truly care about them, not just their business – that you value their relationship.  That’s what it is all about.  Isn’t that exactly the type of person you would want to hire?

There are so many things to do with The List – that take little time and give you huge bang for your buck.  We’ll share more of those in other posts.  When you are ready to get started with your successful legal marketing success, drop us a line for your complimentary session.  Test us out; we are passionate about your individual success.

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