Successful Lawyer Marketing:  Get a New Client or New Work By Capitalizing on Something You Already Do

Too good to be true.  Not at all.  Truth is, this is the first tip in a series of things that all of us do – but don’t take advantage of it.  These are things that we do for work, or for fun, but not in order to develop business.  The nice thing about this series of tips is that it is not adding on extra work, and is really taking advantage of things we like to do (or have to and can’t stop).  So, start turning the everyday into a new client or more work.

Most of us either read the newspaper or get our news online.  Either way, we’re checking out what is going on around the world.  When we read the paper, we usually think about people important to us – maybe when we check the weather or see an article about our friend’s favorite travel spot.  What does this have to do with business development?  You just have to think about your clients too!  You might run across an article that would really affect your client’s business.  Or, if you have a closer relationship, you might see an article about your client’s favorite band coming to town.  When you start thinking about this –as you’re doing something that you’d do anyway – you will be surprised by how many things about a lot of your clients and contacts come to you.   

Of course, the  next step is the most important.  Communicating with the client or contact.  Effective lawyer marketing occurs when the recipient does not know that you are marketing.  So, the way you go about it is extremely important (and we coach lawyers on how to make it work).  But, the bottom line is that, if you do it right, your clients and contacts know that you are thinking about them and their success – personal and business.  Now, if you were going to hire a lawyer, wouldn’t you be more apt to hire the attorney that is concerned about your business without being paid for it.  It is a sign of a true business partner and what effective lawyer marketing is all about.

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