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Feroce Coaching is pleased to offer two Christian life coaches, hand-picked by Feroce to serve the needs of the Christian community.  Christian life coach Jim Shumate is a devout Christian whose faith has made all the difference in his world as well as the lives of the people he has helped through coaching.  Laura Svolos is a Christian life coach whose inclusive faith includes a strong grounding in the metaphysics and best practices of East as well as West.  Clients may choose either one or even work with both, over time, to get the best that each has to offer and combine those offerings into a powerful new way of life.

Christian Life Coach Jim Shumate


I’m Jim Shumate, a Christian life coach.  With a broad layman’s religious background, I can assist you in finding the kind of balance in your personal and professional life that you may be lacking.

In my years of professional, family and religious life I have learned some golden life lessons.  The lessons are simple, and I have learned some of them at great personal cost.  I would love to show you how to find a firm foundation for your own spiritual life that can positively impact every other facet of your world.

Find peace in today’s troubled world

Many people in today’s world have their spiritual roots in Christianity and yet have not found the peace promised by the Savior in the Book of St. John, Chapter 14, Verse 27:

‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.”

Jesus promised inner peace and there are ways to find that inner peace that are so simple and straight-forward that you might ask yourself why you haven’t been living that way before now.  Let me show you how to find that peace and balance with simple, daily exercises of your spiritual nature.

Live a life of moral and spiritual strength based upon Christian principles.

All of the world’s faiths offer the hope that mankind can find spiritual strength in an increasingly hectic existence.  For those with a Christian heritage or even those with a yearning to follow Jesus Christ, I can coach you into some life changing habits, perspectives and understandings that can help you to follow your Lord.  The Master told the wealthy ruler in Luke 18:22 “come follow me”.  This simple phrase can change and enrich your personal, professional and community life.  Let me show you how.

Step away from the noise of the world and spend time with Holy Writ.

Would you like to spend more time with Scripture?  There are simple ways that you and your family can regularly study the Word of God.  I can show you how to spend regular family time together in religious activity and to truly spent quality time with your kids talking about the important issues of their lives and yours.

Teach your children Christian principles that will protect them from the dangers in the world.

We all have to live in the world, but that doesn’t mean we have to be of the world. Today’s popular culture can leave parents thinking that they have no means to shield their children from the pervasive and perverse trends of what is “popular”.  That is a lie. I can show you how you can be a strong influence for good in the lives of your little ones and can shield even your teenagers from what the world throws at them.  A very wise, modern religious leader once said, “No other success can compensate for failure in the home.”  (David O. McKay)

Learn that you can be loving and tolerant of people without tolerating their sins.

In Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3, Verse 8 we are told that there is a time to love and a time to hate.  We can all learn when to love the sinner and hate the sin, and I can show you how to tell the difference and teach others the same.

Christian Life Coach Laura Svolos





I work with clients who want to get their minds working in their favor, and learn to allow peace to enter their hearts.  Would you like to learn how you can learn these skills that Jesus taught?  For example:

On the Mind.  I often ask clients, Imagine if you had been given a gift – a magic wand of sorts – and you were told that you could use this wand at any time to create what youFree Coaching Consultation wanted in life.  How much would you pay for such a gift?  What would you be willing to sacrifice to get it?  Now, what if I told you that this gift was free?  Not only is it free, but, just as the Kingdom of God is already within you, you already possess it!  I know it seems outlandish, but it’s true, and it works.  You see, that magic wand is your mind and you are the magician.  You just don’t know it.  This is what is meant by becoming “conscious” – conscious of who you really are, what you have been given, and what you really can do. . . .

In the Heart.  For a number of reasons, the act of forgiveness is a vitally important lesson out of the “spiritual unfoldment playbook.”  Yet it seems to be one of the toughest lessons for us to learn.  It is my work to remind you of them.

Forgiveness is an act of love that is rooted in wisdom.  Many people are unable to forgive because they don’t want to give something to somebody who in their minds is undeserving of that gift of forgiveness.  However a wise soul recognizes that the act of forgiveness is really an act of love towards oneself.  When we forgive, we release negative energy that existed within ourselves. Though that negativity was directed towards another person, the energy is always strongest in the “host” – that is, within the person who needed to do the forgiving.

As a result, we are both free to move forward.  Hopefully, it frees us from repeating the karmic pattern with this person in another lifetime.  And on another level, we recognize that by forgiving another person, we are forgiving our true Self, for we are all one.

The ability to forgive is directly related to your ability to be content.  How can you truly be content and joyful if you are holding onto resentment or anger due to your inability to forgive?  These negative feelings magnetize us to the lower planes of consciousness and undermine our spiritual practices.  So an inability to forgive inhibits spiritual growth. Thus, forgiveness is an essential quality in any individual who is sincerely trying to evolve spiritually.

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