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Corporate Coaching

Corporate Coaching


Coaching that gets leaders and managers to the next level


Feroce corporate coaching is coaching designed for key members of a corporation or other organization.  Usually the coaching is focused on growing the corporation's bottom line or dealing with internal problems and conflicts, but it can also be directed at individual executives' growth and performance (usually referred to as executive coaching).
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According to a survey of over 4000 corporations conducted by the International Coach Federation and Linkage, Inc., corporate-level coaching can involve working with individuals or teams in the course of facilitating shifts within the organization's culture designed to achieve extraordinary results. Read more on the corporate coaching survey results here.

Who hires Corporate Coaches

Human Resources departments interested in hiring external coaches for a variety of management goals, but who need more than just one executive coach


 CEO's, executives, managers and other professionals who would like a performance coach for themselves, including women who feel they aren't being adequately mentored internally

Individual entrepreneurs, existing start-up companies, or small businesses attempting to build a business from the ground up

o Business plans
o Venture capital fund-raising
o Marketing strategies
o Exit strategies
o Professionals in private practice
o Executives thinking of leaving companies and launching new businesses

Corporations seeking to launch an internal coaching initiative

Corporations that want to train their own managers in coaching skills

Companies that want to work to prevent, reduce, or cure burnout and improve retention

Companies or executives who wish to improve executives' leadership skills and yet lack internal leadership mentors with the expertise, time, or inclination to help do so

Small businesses wanting the support of a coach in:

o Strategic planning
o Leadership Coaching
o Process re-engineering
o Speech coaching and effective, persuasive presentations
o Creating a compelling vision
o Writing coaching for effective, clear, and productivity-enhancing communications
o Team-building, including launching and developing teams
o 360-degree reviews of managers and employees
o Developing Internet and e-commerce strategies

Led by our founder, Cameron Powell, our team can find the best match of prior experience and coaching skills for your business goals.

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