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Crave Sweets?  On the Weight-and-Mood Rollercoaster?  Perhaps It's Not What You Think!


By Dr. Christina A. Winsey-Rudd, D.C.
Coach, Speaker, Intuitive, Healer

Diet and Wellness Coaching continued . . .


How Does This Yeast Syndrome Occur?  In a person with a strong immune system, yeasts co-exist with the millions of other microbes (“microflora”) in the body.  The dietary imbalance begins with the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics.  These drugs not only kill infectious microbes, but also kill the “good flora” that normally live in our bodies; thus decreasing the body’s built-in yeast population control.  The opportunistic yeast then have a chance to multiply. 

Worse yet, yeasts excrete toxins into their environment (the host body) that weaken the immune system further.  This increases susceptibility to re-infection and the need for more antibiotics; leading to more killing of the “good flora” and hence the continued overgrowth of yeasts – a vicious cycle!

Yeasts can and do spread to be a system-wide wellness problem.  The result is myriad symptoms that can arise from its pervasiveness.

What YOU Can Do NOW:  Unfortunately, simply eating yogurt to ingest the “good flora” (acidophilus and bifidus) when you take antibiotics isn’t enough.  Dietary changes, along with herbs and supplements are vital.  In severe cases, anti-fungal prescriptions are recommended.  There are several must-read books on the subject:  The Yeast Connection by Dr. Crock, M.D., The Body Knows, by Caroline Sutherland, and regarding the negatives of sugar, Sugar Blues, by William Dufty.

Candida Yeast infections are no joke, and progressively make the sufferer’s life more and more difficult.  If you ignore it, it will NOT go away.  Many people have been so debilitated by candida problems that they almost felt they needed to go live in a plastic bubble to stay healthy.  If you do have it, getting free of systemic yeast infection can revolutionize your health, and give you the youthful vitality and wellness you never thought you’d see again.

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Dr. Christina Winsey-Rudd (The “I Can” Doctor) helps people and businesses make large leaps in achievement, health, satisfaction and productivity when they make positive shifts in three life areas (body, mind & spirit). Through scientific tests and intuitive gifts she analyzes improvement needs from a holistic perspective, using a variety of approaches to whole person or whole organization well-being.

She holds a B.S. in pre-medical science, a graduate degree as doctor of chiropractic, and a license in massage therapy. Now retired from 18 years in private massage, then chiropractic practice. Dr. Free Coaching ConsultationChris has pursued extensive post-graduate education in related disciplines including Occupational Health and Safety for Chiropractic and Industry. She is also a graduate of the “Take Action Training” and is currently involved with both Coachville School of Coaching, and EFT Certification programs.



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