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Hi, I’m Bipolar Coach Bradley Foster. I have eight years of experience,

Toronto-based career coach - bipolar, life, relationship

Coach Bradley Foster

and great success, in working with bipolar clients. In my experience, bipolar disorder is poorly understood and often misdiagnosed, as are ADHD and many other disorders.

I find my clients who suffer from manic-depression are typically highly sensitive to their surroundings and often highly creative. For instance, they are sensitive to changes in seasons, often being full of energy and enthusiasm in the summer months, sometimes staying up all night — but then getting severely depressed in the winter months. I help my clients reach a greater awareness of their sensitivities and give them tools to cope with them. Being highly sensitive and creative can be a tremendous gift when you channel it productively.

I can show you how.

Second, my clients with bipolar have an inherent lack of balance in their lives, and correcting that imbalance, gently, effectively, is where I typically start working with my clients.  Clients’ lack of balance is often compounded by poor role models. If that too sounds like you, we’ll create goals around building stronger discipline and you’ll become more attuned to whether you are going toward or away from balance in your life.

Sometimes the lack of balance is due to beliefs or being out of touch with emotions or signals our bodies are telling us. By aligning our emotions, beliefs, having a sense of balance and knowing ourselves we can create a personal stability that is enduring.

I am happy to you a free consultation to see if I’m a person you can work with. I help guide you to gain greater and greater stability by working on areas that are of concern to you. Lacking a positive and

healthy role model is debilitating for anyone. I support you in the way you need to be supported. If there are situations from the past still haunting you, I have processes that will help him come to terms with them so you can move on. I also provide you with tools and alternate ways of coping with stress and anger.

I offer you support, understanding, awareness, life skills, balance, encouragement and guidance.  Ask for a Free Consultation now!



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