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We’ve put together what every person choosing a coach most needs: experienced coaches, highly accomplished outside of coaching, who can help you get the Courage of Your Convictions

Wondering how to choose? How to find the coaches who really know what they’re doing and have real experience

life and career paths

Time for a fierce guide for *your* path!

— and success — in coaching? And most importantly, which coaches can not only teach but do, coaches who have succeeded not just in coaching but in lives and careers relevant to you? Our clients chose Feroce because they wanted a coach who was already what the client wanted to be: successful, balanced in life and work, happy. At Feroce, our coaches have more than a passel of certifications from coaching institutes under their belts — they’ve been successful in law and business, as entrepreneurs and executives, as doctors and nurses, as executive search consultants and recruiters, and more, and each one of them has carved out exactly the life he or she wanted.

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Many of our coaches, in addition to coaching, are still successfully working in real-world fields, such as starting and running separate businesses — just as many of our clients dream about. Others are happily coaching full-time, also by choice. Our coaches also have thousands of hours of coaching under their belts. That means:

  • We can IDENTIFY with you
  • We have personal experience in surmounting the same challenges facing you, and reaching the same goals.
  • We’ve practiced what we now preach: “Here’s how to be successful. Here’s how to be happy.”

The Unique Feroce Promise

THE RIGHT COACH FOR YOU. Even if you’re comfortable with the first Feroce coach you talk to, you’ll have the option to set up another no-charge consultation with another great coach. Different coaches have different styles. Some may work even better for you than others. Our guiding light is your best interests. OUR DEEP BENCH = YOUR SUCCESS TEAM. We are also unique in surrounding you with your own personal success team. Only Feroce encourages and allows you to make transitions from your regular Feroce coach to a session or two with a Feroce coach whose expertise might even better suit your challenge of the moment — and then back again. You simply won’t find that promise, or that power for change, anywhere else. New! FINANCING OPTIONS!  Ask your coach about six-month no-interest financing with PayPal!

Start With a Free Coaching Consultation

  • Free, normally a $175-225 value*. 30-45 minutes of real listening. We’ll do a needs assessment and even propose alternative strategies for you to kick your goals’ butts.
  • It doesn’t matter where you live, and we’ll make the call.
  • No sales pitch, no pressure. Our work speaks for itself. Pressure is something applied by people who don’t believe in what they’re doing.


Experience has shown us that there is no more effective way for you to find out about coaching and Feroce than a free evaluation and consultation.  We ask that you provide us with the following information to helps us to better and more efficiently serve clients in these free consultations. If you do not see a form below, call Head Coach Cameron Powell directly at (503) 502-5030 (mobile) for immediate service.

* At normal coaching rates, depending on the coach and pricing plan, excluding low-budget Group Coaching.

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