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Depression Self-Help

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There are numerous forms of self-help for depression, and it’s my pleasure to share those with my clients in the context of a mutual partnership toward wellness and the return (or even increase) of happiness.  Depression is the oddest gift you will ever be ungrateful to receive, but it is a gift of sorts, if you know how to learn from it and benefit from its lessons.  In Spiritual Coaching, we will work with you to withstand and then overcome depression and emerge all the stronger, even happier, for it.  Meet our spiritual coaches.

Unlike other forms of self-help, depression self-help should not be attempted in aFree Coaching Consultation vacuum; natural remedies for depression should, rather, be part of a multi-pronged effort to confront this debilitating disease.  Thus begin the caveats on this subject of both great import and subtlety.  There are more:  In cases of severe depression, self-administered remedies like exercise, St. John’s Wort, sunlight, or a stiff upper lip are a good idea if done as part of a complete program; they are the worst of ideas if they constitute your entire “plan”.

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Overcoming depression should not be an act of bravado, an attempt to prove something, or an effort to avoid stigma by doing it yourself.  While it’s true that it’s difficult to think clearly while depressed, you must try to think clearly enough — and get help in doing so — to realize that one of the causes of depression is often, in fact, a pattern of repressing feelings, attempting to tightly manage one’s self, and being disengaged from human relationships.  Do not exacerbate the problem at the worst possible time:  while depressed.

A coach is not a substitute for a therapist, but a supplement.  Not all people with chronic or severe depression will be able to benefit from a coach, because a coachable client is one who is functioning sufficiently well to take action on his or her own behalf.

Find Out If You Are Depressed (this page and external links)

Are You Coachable? (this page)

Find Out If You Are Depressed

If you suffer from the symptoms of depression, you should do yourself an enormous favor and make an appointment with a licensed psychotherapist.  A therapist can assess whether it is indeed signs of depression that you’re exhibiting or a number of common ailments that share similar symptoms but have entirely different remedies.  Click on the following link to take a more detailed depression test, as well as Goldberg’s test.  As a quick excerpt, during at least the last two weeks or more, have you:

* felt sad or blue for the past 2 weeks or more, or flat most of the time?

– feel like crying, sometimes without evident cause?

* felt tired, unable to concentrate, or have little energy?

* felt uneasy, restless, or irritable?

– have you ever had a sudden period of intense fear, anxiety, or discomfort?

* had trouble sleeping (too little or too much)?

– woken up early in the morning and could get back to sleep.

* had trouble eating (too little or too much)?

* felt that you were not enjoying the activities that you used to?

– felt that you lost interest in sex or are experiencing sexual difficulties?

* felt that it took you longer than before to make decisions?

* felt inadequate, like a failure, or that nobody liked you anymore?

* felt guilty without a rational reason, or put yourself down?

* felt that things always go or will go wrong no matter how hard you try?

* experience anxiety because of uncontrollable thoughts, images, or impulses that you can’t control?

* do certain things or repeat certain thoughts over and over again? Do you do these things according to special rules, or until is feels just right? (for example: washing, ordering, checking, praying, counting, or repeating words)

* For the past six months or more have you been worrying constantly or excessively about several different things? (for example: a relationship, work, school, family, finances, or health)?

* Are you anxious about going to or being in some places or situations, or avoid them entirely, because you:

– fear that you will have an anxiety attack?
– fear you will not be able to escape if you have an anxiety attack?
– fear that help will not be there if you need it?
– feel uncomfortable

If you answered “Yes” to more than a few of these questions, you should engage in some self-care and see a therapist.  Psychotherapy, and perhaps medication, are the best things you can do in the short-term.

Are You Coachable?

There’s no easy way to tell, via website, whether someone in depression is still coachable.  We can certainly talk about it, if you want to schedule a free coaching consultation.  You might ask yourself a few questions:

1.  Are you able to get out of bed in the morning and function during the day?

2.  Are you able to try new things and take action when given advice?

Most people, when coachable, are still able to function and take action in their best interests, and they still have some of their sense of humor.  It’s in that spirit that we invite you to see if you identify with either of the characters in the video clips on the link below.  If you do, maybe you’re depressed, and if you can laugh, you may be in a coachable place.  (Note:  the following videos contain mild physical humor involving natural actors in evening dress).

Is this you?
If you liked that, what about this?

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