Intuitive Life Coaching:spiritual holistic life coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching

One of the most powerful and efficient coaching techniques is the art of hearing what you haven’t yet said


Intuitive life coaching is about the life coach listening to him- or herself as closely as the coach listens to the client.  Some would call it spiritual life coaching; others, holistic life coaching.  But I call it listening.

Every day, I am able to hear something a client is not saying; indeed, I hear things the client doesn’t even know he or she is communicating (or feeling, or believing) at all. Before I became a life coach, I would have believed such listening was possible, at least in the abstract, or by other people, but the first and greatest surprise I had while life or career coaching was that it was happening to me: into my head popped a question to ask, or an observation to make, and the client was never as stuck afterward.  “How did you come up with that?” I’d be asked.  “Wow. What made you think of that?”  This was and is the most thrilling part of what I do.

And I’d be pleased to share it with you, and so would the great spiritual coaches at Feroce who work with clients on spiritual Coaching.

A scholar calls for help in starting her dissertation.  She just can’t seem to get started; it’s worse than writer’s block.  She feels very strongly about her subject but there’s something holding her back with the writing and life generally.  She says she’s always been very intuitive; she even begins the conversation by asking me where my Mercury is (I don’t know).

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Now it’s my turn.  Answering my questions, she says she does bodywork for a living, has a healthy fitness lifestyle, but only used to meditate — just not lately.  Now she doesn’t do any of the things that would bring her into the experience of her body — and its attendant feelings. I can “see”, as it were, that she’s afraid. She tells me about the obscure novel on which her dissertation is based.  She is surprised I have heard of the author, more so when I quote him.  She talks about the title character’s disdain for his body, says the author was critiquing Cartesian dualism, the notion that mind and body are separate.

Then it hits me: “You identify with Murphy,” I say, referring to the title character.  “Your critique of him in the novel is the same as the critiques I’ve heard you levy against Americans generally, about their disconnection from their body.  But you feel so strongly about it because you, like Murphy, have gotten outside your body.  There are some feelings in there you’re afraid of. You are Murphy, and you don’t want to go near him.”

A long silence.  I’m right, she says.  She knows this because, amazingly (or not, not really), she can feel her body responding. “I’m starting to have these really unusual feelings in my chest since you said that,” she says.  “I know intuition when I see it,” she says.  “You’re very intuitive.”

There’s that word again.  Whether it’s “intuition” or I just intuit something that to me seems obvious, I can’t say.  But labels aside, this is what good coaches do.  We listen, ever so closely, and try, holistically, to get to the bottom of whatever’s getting you stuck.  Sometimes it doesn’t take long to hit the first chunk of pay-dirt; like most of my “hits” on something true, the one above happened during the first, free session!

It’s not about religion, of course, nor any belief in spirituality — good coaches listen to and help Christians and agnostics, Buddhists and lapsed Jews alike.  You will know good advice by its effects.  Does it resonate with you?  Does it sound or feel right?  Does it at least lead to an unclogging of the log-jams in your mind and life?

And then we got down to the real work, sometimes mundane, sometimes analytical and strategic, and sometimes intuitive and spiritual:

*Choosing a spiritual path
*Choosing a career reflective of who you are (which may include our figuring out who you are — easier than many clients think!)
*Supplemental and crucial support and direction during depression and similar crises Spiritual Coach Gerry Eitner and Spiritual Life Coach Laura Svolos are available for alternative approaches.

Please note that we also offer a sliding scale of rates, so money and coaching are more independent issues.

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