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Relationships Are The Mirrors That Help Us See Our Beauty Clearly!

With Rev. Dr. Christina Winsey, Life Coach

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Whether you are looking for a mate or you are in a relationship that may need some refinement to thrive, a holistic relationship coach can make a difference!

The Program

Drawing from the Thomas Leonard Attraction Program, Dr. Chris has a unique, holistic coaching program for those seeking to find that special someone, and/or to enhance a current, committed relationship.  She provides many tools to enhance communication, understanding and intimacy.  Using the cutting-edge mind-body-emotions-spirit tools of neuro-linguistic programming and the emotional freedom technique, Silva Mind Control and more, Dr. Chris assists her clients in overcoming resentments, and in removing the emotional baggage which often plagues many relationships.

Let’s explore these two categories and how holistic relationship coaching might benefit you:
1. Looking for a mate (Holistic Relationship Attraction)
2. Improving an existing love relationship.
Looking for a Mate: – Holistic Relationship Attraction Coaching

Many people say they are searching for love and that they want to find the “right person for them.”  The truth is that finding and keeping successful relationships is much more about BE-ing the “right” person yourself.  From that state of being the best you that you can be, you become far more attractive to those Free Coaching Consultationpeople you most want in your life.
Many people are searching for that “perfect match” and they believe that once they find him or her, all of a sudden life will be “all better” (i.e., happily ever after).  They try internet matchmaking services, personal ads; go to parties and sometimes night clubs and bars.

But besides all the things you are DO-ing to meet that “right” person, concentrate on developing the inner you – your BE-ingness.  When you flourish on the inside, with or without a mate you become much more attractive.  In a way you are creating a magnetic energetic field of attraction of those people and opportunities you want to bring into your life.  When your focus is turned inward to improving who you ARE, those whom you want to attract will find their way to you much more easily and readily.

You have most probably experienced entering a room and having different reactions to the various people there.  You know what it feels like to experience a “good vibe” and you just want to be around those with “good vibes”.  We think it’s about physical looks but, in truth, there is more going on than meets the eye.

The goal of holistic relationship attraction coaching is to examine and refine all aspects of you, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic.  All of these aspects of who you are determine your “vibe” and determine how attractive you really are to others.
Holistic relationship attraction coaching is NOT about helping you to write personal ads or to tell you where to go to meet new people.  It is about taking a serious look at yourself and being willing to grow and blossom in being the best you can be.  You will naturally attract compatible and wonderful people when you do this.

Improving an Existing Love Relationship: Holistic Relationship “Gardening”

A gardener weeds and fertilizes nurtures and tends to his or her garden with love, patience and caring.  Even the loveliest of gardens have weeds popping up and require maintenance.  A good and intuitive gardener pays close attention – notices changes and potential problems and is pro-active in prevention.

Gardening is an ongoing process, not a one-time event.  A relationship – a good one – requires the same kind of ongoing “gardening”.  So, holistic relationship “gardening” provides clients with tools and processes with which to heal a struggling relationship and then, once improved, to keep it strong, healthy and flourishing.

In many instances communication, or miscommunication and unrealistic expectations are 90% of the problem.  This program of coaching provides you with the tools and strategies you need to better handle these challenges.

Some clients may find that they want coaching but the mate is resistant.  It is still possible to make a relationship better by working on your own challenges, issues and communication flaws.

(Note: salvaging a relationship with serious issues of verbal or physical abuse, rage, or anger issues is probably beyond coaching and would require a marriage and family therapist with specific expertise in this area.)

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