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New Breakthrough in Weight Loss Shows How to Immediately Put a Stop To Yo-Yo Dieting and Keep the Weight Once and For All.

“No Matter How Many Times in the Past You Have Tried and Failed to Keep the Weight Off, Now You Can Lose Unwanted Weight and Keep it Off For Good With a Medically Proven Two-Phase Program for Optimal Health.”

What part of your struggle with your weight bothers or frustrates you the most?

Is it the constant nagging feeling that you have to do something sooner rather than later? Do you hate the way you look and the way your clothing doesn’t fit? Do you avoid mirrors at all costs? Have you stopped weighing yourself because you can’t bear to see the numbers rising? Are you feeling stressed and tired and you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Are you constantly beating yourself up for your lack of “willpower”? Have you tried every diet in the world only to regain the weight plus more? Are you spending extra monies on doctor visits?  On medications for Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol? Are you carrying around extra weight that is robbing you of health and possibly quality of life?

If you are reading this you have probably tried lots of weight loss programs and diets…and joked how you’ve spent money to gain weight…ha! but how true…so hard to keep it off and not gain it all back twice over.

We’re here to tell you that it’s not your fault and there is a way for you to manage your weight and live a healthy lifestyle. You can do this, easily, quickly and safely. What if I told you, that you could eat 6 times a day and you didn’t have to exercise in the first 3 weeks?

Weight Loss Based on Science and Actual Human Behavior

Most weight loss programs simply aren’t realistic, even if they do claim to be scientifically validated.  Taking on an unrealistic weight loss regimen can not only cause you to gain weight, but, worse, to lose confidence.

Here’s what we will do in our weight loss coaching together:
•    Slim down in ways that are right for you (no more effortful and painful “self-discipline”)
•    Enjoy the confidence and attention that comes with looking your best

We’ll Set Specific Goals:
•    how much do you want to weigh?
•    what do you want to look like?
•    what do you want to feel like?

We’ll Strategize Your Actions
•    make a plan that’s easy and goof proof
•    find fun ways to burn extra calories

We’ll Upgrade Your Skills
•    discover the secrets to mindful eating
•    what skills do you need to deal with obstacles that have tripped you up in the past?

We’ll Optimize Your Environment
•    how to do a complete kitchen makeover
•    how to plan so you never need to worry about what or when you’ll eat
•    how to surround  with people that support you on your journey to health

We’ll Master Your Psychology
•    uncover fears
•    manage doubts
•    limiting beliefs
•    emotional eating
•    food addictions

Here’s what people like you often say about trying to lose weight in unskillful ways….

“Sometimes I feel so tired and depressed. I know I should be giving more to my kids, but there isn’t even enough of my energy left by the end of the work day.  Then I haven’t eating all day and I come home and I can just hear that food calling to me even before dinner.  By the time I’m done I have eaten “nibbles” of all the wrong things which adds tons of calories I don’t need.  What do I do?”

“I gained 40 pounds when I had my second child and haven’t been able to get it off. Now I tend to snack and eat whatever is around and I know it isn’t healthy.  I need help because I’m stress-eating.  I don’t have time to exercise and I’ve spent a ton of money on weight loss fads that don’t work.  I want something tried and true but I’m scared I’ll make the wrong choice.”

“I can smell chocolate ten miles away!  I’m SUCH a Chocoholic!  Jane sees food, Jane eats food. Gosh if I could just see myself finally back at my pre-pregnancy weight it would be a dream come true.

“I look and feel so much better with just ten pounds less on me.  I don’t know why I haven’t conquered it.  Any suggestions?”

Weight Loss Coach Dr. Christina Winsey                                                               Quick Tip – Self Talk

Coach Christina

Are you looking for a weight loss coach who is not only legitimate and credentialed but has even been there herself — and who knows the realities of the challenges before you?  I am very effective at changing the lives, weight, and body image of people just like you exactly because I overcame the odds myself.

I’m not only a doctor with a lot of ideas, who’s read a lot of books, and who’s helped a lot of clients — I am all of those things, but I’ve also been there and come out on the other side, and I’ve helped real people like you ever since.  I’m Dr. Christina Winsey, and you can read about my own journey in “A Personal Message About Weight Loss Coaching from a Coach Who Has Been There”.

Top Reasons to Find a Weight Loss Coach

  • You too can find yourself at or below your goal weight — and learn how to stay there!
  • Who else wants to hear compliments and know that they aren’t just a fantasy?
  • How would it feel to free yourself from the discouraging fight between food and body image?
  • Learn the critical secret of your body chemistry type — so that you start working with the natural make-up of your body rather than against it.  Forget the mass market bestsellers.  With weight-loss, one size definitely does not fit all — you need a plan tailored to your body.
  • Last but not least, really learn how to love the you who is already perfect and lovable just as you are.

As my client you will receive a comprehensive, mind-body-spirit-emotions approach that will help you to:

  1. Integrate my program into your daily life.
  2. Remain motivated and positive during your weight-loss program.
  3. Learn tools you’ll need to have lifelong success with weight and food
  4. Stay on track to achieve the results you want!
  5. Be able to troubleshoot and solve challenges that arise
  6. Integrate mind, body, spirit and emotions to work FOR you.

Weight Loss Coach Susan Epstein

life weight loss parent coach reviews - Susan Epstein

Susan Epstein, LCSW, is a life coach, parent coach, and weight-loss coach.  She practiced psychotherapy for 23 years before becoming a coach, writer, and speaker.

Susan graduated from Clark University in Worcester, MA in 1980, where she earned a B.A. degree in Sociology and Spanish with a minor in Psychology. She worked for the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children until moving to California in 1984, where she pursued her M.S.W. from the University of California at Berkeley School of Social Welfare. She is a certified Brief Strategic Family Therapist and trained with the Family Therapy Institute, at the University of Miami. She completed training in 2003 with the internationally accredited Coaches Training Institute. Bilingual in English/Spanish, has enabled Susan to work with different cultures throughout her career.

What Do You Get in Our Weight Loss Coaching?

  1. You will get powerful life coach support to help you keep your commitments to yourself and to stay accountable for the results you want!
  2. You will receive cutting-edge brain and body techniques that really work!
  3. You will fill out some health questionnaires and will have the opportunity to take extremely affordable, in-home tests that I will send to a lab to determine your body and diet type.
  4. You will get a complete report that will tell you exactly how many carbohydrates, fats and proteins you should be eating for your chemistry type — AND that screens you for preventative measures against blood sugar problems or potential heart disease!
  5. You’ll learn about scientifically formulated, natural and customized supplementation to accelerate weight-loss for your type, as well as a breakthrough products proven to reduce carb cravings.  Read more in Diet and Wellness Coaching: “Crave Sweets?  On the Weight-and-Mood Rollercoaster?  Perhaps It’s Not What You Think!”
  6. You benefit from my many years as a holistic practitioner and alternative health coach who has searched for the very best products for my patients and clients – and for myself!

Your lasting weight management requires a holistic approach – Weight-Loss From The Inside-Out –- taking the best from holistic medicine and cutting-edge brain/mind technologies, such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Silva Mind Control, Self-Hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique, Spiritual Practices and Energy Medicine.

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