Why Weight Loss Coaching Works

A Personal Message from a Weight Loss Coach Who Has Been There

Before I began getting people real results through weight loss coaching, I had to climb the same mountain.  Now, at 50, I look in the mirror and have to pinch myself.  The misery about my weight and body has been over for years, and I’m happy, healthy and so passionate about the “secrets” I have learned – “secrets” about how to remove the shame, guilt and pain people are going through by no fault of their own – the “secrets” to weight-loss and being slim for life. I just have to share it and give back!

Rev. Dr. Christina Winsey

BUT . . . There was a very long period of my life when I lived in a prison of compulsive eating of sweets and carbohydrates, and then went on crazy starvation diets to keep my weight under some form of control.  I thought the only acceptable body was model-thin (like those on the cover of the magazines) and I felt inadequate, ugly, miserable and like a failure.

I thought nothing in my life mattered if I couldn’t stop overeating and stay thin.  I needed a nap every single afternoon, but still felt drugged-out after I woke up.  It was all I could do to stay away from breads, pastas, ice cream, cookies and chocolate.

I barely squeezed into a size 16, was depressed, lonely (even though married), couldn’t stop eating sweets, hated my body, was timid and unhappy with my life and thought I would never feel good or be happy again.  I would exercise to the point of exhaustion to try to keep my weight in check. It was miserable!

The Start of My Own Weight Loss Path

I spent years searching for the answer (years I can save you).  I read every diet book.  I went to medical doctors and Overeaters Anonymous.  I went through graduate school and became a chiropractic physician.  As I progressed in my studies and my practice, I began to do more research in the area of alternative medicine to find solutions, because I saw that many of my patients came to me with problems similar to mine.

Through my studies, and through using myself as the guinea pig, I discovered the secrets.  I learned why my sweet tooth, weight, and mood problems weren’t my fault and what I could do to eliminate cravings.  I learned why I was so tired all the time, why I had so many symptoms I couldn’t explain, and how I could regain my energy, stop pre- and post-menstrual depression, lose weight, and live much more happily and symptom-free.  Gradually the weight came off, the cravings lessened, and I regained more energy.  I also regained a huge amount of joy in living.

My life is wonderful!  I have great energy and stamina, I feel great about my body, I have gotten and remained slender after two children, and I cut my sweet cravings way down.  I’m happy, joyous, and unburdened by the constant tyranny of fears, depression and self-judgment.  I’m not obsessed with being model-thin — I am living life, loving myself as I am!

This can be YOU!  If you are really committed to your personal success with weight, food and body image, ask for a free consultation!  Or read more about my techniques as a weight loss coach.

Rev. Dr. Chris

Christina Winsey, D.C., L.M.T., (“Dr. Chris”) is a holistic and spiritual life coach and weight-loss coach.  She practiced alternative medicine for 18 years before becoming a coach and speaker.  She has pursued extensive post-graduate education in related disciplines, including Occupational Health and Safety for Chiropractic and Industry.  She is also a graduate of the “Take Action Training” and is currently involved with the Thomas Leonard Method: Coachville Schools of Coaching.  She is a Certified Prosperity Guide and has completed her Emotional Freedom Technique Certificate of Completion (EFT-CC).

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