Intuition:  Do you proudly display your intuition like a zebra that wears his stripes?  Or do you hide it from yourself, friends and colleagues? 

In his book, “The End of Faith:  Religion, Terror, and the Future of Reason,” Sam Harris acknowledges “that the term ‘intuition’ has always carried the scent of impropriety in philosophical and scientific discourse.”  He refers to “colloquialisms like, ‘woman’s intuition’ (meaning ‘psychic’)” as direct opposites to “reason” depicting a picture of irrationality. 

To start this Intuition series, we first need to define this powerful tool.  According to the American Heritage Dictionary, “intuition is the act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate cognition; a perceptive insight.” 

But Does It Pay To Trust Your Gut?

…”designers and usability researchers can start to quickly evaluate designs with their gut, once they have seen enough usability tests. Watching test after test builds up a body of experience that can result in pattern matching of interface and behavior.”

“Blink is a compelling book that persuasively lays out Gladwell’s thesis that human beings do not require a great deal of data or time to make important and valid life and business decisions.”  Citing references from cutting edge research in neuroscience and psychology, he illustrates how anyone can learn to “thin-slice” or automate their unconscious ability to assimilate, process, and react to information in the snap of a second.  

According to Seth Godin, the best processes leverage your intuition and give it room to thrive.

At one time or another, each of you have experienced this gut feeling, this gnawing, or feeling of uneasiness that comes over you when you know something is wrong or you know it won’t work.  Sometimes, you just ‘know’ even if you don’t have any rational explanation why you know.

The secret is to trust this process.  Stay tuned to learn more about the secrets of intuition. 

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