Whatever your background and history with weight, food and body image, real change and real results are an inside job! It requires shifts in your thinking, feelings, lifestyle and more. It may seem daunting but keep in mind “if you do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” To get some new result you must do things differently. Ultimately you must BE different in your belief system but it can be done, and is being done by my clients! See if you see any of your own situation in these cases:

· Client “A” has a 30 pound challenge that comes and goes. She used to have an alcohol problem and since she stopped drinking “A” has been yo-yoing that 30 pounds. Despite her best efforts it has always seemed to creep back on after a valiant and trying diet and exercise program. She is feeling discouraged and noticing that as she gets older the pounds don’t come off as easily. She comes to me baffled and concerned.

· Client “B” is obese and has “tried everything”. He is the only one in his family who is obese, though other family members have some challenges with alcohol and drugs. “B” is a high-powered professional with a very stressful work and many people depending on him. He could write diet books and has been to overeater’s anonymous, among other things – therapists, liquid protein fasts monitored by medical clinics, and “fat farms.” Nothing has worked long-term and he has revealed to me that he will stop at nothing to conquer this challenge in his life. He is beginning to show signs of health problems, including high blood pressure and adult-onset diabetes and he’s worried. In the past he got away with his yo-yo attempts to get weight off. Now his doctor has told him he absolutely must get this weight off!

· Client “C” comes from a family with weight problems. She doesn’t know how she will break out of the family “mold” but, despite high achievement in her very respected field she feels her life has little value or meaning – that she has not accomplished anything – if she doesn’t conquer permanently losing this 50 plus pounds. “C” always had a struggle with her weight but since having her two children, between the stress of her successful career and being a working mother her weight escalated and she is frightened she might never get it under control.

· Client “D” has been slender most of her life. She has always had great self-control and used to work out religiously. Over time her lifestyle changed; work became center stage and slowly she has let go of self-care and her regular healthy routines. Now, at middle age, 20 pounds have crept on and she wants to get them off, but she also knows that much of her overeating is due to stress and boredom. Many of her friends and family center their social activities around eating and food is an important part of her social life, as well as business social events. “D” needs support and is ready to do anything she has to to turn her habits around, but she’s worried about what will happen to her socially and at work.

Do you see yourself in any of these scenarios? Are you truly ready to have peace and sanity around your weight and body image? Does this challenge with food, weight-loss and dieting cause you an ongoing feeling of unhappiness – as though your life will only be what it’s meant to be when you have lost the weight and conquered the overeating?

Take heart! The truth is that all of my clients already have the answers inside of themselves and so do you! They’ve read all the books, been on all the diets and perhaps done therapy and gotten full thyroid screenings only to find out that there was absolutely nothing wrong with their metabolism.

On http://www.ferocecoaching.com you can read my own story: http://www.ferocecoaching.com/weight-loss-coaching I, too, have been there and I’m here writing because, while my story may not be identical to yours, what I have learned is that the solutions are a combination of tools and special “codes” to shift you on a deeper level — mind, emotions, body and spirit – for lasting change from the inside-out.

This is not an instant, “quick-fix” path. But if you are sincerely looking for a solution to last a lifetime then you have come to the right place.

Here’s what I want you to know right now:

-Even if you’ve failed many times before, you can still reach your weight-loss & weight-management goals! “The Past Doesn’t = The Future” (Anthony Robbins)

Shift your thinking to a life-long solution in which you aren’t on a “diet” you are on a lifestyle for life! Choose only those habit and behavior changes that you would be willing to live with for your whole life. Otherwise, you will experience your initial enthusiasm for weight-loss decreasing into gritting your teeth and eventually giving up.

More and more clients are reporting their success with the mind-body techniques we are using in their coaching sessions. These clients are truly ready for change. No matter what their stories and histories change IS possible – for them and for you too! http://www.ferocecoaching.com/alternative-health-coaching

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